Shopping During CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINE! – Pandemic Preparation 🇺🇸

this decision is getting out of hand
guys if I have to stand on this X really unpack some have to go get this shopping
to them you can’t cumber it off looks like a snowman you cannot great country music interspersed in
between all of it listen we’ve never been thro pandemic
before either but there is no one we’d rather go through it with than you
good morning from Russia semi yo guys everybody’s still kind of what they call
on the news hoarding everything so they’re buying massive amounts of things
that they don’t technically need that much of like entire pallets full of
toilet paper like you would need to take like 127 dumps a day in order to use
that much closer paper but they’re still buying that much amount I don’t know why
but it’s like impulse buying at some point we arrived at Whitman’s in Rochas
in Penfield specifically yeah because you guys have big men like all over
there are so many cars here right now it’s like almost 2 p.m. a habis not slam
pack inside it’s so freezing cold here got to run my most favorite place like
one of my most favorite place actually in Russia this is so crazy they don’t open 24/7
anymore normally they open like all day on a limit one per customer because look
at all this it’s all gone oh then it’s a lot of time that one to
install a kit stone but then you have tried to say no to me
there’s no ginger receiver some of the banana blossom some of the item that I always bought
here is kimchi there’s no more kimchi there’s no more kimchi guys this is
crazy what about Sheila I don’t think a lot of people here eat chili right no Title II papers throughout there’s no
more tightly people with me normally they have the section for like
Mediterranean stuff bar is closed now so all your dog on ginger ale diet I loved
in jail that’s gone ginger is fine everything all your
Wegmans friends are going to mow soda for me come today time to time to stop
drinking soda next thing you know you know stop being chili
Wow we can’t buy sliced meat anymore like
ham for breakfast it’s all gone this is crazy
to me is that trying to make this beef stew and the gravy is gone as well guys
all the Komodo is gone too a lot of new doll we have that new door
only that is gonna be enough there is no more Toyota there’s no more Japanese
noodle oh my god I miss Tom Yum noodle left none for Asian while this decision
he is so crazy what’s not gone is there coffee beans so let’s get some good
coffee I know but I want moving how America have that door how does it
lyrics so yeah at the coffee section you have still have to do it more one more
back okay all the coffee left why now is the coffee from Peru and Ethiopia so it
really shows that American love coffee from Costa Rica so they’ve gotten rid of all their bulk
by candy which is basically the candy that you can serve yourself into
individual bags by touching the handle filling the bag closing the handle and
then weighing the bag of candy so they only have prepackaged game here which is
actually really smarts it stops the spread of viruses and some chimps you
can’t buy it in bulk anymore you have to buy the already packaged bags six feet
cold 69 because why not know why you didn’t
have to hammer because it’s funny we got my dad a Fitbit for his birthday
yeah I’m into Fitbit fitting every bit of this cake into my mouth so it goes
perfect or this birthday present yeah nothing you can buy the sweeper Claus we
need to clean the house full is bad birthday tomorrow it’s gone I feel like
this is the main problem it’s like people have got to stop buying toilet
paper and tissue tombola that paper towel is something that they bought a
lot here so they do have a little stock of toilet paper but it’s just like this
little pallet and that’s it I’m in the trouble guys they run out of
the pet for my extreme day she free of that time of the month the only thing
that never allows in America is Pierre so it’s also am i screams gone – I
really wanted ice cream it’s not I got a birthday balloon to get them that it’s five o’clock
somewhere what does it mean it’s five o’clock somewhere I mean all right now this one really breaks my
heart this one really breaks my heart I can
only get one bag of hamburger buns you really look I’d probably eat for 40 in a
day I can probably easily do that maybe do it how about we do this you go
buy this one and then I shattered my phone and then I get this one and then I
accept it nobody big uns gone fortunately they got cake
damn so what time are we gonna buy tomorrow
well if you like it right and that doesn’t
item four zero one way more bananas your bananas to the bag
thank you xxx American is silicones this will act as a
scale to twenty dollars guys that was a joke about the hamburger
bun we have our own bread maker at home so we make all of our own buns and our
own loss of bread and stuff so don’t worry we don’t need 16 hamburger buns Dulles dog closes ball I think so
Lika Bonds so the liquor store so everything is closed besides hospitals
anything medical related grocery or liquor stores in New York City because
apparently those are essential to our survival liquor liquor we couldn’t
really find canned stuff in Whitman’s we’re looking for a beef gravy and beef
paste specifically for the beef stew but fortunately they were all out so we come
to Ty get to see if ty kid would have it or not target is also very popular it’s
not really popular grocery shopping no but because they’ve added a grocery
section in this target they’re allowed to stay open even though everything else
is mandated to be closed okay when someone is upset and I need to buy jelly
you need to buy gummies there’s a difference how do you tell the
difference if you call Johnny Bear if you called yeah if you call gummy bears
jelly then what do you call jelly that’s jam this is so funny we are in target
right now and I told you me because my stomach is upset
Kylie because I eat way too much chili for my noodle this morning and I thought
to me that I need gummy bear oh I saw to me that I need jelly and to me it was
like jelly like peanut butter jelly no I want gummy bear to me nothing there are
you walking to what it’s happening in this world Wow even decile Bella due to high demand
and to support all guests will be limiting the quantities of disinfectant
wipes hand sanitizer hand and face wipes baby wipes personal wipes body wash hand
so body so cleaning supplies alcohol peroxide towels paper towels napkins and
tissues one per guess is it one of each or is it one of all I don’t know you
tell me disposition is getting out of hand guys
is getting out of hand the whole frozen section is empty we
have no more toilet paper I got a shower and I got to use the bathroom
I miss bumpkin from Thailand guys so we struggle to buy bread they were now
operate and they ran out of a gravy like all your canned goods your paper
products it’s basically all gone yeah they ran out of eggs really lots people
they are now off butter and they were now up daily product daily product Wow
what is this month like guys still get all the frozen chicken section
frozen mush ball gowns like pizzas can jam no be suffered to me but – it’s gone – I love putting butter
on my braids if I have to stand on insects you want me to toss my cardial e
that’s awesome you got clubs yeah yeah peyote they wash their hands or they
wash the keypad every time somebody touches it what they wash the counters
every time somebody comes through they make you move six feet away and stand on
an X while they cash you out that’s why you never seen such a thing I’ve never
seen it like that you like it’s really good though feel like we are about to be
like a delayed chain movie that washes today I’m watchin I got chapstick got Japanese oh I forgot
my cami

