SICKNESS; Headache, Sore throat, Pain, All of that good stuff

plop I’m back, not in the best way though i’m sick OH GOD DO I NEED TO CALL 911 THIS IS REALLY SERIOUS AND IF SOMEONE DON’T CALL FOR HELP SOON YOU’RE GONNA DIE OH ITS GETTING WORSE BY THE MINUTE not as sick as yesterday though you would’ve seen it in my voice i’d be like, My head would be hurting, My stomach was hurting, (in the morning) My throat was really really sore (guess you were in a little bit of pain) That wore off butt, My throat was still sore, really the rest of the day And it still hurts today Now whenever I lay down for long periods of time eye Just pretend i was her for like, maybe… Fifteen minutes and then i get up and i get this awful pain in my head (you mean pain in the butt?) This only started today and i only realized this today obvvvvvvvvviouslllllly… you’ll be realizing how much SICKER I was yesterday But What… was BAD Yesterday Healed, And i gained new stuff, That made up for that bad stuff (~Laffs~) so i’m basically- if you put a pie chart of how SICK I was *you mean line graph?* on the 2 days, It’d be a stright line… Maybe up & down a little, BOOM BAM POW DESTRUCTION DEMOLISHED BEEP BLOOP BOP BADABOPBOOP, POW, BOOOOOOOOM Lemme just point out i said up & down and then I did down & up breeeeeeeeeh yah but I really have improved on my piano If you’ve seen the piano Old MacDonald Had A Farm video I did a lot of talking on that one And I just wanna let you know I did A LOT OF TALKING Phil Swift impersonation I JUST Said that. Yeah, we all know. Entertainment actually its more like repetition if ya ask me *thumbs up awkward silence* sooooo how was your day? I’m so happy to hear that! my day was good, too I think our little conversation will have to end now, yea i know it wasn’t too long. Alright, Haha! I just, Stoopid now So.. my room looks messy? right? Yeah, well It’s messy, deal with it Now whats so terrible about being sick??? the pain. This sore throat, as of today, was unlike any other sore throat I think I’ve ever felt I couldn’t drink water without it hurting(wow i feel bad for you man… πŸ™ ) I couldn’t drink SIMPLE WATER WATER Hurt A single water. A Single water A sing- oh no whats happening, Oh no… OH GOD NO PLESE DON’T KILL ME IN MY SLEEP YOU SERIAL KILLER I HAVE CHILDREN NOIOOOOOOOFUVHNNRVRNYGNFTYRFYNHY Do you see what you’ve done? You guys get the point??? a SINGLE WATER you gud now? A single water, A singl- SHUT UP!!!! For gods sake I ws just about to kill myself Ow… That doesn’t *~Laffs~* help my head haha! problems at all ~i have an itch ight here…~ *mumbling* U Gud bro? I’ve got a treat for you guys.. well you guys, I have like wo- *~Laffs~* like, the only viewer i have is me I have a surprise for you if you watched ALL THE WAY THROUGH This DUMB Video that I created just to get another video out I have a treat for you… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Stop taunting us and give us the treat ;( And that treat is… drum-roll pleeeeaaase :OO A SINGLE WATER Subtitles(Closed Captioning) brought to you by yours truly, TheGlassPlane

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