Sian bravely gets flu shot & turns into Spider-Man! [The Return of Superman/2018.01.21]

Meanwhile, Sian and Donggook are at a hospital. (Where are we?) Please fill out this application. What’s your name? – Cool Sian. / – “Cool Sian”? How many syllables are in your name? Sian, go over there and take a seat. – Let me fill this out. / – Okay. (This kind son does what he’s asked.) Dad, why are we here? (This place is…) I don’t want you to catch a cold, Sian. So we’re here for a shot to make you stronger. (A shot?) (The day of his vaccination shot) My goodness! It must hurt! It will pinch a bit. The shot left him with an intense memory. – Can he go through this? / – Hello. – Say, “Hello”. / – Hello. He’s on his third shot. He’s in good shape too. Everything looks good. Did he have a fever after the cold? He had the fever for a couple of days. Sian, can you do this? I don’t want to get the shot. You don’t want to get the shot? Why not? It makes you stronger. It hurts. It doesn’t. It hurts just a little. But once you get it, you get so strong. Just like me. You can be strong like me. I’m scared. – Sorry? / – This is scary. Don’t be. I’ll get it first, then. Get it after you see me get the shot. Okay? Just like a man. Be brave. There you go. I think you can just roll up your sleeve. Daddy’s shot is this big, but yours is small. Mine is bigger. (He feels nervous after looking at it.) Man up. Be brave. – I’ll do it now. / – Watch me. Keep watching me up close. Let’s see how strong he gets. It will sting a little. (So this really doesn’t hurt?) Dad, it doesn’t hurt? It doesn’t hurt at all. (He’s more scared after watching it up close.) – Can you blow on it? / – I don’t want to get it. (The plan backfires.) But you get stronger. (Wait. This isn’t what I had in mind.) I don’t want to get it. With this shot, you can become Spider-Man. You can shoot spider-webs and get super strong. – I don’t want it. / – You don’t want it? May I borrow your apple? Look at me. Look at the apple. Try to break it into two. You can’t do it, can you? Try it. Try to split it. (With my hands?) (Struggling) You can’t, right? After getting the shot, I think I can do it. (The doctor is surprised.) You get really strong if you get the shot. Did you see that? Here, eat it. It’s a real apple. (He’s showing Sian that it’s a real apple.) Isn’t it good? Yes. I know you can do it. If you don’t do it now, you’ll get a bigger shot later. – You’ll get a bigger one. / – Yes. Do you want two shots or one shot? – Say, “Just one, please.” / – Just one? Say, “Just one, please.” This will feel cool. That feels cool. A brave boy wouldn’t say it hurts. Sian is a brave boy. He wouldn’t cry. Of course not. Okay, Sian. One, two, three. It’s finished, Sian. (He got his shot!) Wow, look at that. (It’s nothing.) (Smiling) You’re the best, Sian. It doesn’t hurt, right? What a man. You were so brave. Now show us your power. Look. Does this hurt? Does it hurt or not? You can feel pain, right? Did it hurt a little? It did, right? Not at all? Should we try another hospital? Sian. You were so brave. Do you want a gift? I don’t normally give these out. I only give it to children who are brave. Thank you. No problem. You were so brave. We have to wait here for 10 minutes, okay? – Okay. / – Good. Is it good? (It tastes so good after a shot.) (He said I would become Spider-Man, right?) If you take this, you’ll become Spider-Man. Webs will shoot out and you’ll get so strong. I want to become Spider-Man. Okay, I’ll turn you into Spider-Man today. Since you took the shot and all. Okay? Sian has always loved Spider-Man. He would watch carefully and copy him. Spider-Man is so cool. Sian’s dream is about to come true. (Sian is into Spider-Man these days.) He can fly too. Since it’s Sian’s birthday, I decided to prepare a surprise. (Transforming) Wow, it’s Spider-Man. Sian, you’re Spider-Man. He’s Spider-Boy. Sian, you look amazing. Spider-Man, kick this ball. Shoot into the goal, okay? Run up to it and kick! Ouch! (Slap!) (Donggook was hit by Spider Sian.) (His face feels numb.) That was way too strong. (He’s a superhero.) Shoot at me. (He’s shooting spider webs.) (You’re amazing.) (He’s shooting the cameraman.) (This time,) (he’s shooting the therapist.) (Here comes Spider Sian!) (Spider Sian appears in Songdo.) Look, Sian. You have to rescue someone in trouble. Okay? – With this? / – Yes. You have to shoot it. Spider-Man can climb this. Okay, let’s show everyone. Run and climb up. Go! Go up. (He’s climbing up like a spider.) (He’s the guardian of Songdo’s peace.) Look around for anyone evil. That’s it. Where are they? Do you see anyone bad? Sian. (Climbing a wall is a piece of cake.) You’re going up. (Unfortunately, it’s all manual.) Push me up higher. Okay. Here. (Why am I so tired?) I’m tired. Wow, you can go up trees. (He can easily go up a tree.) What can you see? – Everything, right? / – Yes. (He’s climbing up every pole there is.) (Sighing) It’s too much work to be Spider-Man. (Here comes Spider Sian!) Hey! Please fall back. Just this once. Hey! (The couple falls back!) Here, shoot at her. (Spider Sian is shooting spider webs.) Hey! (All