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[Music] [Music] eclair takes a week to catch you if you stay with you a week and we take another week to go away with medication it could take just about the same time that’s a common phrase in UK Germany when we’re talking about codes welcome to a new episode of salt and pepper we have and cooking show today we decided why not go out there and take advantage of this beautiful scenery here the smell we don’t usually have so much snow on this part of Germany in this part of Germany so I said yeah let’s go out in the snow and have a chat with you from here today what we’re talking about the common problem that affects you and I throughout the year the common cold yeah however not all had it before the cold where is it anyway a clamp is a disease that is actually caused by a virus called a rhinovirus and it upset your respiratory tract and when that happened you know exactly what’s got what up with you you have a runny nose you start to sneeze well I’d get teary and you have a sore throat most of the times we can actually cure the codes or we can actually cure the codes from home but then when the tongue with so many other symptoms like fever a draft even hearing in the body then please be sure to see your doctor so how about we talk about some the common myth of the code well not popular needs us you can never get a cold in summer well that is not true at all because one in summer the air is so dry and so hot if you will take you stood your respiratory tract and through that it makes easy for the viruses to clip into your SPO to attract and make you thick you can’t touch a code when you’re indoors well that’s not true at all because when you’re in those most of the times you have an air conditioner that is on or even a heater that is on and through that the kind of offer make the air is so dry and so hot and it will replace your spirit or attract and through that it’s very easy for you to catch a cold another common myth is that antibiotics will kill my cold and that is not true an antibiotic only kills an infection caused by bacteria and because a cold is caused by a virus it cannot be cured by an antibiotic okay so you might be wondering we’ve talked about a cold I called a code but then how do I protect myself from a code I’ll give you a few tips one of my favorite tips is really to workout exercise exercise exercise that is really one good way to protect yourself not only from the code but from so many other diseases as well another tip is taking the beauty sleep but physically not just a beauty sleep what I mean here is you sleep enough get enough rest get enough feat because when you’re sleeping your body gets a chance to rejuvenate itself and through that you have a better and stronger immune system another way to protect yourself from a code is really washing your hands after contact with anything that may be contaminated by someone that may have a code you know so that means washing your hands regularly and just cleaning up the surfaces also avoid touching your eyes and poking into your nose because that way the glens really get I mean the virus itself gets an easy get way into your body so just try to avoid you know playing around with your eyes and your nose and one of my favorite 12 is ginger really ginger is just so awesome I like it when business how do I describe the taste this hot taste you know ginger is a great immune stimulant so when you take ginger on a regular basis you are sure to keep the code away so just take a bit of ginger tea quite often you know just to get the ginger first cumulative and last but not the least don’t forget to take your fruits and vegetables and a lot of foods that are also rich in zinc because these who also both your immune system and a great food for your onions listen to your body would love it so much and i are thinking okay I’ve got a cold how do I go about it when you have a code really there’s no particular medicine that will treat the code itself and cure it because it’s a virus and the three no found medication to treat this virus itself or the cure the virus itself so when you have a code the best thing to do is just to go with the symptoms just treat the symptoms that way you get it better so we’re going into treating the symptoms let’s go to the cough how do I treat the cough well specifically you can do it using some material that you have from home in your kitchen you’ll need a bag of onions and lunch box and some honey the next you have to slice the onions really into slices in rings then you put the you put the onions in your lunch box and put the you put the slices of onion and then share them with honey another layer of onion and create with honey until you’ve used up the whole onion you keep it in this lunchbox for up to 8 to 12 hours and let it fit after this after these hours the is going to produce some fluid out of it really and you can take this fluid as much as you need I would recommend you take the fluid like say two tablespoons at least three times a day but it doesn’t matter if you take even more another symptom would be the sore throat mm-hmm a sorcerer is really really mean how would you treat that you just goggle it you just gather with some lukewarm water with a bit of salt in it just a bit of salt into the lukewarm water and the disco go with it as often as you need and when you have a black nose and they’re running nose you just try to inhale what you call it you just try to spin it up with oil little sleeves yeah I remember my parents used to do that with me when I was a kid I hated it I’ll suffocate for them it really did help so if you’ve got alcalde to sleep you just try them out steam clean out the nose you know fill out really and i’m meghan one of my kids is when you get a headache just chew on ginger it truly does miracles and last another loose shift go out and take a look in the fresh air it will do you some great good I hope you had just as much fun with me and I look like to see you in the next episode of 12 and pepper write the word don’t forget to like subscribe comment and just tell us what you think till next time I’m gonna have fun in the flow now ciao [Music]

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