Should you run with a cold?

Evening all! I’ve just been on my third run of the year. So run a 1,000 miles is so far going well week one. But I’ve got a cold so I just thought I’d just give some personal advice about running with colds. So the received wisdom is that if it’s on your chest then don’t train. You’ve got to get over that. But if it’s just a head cold then you can go out and train. But personally I think you’ll get over it quicker if if you train at a much less intensity. So tonight I’ve just been out doing hills with the club But I just ran slowly and chatted to some of the people who I don’t usually run with because they’re a different speed so that was really nice as well. So running with a cold: If it’s on your chest leave it until it’s gone away. If it’s a head cold then train but go easy on yourself and you’ll get back to recovery quicker. So yeah, well done to everyone going out and running. Keep posting your photos, keep posting your videos It’s really great to see everyone getting involved See if you can get some friends involved too and lets have our fittest year ever in 2017 Once we’ve all gotten over our colds.

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