100 thoughts on “RIDICULOUS! This Dua Lipa “Scandal” Is Idiotic, Frozen Embryo Debate, & NEW Middle East “Peace Plan”

  1. Men almost always get the shit end of the stick when a couple with kids split up. The woman signed a contract saying that if they split up, she couldn’t keep the fertilized eggs for herself without the man’s consent. She agreed to that. If the courts ruled in her favor, she definitely would have sued for child support and won again. It’s good to see the man being supported in this situation for once.

  2. Phil, I couldn't help but notice the distinct lack of throat punches on today's video? I hope we can learn from this moment together. I am not angry, just disappointed.

  3. The issue with the scenario is they didn't freeze any non fertilized embryos. She doesn't have a choice this is her only option now. Him not wanting to be a father I can understand but now this is her only option to have any children biologically related to where and why I think that's overrated and everybody craves that when there are plenty of kids out in the world that need homes and want families I understand it is a very basic need and desire that people want to have someone biologically related to them a child of Their Own.

  4. Feminism isn't about no longer objectifying women. It's about giving women the right to choose whether or not they want to be objectified, and to what extent.

  5. I feel objectified when people try a put chastity belts on me and tell me I'm supposed to be at home, while other kinds of humans (that are cool and awesome btw) are allowed to stay and do the traditional put the moneys in the undies. I'm not a home security system I'm a person silly ol grumps.

  6. I don't wanna be the one to pull this card, but everyone cries "No one should be forced to become a parent against their wishes" when it's a man who doesn't want the frozen embryos to be donated, but when it's a woman who does not want to become a mother, no one seems to give a shit about her not wanting to become a parent against her wishes.

  7. Here's my issue with the embryo situation. He's totally fine with donating them to someone else who wants a child.

    So he's fine with his DNA being out in the world to produce a child, he's fine with his DNA being mixed with her DNA being out in the world to make a child.

    What he is not agreeing to is to allow her to have said child, he would otherwise allow and want donated.

    She can't have any more children with anybody else. He can. Also they were saying he would have no legal obligations to this child. I understand where that is a concern especially with child support and everything but if that's not going to be an issue and he's fine with donating them just seems like a class A dick move from an ex.

    Meanwhile they're using the same fight that we've been trying to use to get abortion rights all to give him his rights to not being forced to being made apparent but yet women no we don't get allowed abortions or in some cases even day after pills because they're heavily restricted. Condoms break pills don't always work you don't always know exactly when you're pregnant. there's a lot of issues and then there was rape and molestation and even people who maybe you're at a drunk party and maybe they don't feel that they got taken advantage of or where rape but did end up having sex. people are so fucking stupid and then there's also a medical reasons that could come up. I don't know maybe I'll just ring myself up at the end of the day I'm sick of this

  8. if the ex-wife wants to be a mom, she should be able to have the kid. now, i think the ex-husband should not have to be a parent/pay child support if he doesn't want to.

  9. it’s her body. it’s her eggs. if she wants to keep the fertilized eggs, she should be able to. the father is just a sperm donor. sperm donors aren’t legally obligated to provide financial support or contact the child. i don’t understand why he’s fighting this

  10. Give the lady her eggs back. Her ex-husband made the choice to fertilize her eggs at the time, so if they didn’t freeze the eggs, and did the actual deed. He’d of been a father of a child of hers already. They committed to it together at the time and I don’t think it’s fair to rob her of her only chance to have a child cause a divorce happened. My parents got divorced and life goes on.

  11. Re embryos: I think the couple got it right. They decided that the embryos could only be used wien BOTH of them expressly agreed. Since this did not happen then the embryos cannot be used. Seems simple to me. Her right to use eggs would prevail if they were not fertilized, but once fertilized they are no longer HER eggs so she cannot unilaterally use them.

  12. If she wants to have the baby and he doesn't, can't he just sign away any parental rights where he isn't liable personally or financially? So she can have her child and he doesn't have to be involved?

  13. On the Dua Lipa story: if you only respect women if they make the same choices you would make, you need to re-evaluate your feminism.

  14. If a couple reads, understands, and agrees to an…agreement, then what should happen is what is stated in the agreement. Do contracts just mean nothing now? You can't just sign a long term contract and then say "Um actually I don't want to." years later. That's not how the law works. The supreme court got it right.