100 thoughts on “Shopping During CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINE! – Pandemic Preparation 🇺🇸

  1. i just want to buy noodles and rice… How is it like in your country? Stay safe and healthy you all
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  2. Welcome home to the land of the spoiled society… Thank you guys for great content. Your both Awesome and complement each other…

  3. First real world wide crisis and humanity fails. People are too greedy to think for themselves only and they are not caring for others. This is not good for future generations.

  4. nobody knows when America is going to go back to normal or if America is going to get back to the way it was you're not ready you're in trouble.

  5. Hope you guys are keeping safe it's I'm afraid to say the same here in England people have panic buying and I think it's really inconsiderate they're not allowing other people to have the main essentials just for the sake of the wrong greed but I have noticed people have been buying in bulk and then selling it at a stupid price on eBay and other auction sites I think it's disgusting personally profiting off of other people's fear but I hope eBay and other auction sites it's clamps down on this

  6. South Africa looks almost exactly the same!!! As of 26/03/2020 our nation goes onto national lockdown without the ability to leave our house unless absolutely imperative. It’s really crazy this side too…next level panic

  7. You guys should have stayed in Asia! I'm in Thailand (isan) and went to Makro today. Not a lot of people shopping and the shelves are stocked along with fresh produce and lots of meat left. Stay safe! I envy your travels

  8. Hey guys. Don’t touch or rub your hands on your face, till you’ve washed them, after touching the shelves, etc.!

  9. Enjoy your self quarantine guys since you just came back from overseas. I live in western australia and even though i know that new york is in a pretty serious state right now, im speechless there was toilet paper at that store. Where i live, i havent been able to buy any for literally a month

  10. You guys are funny 😆, “69 candles” and “the pad”. Happy Birthday to your father. Don’t worry guys you will be back globe trotting sooner then you think.

