Septic Shock: Treating Blood Infections, Pneumonia, Urinary Tract Infections

Septic shock is the result of an infection
that’s in the blood stream. These can be infections that come from different
sorts of areas. So, in the lungs, it would be called a pneumonia,
or in the urine, a urinary tract infection. And often times, when we get these infections,
our bodies are able to fight them off, and especially if we can get antibiotics and other
therapies, it can kind of turn the course. But sometimes the infection gets worse, and
the shock happens when the body has an abnormal, exaggerated response to the infection. And this can lead to a host of downstream
complications that are primarily related to the inability of the body to deliver oxygenated
blood to your vital organs, and when that happens, the organs can start to shut down,
or go into organ failure. And the key to treating this is to give antibiotics
early, effective antibiotics, to give intravenous fluids to help support blood flow to the organs,
and try to support all the organ function that the patient needs.

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