Hello, my dear friends! In this video, I want to tell you about how the Russian people treat a cold. So, the very first way the Russian people treat a cold – it soak feet in hot water. This method is very useful, and almost always helps to get rid of running nose, and a sore throat. So, what do you need to do? The recipe is simple: pour a bowl of hot water, or pour hot water in your bathtub, and sit down to warm your feet. Until as they will have a red color. This method can be used only when your temperature above 37 degrees Celsius. The second way is – to breathe over the hot potatoes. This cool way to help you get rid of a cold, a sore throat, and even cough. To do this, we need to take a few potatoes, cook them, put the pot of potatoes on the table, cover yourself with a blanket and breathe this potatoes. I personally use this method when my voice is lost. And it happens almost always when I’m sick. In order to start normally speak in a normal voice, and not as “hoarse voice” “When no one hear you” “And no one understand you” I breathe over the potatoes and at the same time singing. In general, I’m starting to sing. In my case it is heard as: And somewhere in the thirtieth once, it turns out that something like a normal voice. The third method is rather cold prevention. Which is very often used in Russian schools. I advise everyone to do it. This is the garlic in Kinder Surprise. Yes, friends, Kinder Surprise can be not only with a toy, it can be also with garlic. In order to make this wonderful thing that helps get rid of colds, take Kinder Surprise, remove the toy, pierced a many holes in it, then cut garlic into small slices , place it in the Kinder Surprise. Close it and make a rope. And with that Kinder Surprise on the neck, many Russian children go to school. I remember, when I came into the class early in the morning, all school stinks fresh garlic. Just… There’s not that cold infection, there, I think, in general, no microbe could not survive in this garlic’s smell. It was just awful. The fourth way is tea with lemon, tea with honey, chamomile tea, in general, tea, tea, tea tea with rosehip, in short, anything related to tea. Russian people are very like to drink a tea. Very few people you can meet in Russia who drinks tea in bags. Because the tea bags that, you know … As 3 in 1 coffee. This tea, which … well … This is the tea, which has nothing similar with the natural tea. Russian people brew a regular leaf tea in the teapot. There throw a little bit some berries of currants, rosehip berries, all wait 15 minutes. And then poured into cups. We have a whole culture of tea drinking. And when someone is sick with cold, we give him a fresh lemon, cut it, sprinkled with sugar, and say him to eat all day. It doesn`t matter, if you want to drink a tea with lemon or not. Lemon is a cool tool to threat the cold. The fifth way is, of course, an alcoholic way. But I don`t use this way but I know one thing – if you have a supercooling it can be helpful to drink a glass of vodka. That is a good way to avoid any complications from the cold: Pneumonia, sinusitis. I’m sure one hundred percent that by some chance I ever fall into the hole of ice water, then coming out of it I will drink a glass of vodka. Yet many Russian doctors advise with sore throat to rinse it with soda and salt. That is, how you’re doing a solution: 1 tablespoon salt and 1 tablespoon of baking soda per liter of water. well stir this ingredients, and rinse the whole day. It is necessary that the water be a bit lukewarm, not cold, but not too hot. This tool is very good at helping to mitigate the throat and relieve you from the pain in it. And, of course, the most delicious cure for the common cold is chicken soup. For a full recovery you should drink it all day. And, to be honest, when you have a cold, a sore throat, you really do not want to eat, you agree? A chicken soup just perfect! Very cool save the situation. So, my friends! These were all ways in which the Russian people treat a cold. I hope you liked my video! If so, put the “Like”, subscribe to my channel, then add video to your social networks. If you’re sick now, feel better! As soon as possible! And learn the Russian language, together with the “Easy Russian”!

47 thoughts on “RUSSIAN TIPS for TREATING Cold and Flu | ENG CC | INTERMEDIATE Level

  1. Очень понравилось! Но , я мог бы использовать его на прошлой неделе ! 🙂

  2. Здравствуй! У меня к тебе простой вопрос: "полощите" или "полоскайте", я так понимаю, что и так, и так можно сказать, но есть ли какая-нибудь разница? Если я не ошибаюсь, "полоскать" имеет два значения, да? "промывать рот для очистки" и "развевать", да? Склонение этого слова зависит от его значения? Я буду рад твоему ответу.

  3. а в Сиэттле сейчас так холодно, что тема лечение простуды актуальным ?

  4. I have no idea how tea bags are so popular. I use mostly leaves as well. Tea bags have a different taste to the natural leaf and way less effective/potent

  5. Почитал Комменты, мы также для них жгем когда на их языке пишем?

  6. hello i wanted to ask is the Russian LT app on iPhone correct if you have an iPhone can you check thank you very much

  7. Что-то редко виду русских, которые пьют заварной чай. Городские в основном пьют пакетный, а деревенщины – заварной.

  8. Too bad the American kids can not make the Kinder Surprise thing. Or they can… if they smuggle some eggs from Canada let's say. But then again… why would you bother curing your cold if US cop going to shoot you down for the possession of a Kinder egg? x(

  9. А почему ты рассказываешь об это на русском, чтобы иностранцы учили язык?

  10. I know that this has nothing to do with the video, but you're so adorable.
    I think I'll try to learn some Russian!
    I have to improve my English first, but learning the rudiments of another language is important (:

  11. теперь я жажду простудиться, в целях куриный бульон пить…

  12. мне очень нравится ваше видео
    вы объясняете очень интересно
    я ещё плохо говорю по русски и не понимаю без субтитров
    но буду стараться с ваше видео

  13. мы не лечимся, она сама проходит, иногда , когда осложнения мы пьем водку)

  14. и да, чеснок не помогает при простуде, его лучше использовать при поддержания иммунитета.

  15. Thank you for these videos. I studied Russian at university years ago and have recently begun learning again. Your pronunciation and lessons are wonderful. Wish you had been teaching way back then, I would have learned more!

  16. Если лечить простуду, выздоровеешь через 7 дней. А если не лечить – через неделю. (русский народный юмор)

  17. Чтобы сбить температуру нужно выпить на ночь кружку малинового морса и укутаться одеялом на всю ночь.

  18. Чет я про киндеры с чесноком не слыхал 🙂 Или я слишком давно закончил школу, или у нас такого не было в 90-е.
    Про чай если кому интересно:
    Чай в первую очередь пьют с малиновым вареньем. А в заварной чайник добавляют больше не ягоды, а листья смородины и малины. Очень кстати вкусно 🙂
    Водка жеш еще с перцем должна быть. С красным 🙂

  19. Also my Dad told me that grandma would put cinnamon & spices in granpa's homemade Dago red. Not like the chianti, the barbarone. 🙂

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