  15. If women can be granted an abortion after being raped because they don't want to be forced to become a parent, then why should a man be forced to become a parent? Equal rights isn't that complicated.

  16. 3:40 what always bothered me about these kinds of cases is they freeze embryos. Why not just the egg? Is there some sort Science behind one over the other? Freezing the embryo operates on the assumption that the couple will stay together. It’s like getting a tattoo with your partners name…except more consequences and an ethical debate.

  17. yea that first story is annoying, they didn't sexualize anyone, strippers sexualize themselves, that's kinda their job, and it's not like anyone is forcing them to have that job, the women there get paid to do their job that they chose to have, and these people are saying "hey, you shouldn't pay them for doing their job, that's objectifying them", people who say stuff like that aren't feminists, feminism is about being treated equal, not about telling women what they can and cant do, that's literally what women had to deal with and still do deal with from men, they don't need it from other women as well, also there are strippers who are male as well, just saying

  18. An Israeli-Palestinian peace plan that did not involve the Palestinians in the discussions? Whoever thought that was a good idea clearly does not understand anything about the conflict they are trying to fix.

  19. I don't see how anyone could disagree with what happened to the couple. They signed a contract beforehand. Boohoo if it didn't work out in the end. That law is now in place, and it makes perfect sense going forward. What is there to discuss? Nothing. Shut up.

  20. you could alleviate a lot of nonsense by just deleting twitter. whether it's your account or just formatting the companies servers, job done.

  21. Ha there is nothing more empowering then standing on a stage in front of crowd of people who are desperate for you and are throwing money at you just to do one more move 😉 those feminists should definitely try that. Maybe they wouldn't feel so victimised all the time.

  22. Cardi B literally ALWAYS posts videos of her and Offset going to strip clubs and throwing money on the strippers. You can find them on Youtube. I guess people associate Cardi with being trashy so they don't blink twice and give her pass, but when Dua does it, it's an issue? Trash double standards.

  23. Give the mom the embryos SO LONG AS she doesn’t expect or enforce the ex husband to be involved in anyway, shape or form.

  24. Just because I hate the way the sponsor uses insecurity to market.. balding men, lots of people dig it so embrace the bald!

  25. Giving palestine anything is just a bad idea because palestine won't ever stop until Israel doesn't exist anymore. Giving them land will just delay a war, a war which Israel would win. So it's really just delaying while opening up for the possibility for more terrorist attacks.

  26. I support the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. I do not support the right of return. But this is just insanely criminal. It gives NOTHING to the Palestinians. It's a giant middle-finger to them. This wasn't a serious attempt at resolving anything, but yet another attempt by President Bone-Spurs to make out like he's doing something progressive and groundbreaking when he isn't. A way of making you look as if you are doing something by doing nothing, essentially. Sad!

    (Think "arbitrarily turning knobs" guy from Austin Powers)

  27. Wait hang on… “no one should be forced to become a parents against their wishes”???
    Unless you’re a girl/woman who has accidentally gotten pregnant and doesn’t want the baby but can’t get an abortion.

  28. “No person should have to become a parent against their wishes”

    So what about one night stands that end with a pregnancy? Will

    I think a statute like this could POSSIBLY backfire in the future in cases where mom wants to keep the baby and dad doesn’t want involvement. I can see this ending with the parent who doesn’t want to be involved in a child’s life that occurred by “accident” not being forced to pay child support.

    Also, a discussion needs to happen about unwanted pregnancies from the mother but the father wants the pregnancy to continue and have custody of the baby. I’m not giving an opinion on this, I’m just saying that a conversation needs to happen.

  29. the only thing that objectifies women is sex slavery. sex trade is women engaging in a consensual business relationship.

  30. israel is a settler-colonial state. I'm sick of this "unbiased" "neutral" reporting because of your fear of controversy. You have a huge audience, you have the privilege of making the reality of the Palestinians heard. But all you do is present "both sides of the situation" as if Palestinians and Israel are on equal footing and as if the current politics are not built on a history of ethnic cleansing and settler-colonialism that you just completely do not mention. You need to question the ethics behind what you are doing as a news reporter that wants to present news to the world, but only does so as much as it keeps him popular and away from controversy, with no regard for the lives of people whose lives depend on international awareness and solidarity.

