6 thoughts on “Robotpencil Stream 37 – My thoughts on the Tesla Cybertruck.

  1. A vegan diet doesn't make carpel tunnel syndrome go away. Not entirely sure why you suggest as much. In most situations improving drawing pose and relaxing muscles when drawing and taking breaks helps best. Also, arms going numb has to do with your arm not getting proper blood circulation going. This can be due to the pose of the arm (yes you actually can put a bad squeeze on veins when sleeping on your arm with upper body weight on it making it numb), strain on muscles (clinching a pencil for example), low room temperature, iron deficiency (ironically, you'd best eat meat to get this: red meats or chicken or fish. Yes you can counter this with other foods, but it's way less effective), too much coffee or too much (diet or regular) sodas (high blood pressure) and so on. Not trying to hate on veganism at all man, as I can respect the choices people make, but there are like a thousand other things that come into play when it comes to this specific health issue.

  2. Also, I'd love to see some proper redesigns of the Cybertruck that do work well and mostly don't look as ugly. It would make for a neat challenge. Maybe Elon wants people to get into that?

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