Severe Headache Relief – 7 Month Headache Gone – 2 Chiropractic Visits

Kayleen thanks for joining us today and
we just wanted to talk a few minutes and maybe let some people know what your
experiences were so maybe they can understand a little bit more about
things we can do so what what brought you to us in the first place
well I had a terrible headache for about 7 months I have been hospitalized for it
I seen a neurologist I seen acupuncturist massage therapists medium everything I just couldn’t get rid of it and then we googled the neurofeedback or
something that new popped up and I came in with that’s pretty dramatic have you
seen other chiropractors as well yes yeah two or three different chiropractors and
you tried medication and hospitalization and everything yes okay and what what
had this resulted in and your what consequences did it have in your in your
everyday life anything I basically had to almost drop out of school to only
taking one class and I was just miserable like if I didn’t absolutely
have to do something then I didn’t do anything because all I wanted to do was
lay in bed I was in so much pain mm-hmm and nobody knew how this started
it just kind of came out of nowhere I had blood tests done MRIs everything
and everyone said I was completely normal and then after two visits you
could pretty much resume your normal life yeah and how long has it been now
since we started seeing you and how have you been doing um it’s been like three
or four months since I started going to you and I most the time I don’t have any
sort of headache every once in a while I get like a little bit but nothing like
it used to be I am going to be going back to school full-time I working
normally be able to get stuff done actually going out with friends again my
kids like and you had stopped driving also before yes I I didn’t honestly
trust myself to drive because I was so distracted from the pain and I was so
tired because I couldn’t sleep well so my mom had a drive me everywhere first
like seven months and now I drive to school every day I Drive here once or
twice a week and I’m basically normal and you how long of a drive do you have
to get here it’s about an hour of a drive but it’s a worth it
just helped me so much well thank you so much for sharing that and we’re thrilled
that that we were able to help you and make a difference for you thank you so
much thank you

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