Robotic Tosillectomy – Curtis Culver and Dr. David Opperman

(gentle music) – My name is Curtis Culver and I came to Presbyterian St.
Luke’s for a tonsillectomy. I had a very difficult
time getting quality sleep just because I wasn’t able to breath. My wife said I sounded like a monster. I actually did listen to a few recordings, it was pretty bad. She’s amazing for putting up with that. I didn’t know how much my condition was affecting my quality of life, because to me it was normal. So, I decided that I needed to go and get something done about this. So then I called Dr. Opperman Dr. Opperman and I sat down
and we discussed options. As far as what could be
done for my condition. – We looked at multiple approaches to dealing with chronic throat infections and the issues he was having
with airway noise at night. The snoring type of issues. And we talked about current
surgical approaches, including traditional tonsillectomies. And then the more advanced
robotic techniques that were being developed. We’re fortunate to be one of
the first centers in the world that has a Medrobotics Flex system. Which allows us to operate in
the oral pharynx via remote. So we went ahead and
elected to use the robot and we preformed a
bilateral tonsillectomy, removing both glands. And then made palate back-cuts and flaps to correct the tightness of the palate, so that he would heal properly and decrease snoring at night. While he was treating the
chronic infections he was having. The case went very well. He was out of the hospital the same day, within two hours, and recovered over the
next two weeks very well. – The staff at Presbyterian St. Luke’s were very accommodating. I didn’t need or want for anything. Most of the time they thought
of the things I needed before I even knew I needed them. I would absolutely come here again, if I needed any other procedures done. I felt very comfortable and very safe. And I felt like the
patient care is a very, very high priority for the
individuals that work here. The first things I remember
are after waking back up, after my surgery. Were nurses coming over periodically and feeding me ice chips. Which really, really did help my throat. I just kept noticing
the level of attention, not only I was getting
but a few other people that were in the recovery room as well. The nurses were very attentive and I didn’t want or need for anything. If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, Dr. Opperman changed my life. I didn’t realize how much sleep apnea, was eating into my quality of life, until after my surgery. Until after I realized, wow I can really get a full nights sleep and I can dream. I wake up and I don’t wanna just roll over and go back to sleep. My temper has improved. My attention span has improved. My customer service at work has improved. My relationship with
my family has improved. It’s a massive quality of life issue. Just with that one little
thing in your life, at least it feels little, but it’s actually really, really big. Sleep is so important. And like I said, if you are
ever diagnosed with sleep apnea, the surgery that I had with the robot that Dr. Opperman used, was amazing. I’m honestly not sure if the surgery or the last time I had a strep
throat, was more painful. But I expected to be in a lot
more pain than I actually was. Dr. Opperman, I don’t think he could have prepared me any better for
the outcome that I had. I am completely and utterly satisfied and if I had to do it all over again, I absolutely would. (gentle music)

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