Should I still get the flu shot?

should you still get vaccinated and my
answer is you bet and here are my reasons first of all there more than one
flu strain out there at any one time and our data in Middle Tennessee right now
determine that we’ve got more than one strain circulating our vaccines protect
against multiple strains depends on the vaccine you get three or four so the
vaccine provides kind of shotgun protection and the vaccine works better
often against these other strains than it does against h3n2 so you’re going to
get some protection against some of the strains here’s another reason even if
you get flu after having received the vaccine the data year-in and year-out
show that you’re likely to get a less severe infection you’re less likely to
have pneumonia as a complication you’re less likely to have to be hospitalized
and you you’re less likely to die as I’ve said to some of my patients in the
past when they’ve complained about having gotten the flu
despite the flu vaccine I gave them I’ve said I’m so glad you’re still here with
us to complain

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