the elderly is falling for Sian.) Sian, I know you had hard feelings towards me. I’ll give you a chance to shoot all you want. It’ll help us make up. Let’s not hold grudges about me playing pranks. Shoot me about five times. Okay? I’ll fall down for you. (Evil Donggook versus Spider Sian) He has been waiting for this day. – Hey! / – My goodness! (Screaming) Here I go! (He’s shooting electric webs.) (Impressive) Hey! – Here I go! / – Hey! Donggook is falling down passionately for Sian. You could become an action movie star. (The last hit!) Are you over all the hard feelings? Yes. I’m so tired from falling down. Give me a piggyback. Sian, you’re so strong. Put me on your shoulders. Let me go on your shoulders. Let’s go. (Struggling) You’re heavy. I’m not heavy. Let’s go. Goodness, you’re letting me sit on your shoulders. (They’re heading home.) – What is this? / – What is this? – They’re flowers. / – Yes, they are. There are flowers here too. (Why are there flower petals?) – It’s pretty. / – Yes. (Sian is walking on a flower path.) – It’s pretty. / – Yes. There are flowers. There are more here… (Surprise!) You surprised me. Birthday? Is it my birthday? (Hey, is it my birthday?) – Yes. / – Yes. Here, go like this. – Go! / – Fire! Seola and Sua, did you make all these? – Yes! / – My goodness. It’s Sian’s birthday. Yes. Sian is really strong today. Look. Sian, shoot at me. (He’s like a Hollywood actor.) Did you see that? (Seola and Sua are acting too.) I became Spider-Man. What? If you want to be a real Spider-Man, you have to do this. Look. Like this. Sua, kiss him from below. (Is this…) Here, kiss him. They’re copying a famous scene. It’s a movie-like day for Sian. Sian, I actually prepared all this for your birthday. Seola and Sua too. (It’s Sian’s fourth birthday.) You have to make a wish. Wish? What’s your wish? Sian, make a wish. Close your eyes and make a wish. Help me become a real Spider-Man. A real Spider-Man. Let’s sing “Happy Birthday”. – ♪ Happy birthday ♪ / – ♪ Happy birthday ♪ – ♪ To you ♪ / – ♪ To you ♪ – ♪ Happy birthday ♪ / – ♪ Happy birthday ♪ – ♪ To you ♪ / – ♪ To you ♪ – ♪ Happy birthday ♪ / – ♪ Happy birthday ♪ – ♪ Dear Sian ♪ / – ♪ Dear Sian ♪ – ♪ Happy birthday ♪ / – ♪ Happy birthday ♪ – ♪ To you ♪ / – ♪ To you ♪ Sian, let’s clap. You have to blow hard. – You can blow together. / – Blow hard. One… Just blow. (Blowing) Let’s take a picture. Stay as you are. One, two, three. Happy birthday, Sian. I hope you grow up healthy. Thank you for the food. It’s delicious. I prepared a really cool present for Sian. What is it? Stay here and keep eating. Sian, come with me. I’ll be back, Seola and Sua. – Okay. / – Okay, see you. Okay. – Sian, are you excited? / – Yes. Do you know how much I bought? It was very hard to get. Sit down. This is it. It’s a huge present. – Look at it. / – Open it? Yes, but kiss me and thank me first. – Thank you. / – Good. (Kissing) – Do I open it? / – Yes, open it. What could be inside that big box? Gosh, it’s a pair of socks? Wow! What is this? (He’s so happy to get a present.) What is this? It’s what you love. How do you feel? I feel good. What? Try them on. Sit down and try them on. They’re frogs. They’re real frogs. – Do you really like it? / – Yes. You’re such a good boy. I was trying to prank you. I feel sad that you actually like it. It hurts me. What? Sian, the reason why I didn’t buy you any toys is because you have so many toys already. However, there are many friends who have none. I didn’t buy you one so we could share with them. Donggook wanted to show Sian the joy of sharing. Could there be a better birthday present? (He helped Sian make friends in Cambodia.) Ever since I became a dad to five children, I started to find interest in children of the underprivileged. That’s why I wanted to do something meaningful for Sian’s birthday. I decided to donate under Sian’s name.

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  1. Aww😍😍 Sian is such an adorable kid. His parents have really thought him good values. It just melt my heart when he was happy just with a pair of socks

  2. when Sian had trouble blowing out that last candle, i seriously thought Donggook appa may have used one of those trick candles for a birthday prank 😉

  3. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ what a beautiful father son bonding! I love Sian and his beautiful heart & soul.

  4. 12:56 when tears are about to fall down from my eyes seeing sian's pure heart but seola appeared on the background spinning on the floor 😂😂😂😂😂 OH GHAD SEOLA ILYSM 😂😭❤

  5. Aww i love everything abt this video from the cameramen bending at sians superpowers to appa donggookie action star moves to climbing at anything hahahaha to the sharing of toys to other children i love lee family so much yay

  6. Hwijae, Song Ilgook & lee dongkook will always be my favorite dada on the show. Thay should publish a book about parenting!!!!!!!😍❤️

  7. SIAN got that shot like a champ. I couldn't even look at the needle that was going in either of their arms. I hate needles with everything in my body.

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