  31. I saw that video on LIzzo's story and I'm pretty sure that Lil Nas X was in the video throwing dollars as well, where is the Lil Nas X is over party?

  32. xDD i mean its understandable they have such good lives with no worries that they need to look for things to complain and bitch about xDDD its a never ending cycle they'll just keep looking for things to be " angry " about its soo retarded lmao

  33. wait wait….didn't Obama suggested that Palestine should be granted independence and the Israeli prime minister rejected it?! isn't this the same prime minister that is now agreeing to it?! why the sudden change of heart?

  34. Men do face backlash for visiting strip clubs. Are you kidding me? The difference is, those guys just don't give a damn.

    Also, giving a woman money for doing her job is not anti-feminist. Is it objectifying? Yes it is, but if there's one place where it's ok to objectify somebody, it's a strip club.

    Also, these feminists are hypocrites. They'd probably call it female empowerment if these ladies threw money at male strippers. But if feminism didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have standards at all.

  35. As a woman I feel like I take the girl power route and be on her side but honestly if they are already divorced, it’s ridiculous for her to expect him to “father” her children. She could go through a sperm bank and still have a child that is biologically related to her.

  36. Freezing Embryos:
    I think the final court decision is correct. He should not be compelled to have a child.

    ANNNNNDDDD, the man here is clearly using it to punish her because that child may exist anyway as it is being donated to another person. He does not have a problem with having a biological child.
    So he only did it to punish her and enjoy her suffering as she cannot now have any child. He is cruel. The court decision is correct, and he is an abusive shit.

    She was in a fragile state of emergency when the decision was made, and put all her eggs into one basket. All women in this situation should know that they should not trust the man they are with to have their best interests at heart here and freeze unfertilized ovum and/or freeze some with donor sperm used to fertilize them where those only belong to her.

  37. They know that some people actually choose to become exotic dancers, right? Like, I think that you would be more upset if someone wasn't throwing bills at you than if they were throwing them. Cancel culture had gone out of control a long time ago, but now it's hit a new low. People really need to chill out. Men go to clubs all the time, but if a woman goes there and throws some stacks, it's suddenly problematic and she needs to be "cancelled?" I thought feminism was about empowering women and their rights to choose their own professions, but apparent it's now about shaming women. Like, can we leave the #soandsoisoverparty in 2019? Please?

  38. Palestine getting screwed all over again.. Here is the deal, you have to agree, we took all this land away and yeah some people and families died in the process, but hey here is this deal for you anyway, you werent even asked about.. its the best for you, we would know, we took your land away and whole lot with it afterall.

  39. That frozen embroyo story is fucking heartbreaking. In most cases I'd probably be with the man… but these are her last eggs. He's basically just a sperm donar at this point. I kind of feel awful for her and wish that they'd talk this out like adults. Can't he sign papers giving up any parental rights to the child/ren?

  40. As a woman, I have to side with the ex-husband. If he doesn't want his genetic material used to make a baby, that's absolutely his right.

  41. THANK YOU Phil and PDS team for talking about the Flu! I'm a family doctor and longtime fan of the show, and I agree that people super underestimate how deadly the flu is!

  42. I think the man should sign away his rights and let the woman have a child. He wouldn't be a parent, she'd get her kid, and they'd both be happy!

  43. Yo trump got me fucked up, I am originally a Palestinian but i've never been able to live in my own country, as young men both my dad and grandad were imprisoned and beaten up by israeli soldiers as well. So sorry but that bullshit ass "peace plan" is not getting through as generations have fought to keep what little of our country we have left. Fuck Netanyahu and Fuck Trump, also although his son in law is Israeli, he has no say of what happens in the middle east, especially Palestine. I am so agitated.

  44. "No one should be forced to become a parent against their wishes." Sooo Arizona could accidentally make a pro abortion ruling….

  45. I would die if my ex used my embryos to have a family with someone else. Let alone the person I no longer want anything to do with no gets to raise my child without my permission.

