S. Korean who died with pneumonia-like symptoms tested negative of COVID-19

now we begin with the latest on the
corona virus outbreak here in South Korea the nation has reported another
case of coven 19 today bringing the nation’s total to 31 now what worries
health authorities is the fact that they still don’t know how the 29th and the
30th patients got infected with this virus contact tracing is underway
meanwhile the man who died earlier today after showing pneumonia life symptoms
was confirmed to be negative of kovat 19 with the latest we have our Kim bo-gyung
on the line for us booyah yes Mike you’ve mentioned earlier
today News has broken that a Korean national and his 30s died from pneumonia
like symptoms authorities have just confirmed that the man who visited China
last month was not infected with covin 19 whether South Korea still has no
deaths from the virus the number of confirmed cases meanwhile increased to
31 as one more patient has been confirmed early Tuesday the 31st patient
is a 61 year old South Korean woman who lives in southern city of Peggle
according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the
patient had a fever and showed symptoms of pneumonia when she visited a local
community health center on Monday she was immediately quarantined at table
medical center and was tested for the virus twice in a row but and both
results came out positive and just like the past two confirmed patients it’s not
clear how she was infected since she has not been overseas recently and has not
had any contact with the previous 30 patients regarding this the Kay CDC says
Korea is entering a new phase as the three latest confirmed cases appear to
have contracted the corona virus without traveling abroad or coming into contact
with other infected patients the health agency stressed the need to tighten
quarantine controls on arrivals from abroad alongside self quarantine rules
the agency vowed to create people up the agency vowed to screen people that at
greatest risk and come up with countermeasures to prevent further
spread and also this morning two more patients who fully recovered have been
released from quarantine brings a total number of recovered patients to 12 out
of the total 31 that’s all for me for now I’ll be back with more updates in a
later newscast now those are Kim bogan with latest in
the coronavirus outbreak here in South Korea Thank You

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