23 thoughts on “Should you get a Flu Shot? Worst Flu in Decades, are you at Risk? 2018

  1. I worked with an ER doctor from Lennox Hill and he would tell me that the flu shot doesnt work because you can't predict the strain of flu that will be passed around each year. They change.

  2. Hey the flu Vaccine weakens one's immune system five years down the road, EACH DIFFERENT strain they, mix with 14week old aborted fetuses RBC…….. so there's that Agape Marci T ps do not get one ever or immunizations, mercury, lead, ammonia im a RN read the inserts….

  3. I've NEVER gotten a flu shot and never will.. My last dr got so mad at me telling him no every visit he threw his hands up and yelled WELL I GUESS IM NOT THE COP'S, I CAN'T MAKE YOU!!!!! OMG!! It made him crazy!! Ya tell me something isn't going on… Good job on this video.. And I seriously don't think 50 thousand people died from the flu last year.. GEEZ!!!

  4. Haven't gotten a flu shot in over 8 years. Haven't had the flu in 8 years either. I just make sure I wash my hands before I touch the inside of my mouth, nose, eyes and before I eat. I also bring my own pen when I go to the doctor or dentist lol

  5. Big nope for me. Last time I got the flu shot was about 9 yrs ago. I hardly get such flu. I had the flu about 4 weeks ago and I took care of it like I would with a cold. Kept my light fluids, lots of tea, no milk products, lots of water, hand always washed and changed my toothbrush after it was gone. I also kept myself away from other members of the family, coughed into the inside of my arm and kept lots of tissue in case of sneezing. Ate mostly homemade soup. So, nope to the flu shot.

  6. You don't die from pneumonia in one day. I've had it twice and it lasts for weeks. Only sepsis would shut down a healthy young girl that fast. So why? An RFID chip in the flu shot or literally trying to kill us off with all they've got that will appear natural?

  7. I have a fluoride filter for my water, I take Tangy Ts, and I have only gotten a flu shot once when I was younger. It made me throw up and shit at the same time….

  8. When I go to the doctor they don't ask if I want one they always ask IF I've gotten it. Answer is always no and I never will. I'll take 1-2 days of the flu then having there poison mixed in my blood

  9. that is so odd. I did not make these lil cuts in the video. Does anyone know why this would happen? it was not like this yesterday

  10. The flu shot isn't anything special… It's actually quite the opposite… When you get your shot, they are actually shooting the flu virus itself straight into you hoping that when your bodies immune system fights it off that it will strengthen your immune system… Which isn't going to happen considering the fact that this years vaccine stronger than anyone we have ever had wtf!?

  11. great video, thanks for posting…..very, very important subject…..when the government wants to give you free things just to get a flu shot, people should seriously be giving their heads a good shake because there is something very wrong about that!

  12. My doctor was paralyzed from taking the flu shot and in intensive care for two weeks. He says he'll never ever take another shot again.

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