  11. I am going on a supply ring either today or tomorrow.. probably go to food bazaar.. wonder how empty that will be

  12. Hello from the UK on day 1 of mandatory lockdown (after 10 days of voluntary lockdown)
    Our shops look like yours in NY by afternoon time, but get restocked everyday at 7am.
    Been like this for nearly 2 weeks now. I guess people are just scared and nobody knows how long this will go on for, or if supply chains could be affected… I don't blame people for reacting in this way. Especially if you have children to care for.

    Let's hope all this blows over soon, and was much to do about nothing.

  13. I'm self isolating in my toilet paper fort in the south island of New Zealand.. .. no one else shall enter!! 🤣

  14. Hope you guys are safe and are still doing well. We had to cut our Thailand honeymoon short and are now in 2 week quarantine on arrival back to Australia, apparently shops are as bare as what ive seen in your video but we havent been out since getting in from the airport so uncertain. Only 8 more days of quarantine and hopefully the stores have something. Anyways stay safe everyone.

  15. they dont do that with the shopping trolleys in my country proves how behind we are in the uk another one is the petrol pump handels

  16. hand sanitiser or antibacteria are useless they only kill germs not virus, now in u.k they ran out of shit roll and ppl are wiping their asses with allsorts of things blocking the sewer

  17. I talked to a lot of stockers from various stores and it’s also a problem getting shipments in. Their warehouses are emptying too. I guess there are more restrictions out there that we are not aware of. But hoarding is definitely a thing.

  18. I'm in New Jersey and it is just as bad. My advice is to go first thing in the morning. They stock the shelves overnight so you have the best chance of finding things the earlier you go.

  19. They make you stand on the blue X away from the cashier but you were standing right behind the other cashier. Does not make sense at all!

  20. Just crazy everywhere, very bad here in Spain but the people all pull together. No real panic, we haven’t been out for 3 weeks. Stay safe u2 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  21. She's so great at the supermarket. When I brought my wife to the USA from China I thought she would be impressed. Instead she kept on about how much better China was and then she tried bargaining at the checkout line.

  22. FYI Thailand is shutdown as well many tourist trapped aka overstay! also the shortages will hit them as well, hope and prey this ends bye April 1 we need jobs and people with income cannot just sit and hide, more dam people die in car accidents, this is just panic!!! Caused bye fake news! #Trump2020

  23. Oh cool, I've been to that Wegmans! Interesting to see what it looks like in full disaster mode. (I used to live in the East End of Rochester, near Park Ave, but would occasionally stop by the Penfield store.) You should totally make your own kimchi! I'm doing it for the first time with some daikon radishes I had.

  24. SO, you walk in that place, sanitize your hands, then I see you putting your hands all over the empty shelves, and then of course, on your face!!  I wonder how many "others" walked in and had their hands all over the place before you, that "didn't" sanitize their hands?  I was just shaking my head!!  SR

  25. My wife and I have been struggling to find noodles and eggs, among other common items. We’ve had to adapt to improvising with what’s in stock also, and that’s here in New Hampshire.

  26. Oddly the bum gun is one of the things I miss most from Thailand, along with moo ping and sticky rice, sunshine, Leo, tang moe, som tom, and the people. I hope I can go back someday.

  27. Hi guys, made it home from Dubai
    Same thing happening here too in NZ
    lots of nothing on shelves due to hoarding
    People do need to get what they need only and be enough for everybody
    Stay well stay safe
    Oh heaps of gummies here lol

  28. Seattle just issued a 2 week stay at home order……people been panic buying for the past few weeks, it’s crazy, they need to stop that, the world isn’t coming to an end……

  29. I love your video from Rochester it shows that we are not alone.we are just south of Albany and its the same down here.Due to being concidered elderly they want us to stay home and its driving me crazy to have our children do all the shopping for us.Its great to see you guys getting out and going shopping even though there is nothing in the stores. Stay safe and enjoy your time while your here and keep your videos coming but most os all stay healthy.

  30. Are Americans seriously going out to stores after they have travelled? Good god, no wonder the numbers are so bad there. Stay home!