  46. Wasn’t there an issue that because of her chemo treatment her fertility decreased? That means that she can still carry a child but she doesn’t have the eggs to create a new embryo. As a woman with fertility issues, it’s fucked that her ex is taking away her one chance to have her own biological children. IMHO.

  47. The Israeli government is evil, I don't get how Phil is presenting this story as if you can see it from both sides. Israel has killed Palestinians and invaded their country and this "peace plan" is just them taking over more land.

  48. The court case between the couple is infuriating. You're taking away a womens eggs who has cancer thats wrong on so many levels. That woman has been through so much already and you're taking away her chance to be a mother

  49. I think if they’re making clauses for the event they break up, she should have frozen some unfertilized eggs in case…. hindsight

  50. Of course Netanyahu can't create a coalition. He's a criminal and everybody knows it. Nobody is going to agree to work with him. And they won't give him immunity, either. Because he's a criminal and everybody knows it. The frozen embryo story is more interesting. This actually hits VERY close to the final project I did for my senior-level Bioethics course in college. I studied Computer Science but also sought a Minor in Philosophy. I side with the father and so would almost every member of a hospital ethics review commitee. The right of a human being to control their own body is primary, and we don't have to guess in this case (in my case, a real case, the man was dead but his family was opposing capturing his sperm for later use and he did not have written consent but the wife who he was on the way to marry claimed they had spoken about having kids, I argued the only real concern is whether she could adequately realistically care for the produced child), we know his wishes. Her desire to have a child which shares her DNA is worthless and meaningless in the face of it. She can adopt, and an adopted child is as much "her child" as any child which is related by DNA. The priest who ran the class disagreed with me on this point, but in that case it was because he was all offended that they were circumventing the "sole opportunity for human beings to directly collaborate on a divine act of creation with God" which is the priest view. He tried to fail me and claimed my arguments "weren't even philosophy" because they focused so much on the practical factor of whether the child would be raised in a good environment, something he viewed as totally unimportant, but the entire class rose up against him and forced him to give me an A. It was pretty cool. They were a room full of nursing students and me the one weird CS guy.

  51. I agree that nobody should be forced to become a parent, but on the flipside, I can see her desire to have a baby, especially if she is now infertile. Why not meet in the middle and release the responsibility of the father? There are sperm donors that have no involvement of thier seed, so why couldn't this be the same? Maybe an unpopular opinion, and I would love to discuss further into it, if anyone is willing…?

  52. US Flu death rate YTD: 0.05% (2018-19 preliminary data is at 0.20%) this specific strain of caronavirus death rate “2019-nCov” is at 4.0% in a matter of months so it is significantly more dangerous than Influenza at this point, but it is with an asterisk this death rate is limited to China in areas with terrible healthcare. Short version: wash your hands cover your mouth wear a medical mask where appropriate (at the dr’s office, ER and Hospital) Don’t go to China or eat exported foods from there if you can help it. Please remain calm but be smart. (All data via CDC)

  53. For the thing about the coronavirus we need too be worried about it now before it becomes a problem. The flu yes is bad and needs to also have the same focus the Corona virus has now.

  54. As someone who had cancer, froze my EGGS (not embryo) i dont understand why she didn't separately freeze the sperm and eggs?

  55. I dont understand the confusion. The contract clearly states " if one party want to use the frozen specimens for themselves, they nees the other parties expresses written consent to utulize it" he did not give concent so she cant use it. I just imagine if the roles where reversed, there would be outcry because a man was forcing , coercing , or imposing his will to force a woman to have an unwanted child, even if she wont be the one carrying it, the baby would have her DNA so violation of rights would be called out and he would be eaten alive. So why is it ok to force a man to do it?

  56. Donating sperm does not make you a parent. . . if she insisted he be involved, then yes, block her from having the kids. If she just wants to have children on her own, I don't see the issue.

  57. In the case of the frozen embryo story, It sucks that she wants a kid but if the ex husband doesnt want to be a father its his choice too. If she could have the baby and he would'nt have any obligations thats different, then she should be able to have it. I just dont think he should be held accountable. They divorced before they had any kids and shed probably be with someone else to raise the kid so why should he have to pitch in? Its a messy situation but i gotta side with the guy, guys kinda get screwed in divorce courts so i gotta root for him.

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