Sarah Says: What you need to know about the Flu Vaccine

firstly the flu vaccine is not a live
vaccine. That means it doesn’t contain any live viruses, that means those viruses can’t multiply and that means that they cannot give
you Flu. The flu vaccine is there to prime your immune system, to make your
immune system believe it has been attacked so if you get the real thing you, you won’t get real flu consequently you will get side effects
and sometimes those side effects might be pain where you’ve had the immunisation, it might be fever, it might be feeling a little bit achey it is nothing like as bad as flu, and that’s where the second reason comes in. lots of people talk about having “a touch
of flu” there is no such thing as “a touch of flu” but lot of
people believe that common coughs and colds are “flu” it
is not the same as having real flu when you have a very very high temp
everything all over your body aches. The third reason that I think that people worry about flu vaccines is that they hear so much in the media. They hear other people talk about it but of course, we give the flu vaccine just
about the time people coming down with lots of coughs and colds anyway some of the other myths of course relate to pregnancy, a lot of women these days are invited because they’re all invited pregnant have the flu vaccine at any stage
of pregnancy a lot of woman will worry that it may harm
the baby, but there is no evidence that it does what’s really important is
that now that many millions of women worldwide have had it, we now have a major study looking at pregnant women getting the flu vaccine and there is very good evidence that it increases the likelihood that you end up with a healthy baby. The groups of people we give flu vaccines to are anybody over the age of 65 because as you get older even if you’ve
never had flu before, your immune system isn’t quite as effective as it used to
be and therefore you’re more likely not just to get flu but more importantly to get complications. So over 65, people with long-term conditions, (like
diabetes, heart disease lung disease, liver disease and so on) are
more likely to get complications. Those are the people
we’re protecting with the flu vaccine. We’re also
protecting anyone who’s a carer for an older person, or a full-time
carer for someone who has disabilities, to keep them on their feet so they can keep looking after that person

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  1. Hi @uncleball78 Dr Sarah's video is based on evidence-based medicine and is aligned with the latest UK and European guidance, as is our condition leaflet about flu and the flu vaccine. To read these leaflets just click on the following links from our site > 

  2. My Story!

    My Name is Rick Thomas age 48 Years old I am what you call a Dangerous Severe Needle Phobic witch is a Real Medical Condition! for the past 48 Years I have never had a vaccination or Blood work or any Needle procedures Ever Done on me. Back in 1976 I was on Vacation in Wisconsin with a severe Ear Infection and I was taken to a local doctor in town but I had no idea this Doctor was going to Give me a Shot of Penicillin with a 2 inch Needle and Totally got Violent and very angry and was thrown to the Ground by 4 Doctors and I threw them in the Air against the wall and Ran the Hell out of there the Doctor and Nurses from what I was told got Hurt with my Temper! so for the past 48 years I live in Fear and Anger because I Refuse to Ever have a Needle for any Reason even if I am Dying! I Have No Medical insurance and NEVER WILL!!! I Never go to clinics or Hospital and stay away like the plague! I know this might sound extreme but this is my life and I will not Except being a Lab Rat for anyone and I live my life in fear Every day. I have never been so Angry to see Children go through Hell of Vaccinations These Things are very Painful and your Hurting Children and adults everyone has Rights including children but if the Medical field Keeps Treating patients in this manner More and more people will avoid medical care and stay far away. This past week I had a encounter at a local Walgreens of a woman who walked up to me and grabbed me by the arm and I went into full rage telling her to f off keep that crap away from me. I mean what I say I will Never Ever let Anyone stick me with a Needle because they will be very very sorry they tried its funny I have had all these diseases and I am not dead! case in point the following!

    Chicken pox 1967
    measles 1966
    Mumps 1981
    German Measles 1976
    Whooping Cough 1994
    Shingles On my Face! 1994

    None of those Vaccines prevent you from getting these diseases and the shots will cause you to ramp up the diseases you would get later in life but sooner then you think. its part of a Depopulation agenda to get people to die off sooner!

    Advise For Adults & children.

    1. Never Hold or force anyone to take a Needle They Have Needle phobia
    2. if you see a person who has this condition Refuse to treat them and have them seek Help
    3. Children will soon have Rights to refuse Needles and parents will no longer be able to force this on them. I am working on this goal
    4. More and more Family's are Refusing Vaccinations and that’s a good thing Never Refuse to treat patients because there not vaccinated

    I Understand Hospitals need to care for patients but this subject Has Bothered me for the past 48 years and there is no need for the neglect of patients living with this fear and for the medical field to ignore and force this on people!

    Please Google Needle Phobia A Real Medical Epidemic That 10-20 percent of the world has!

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