  31. What are you guys doing? wtf you but specially her are the big problem STOP SPREADING THE VIRUS STOP TOUCHING EVERYTHING YOU SEE, YOU MUST STOP, BOTH OF YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, YOU ARE THE VIRUS

  32. I love Tas! She is the funniest girl. Why don’t they leave any noodles for Asian pp 🤣😂 thanks for making this video guys! I hope stop being so selfish

  33. At 9:35 you guys were joking about liquor,, But i really think that a good jagermeister or jagdbitter or something similar can help, Not only because of the strongness of the alcohol but also because of the herbal combination in it, i have cured some cold i caught with just 1 little glass that way. Hey if it doesn't work then it doesn't hurt either anyway…

  34. im on vancouver island canada and our shelves food is still in good supply here. but most businesses are closed. restaurants are pick up or take out,. Fuel is only 99 cents per liter. that is the only blessings among this craziness

  35. That was another fun video. And yeah, this is stupid. The toilet paper thing, STUPID. Goodness, stock and survival, survival TP? Goodness, TP's for blowing my nose (I just bought tissues for that). Diaper wipes gives you that shower fresh feeling all day! I had stock of Baby wipes from early February and stock of everything else because I only shop once or twice a Month, hate going to town to shop. Jimmy and Tah, you folks are fun. I'm really loving your Youtube channel and it's probably one of my top 3 or 4 favorites to watch.

  36. I credit my trip to Thailand to learn about how to use very little toilet paper—by using a bum gun and using TP just to dry up. So I installed one last year. We use WAY TOO MUCH tp in this country (US) and keep digging up the road to install bigger sewer pipes.

  37. Looking through the long end of the telescope. Americans should have always been prepared for such an event. What you are witnessing is human nature. Americans have lived through Katrina and know the mass impotence of the Government. Sure there are some hoarders, but when 100 million suddenly realize they have nothing in their pantries or cupboards, this is what happens and yes its very sad. It is unfortunate they didn't take time to secure life's most important necessities when they had the chance, because they have all had decades to do so. How quickly we have forgotten all that our grand parents taught us and become complacent and short sighted. You can't help others if you can't help yourself.

  38. Kind of funny disinfecting the shopping cart handle then putting her hands on every shelf. Defeats the purpose. Remember touch points .

  39. I just got back from Thailand 2 weeks ago I wish I would have stayed America is gone just stupid over a flu strain Make America fail again . Trump lets get back to work stop messing up our economy .

  40. Send unemployed single Americans $2,500/Month!!!! Cost of living is unbearable!!!!!! Soon I will have to apply for unemployment!!!!! No livable wages!!!! No employers hiring for respectable jobs!!!!!

    Send unemployed single Americans $2,500/Month!!!! Cost of living is unbearable!!!!!! Soon I will have to apply for unemployment!!!!! No livable wages!!!! No employers hiring for respectable jobs!!!!!

  41. We still got food in stock here in Houston but… there's no more facemask, no alcohol, toilet paper I think we still have it.

    Yeah the hoarding in other places is crazy. 😲

  42. I love how the Nissen brand vegan noodles are still left. More for me. How's the produce there, too? It's kind of like "28 Days Later…." where all the 'junk food' is still around 😀 We're gonna be eatin' that.

  43. Dude! 😲 That camera shot of you walking in empty aisle in Target… that's freaky stuff… like in sci-fi movie or sumthin' 😕

  44. I noticed you guys were touching a lot of surfaces in the store. Tah also touched her face; her hand was around her chin. Stay safe Jimmy and Tah and Jimmy's family.

  45. hoarding is happening here in Kentucky as well. It's crazy! No t paper to be found… makes no sense. We are about to go on lockdown Thursday.

  46. omg, you're just touching everything. I can't watch any more, you're touching so much stuff and then your clothes, and then the cart. Peace out at 8:31– Stay well, yall.

  47. Really a great 👍🏻 Video
    I mean to understand that New York is the state with the highest infection rate in the USA 🇺🇸
    What is even more concerning that the people are buying guns and ammunition like crazy because they fear hoards of looters etc.
    But Trump says everything is under control and will be over in a few days
    I really don’t think so
    So stay safe and hunker down
    Here in Germany 🇩🇪 is a general lockdown with heavy fines

  48. Really a great 👍🏻 Video
    I mean to understand that New York is the state with the highest infection rate in the USA 🇺🇸
    What is even more concerning that the people are buying guns and ammunition like crazy because they fear hoards of looters etc.
    But Trump says everything is under control and will be over in a few days
    I really don’t think so
    So stay safe and hunker down
    Here in Germany 🇩🇪 is a general lockdown with heavy fines

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