Rocco’s Recovery from Pneumonia and Fitness Comeback Story

The set back for me was essentially gaining
all this weight for no reason. I noticed that I always had a physical side to me, but I
was letting myself go, and it was happening at the wrong time in my life. Happening when
my kids were getting a little bit older where I needed to be a little bit more active. On
the male side of my family we had this perception that we all get fat as we get older. That
was always something that was in the back of my mind and bothering me. The fact that
I play ball hockey and I’m usually a physical type person I could feel that when I’m on
the floor. I started to gain a little bit too much weight.
I started to feel lethargic. Then back in November of 2013 it almost came to a crashing
halt when I got pneumonia, and that pneumonia really set me back hardcore. I had troubles
recovering from that; my breathing was way off. I couldn’t even go up a flight of stairs.
Not only did I get sick, but I also had all this weight gain that I to carry around with
myself as well. Bodies by Design has always been my home.
I knew that I had a safe haven here, and that no matter what, or how big I got, or how bad
I felt, I could always come back here, and you’d always get that help. You’d always get
that person who was interested in your goals. You’d always get that person interested in
getting you back into shape. Really I needed help with everything, an all-around
program. A way to get me be back into optimal shape. A way to get me back into; away from
the aches and pains of getting up in the morning and everything is creaking and cracking. Away
from making poor choices, whether going to a restaurant, or going through a drive through,
or a social event. All those things, it was the culmination of everything that I needed
to come together. That was really the help that I needed.
How Bodies by Design helped me was putting that program together. Really understanding
what my needs were, and putting a specific training program, a specific diet program,
and their vested interest in me as a client. You always look in the mirror; this place
is full of mirrors. You look at yourself and you remind yourself why you’re here. You look
at your trainer and you see the effort that he’s making. He knows much how much to push
you, and he knows your buttons, and he knows also when to relax, and he’ll give you that
moment to breathe. All those little things make you want to be here, and make you want
to succeed, and focus on that end goal. How’s my life different today. Wow, I could
tell you that I feel a lot lighter than 20 pounds ago. Everything is better; my stamina,
when I wake up in the morning I feel a lot more refreshed. I can get up and go with no
issues. My sleep is great, my health is great, my activity with my children is great. My
relationship with my wife is you can imagine. There’s so many benefits to feeling this good,
and accomplishing a goal that in the beginning didn’t seem possible. You always felt like
you were going downhill. That uphill climb is tough. There’s absolutely, there’s no doubt
that it’s tough, but the reward at the end of it; it’s phenomenal. Really it’s an accomplishment
that everybody really should strive for.

3 thoughts on “Rocco’s Recovery from Pneumonia and Fitness Comeback Story

  1. You are absolutely right
    I to was suffering with this disease but I started doing yoga and running every morning
    It built my lungs capacity
    But now I have left all these activities from past 2 year and pneumonia starts acting me sometime

  2. Pneumonia recovery is kicking my but. I haven't exercised in two weeks, but I'm not sure my lungs can take. The will I s there to exercise, but my cough is still persistent and I don't want to make matters worse.

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