Should we Workout when we have Cold? | #aumsum

Should we Workout when we have Cold? Yes, one may workout but for shortened duration. And with reduced intensity if symptoms are
above the neck i.e. Common cold, stuffy nose, sneezing or jaw
pain. As these symptoms are minor, one can take
appropriate cold related medicines. And then put in mild exercise with proper
care. Note that, light or moderate physical activity
may help. Open up the nasal passageway, thus helping
us feel better. But, on the flip side. There is a chance of spreading germs or viruses
to others. On the other hand, if the symptoms are below
the neck i.e. Fever, vomiting, cough, shortness of breath,
etc. then one should not exercise. Our body needs rest in this case, hence one
should not overwork. As it will make it difficult to recover. And may also lead to fatigue or dizziness.

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  7. I actually am sick and I actually worked out for about 30 min but mostly wacking and jogging, I have the common cold right now but my bodys gotten the upper hand now

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