Signs of Preterm Labor at 33 Weeks Pregnant

What are the signs of preterm labor at 33
weeks pregnant? The biggest symptom of preterm labor is to
have those practice contractions that go one or two waves keep going. I haven’t had many of the practice contractions. If you feel like the entire uterus is cramping,
it isn’t cramps, it could be early labor. I had a bladder infection that caused pressure
throughout the stomach. Abdominal pressure is a possible sign of early
labor, because it is all the uterine muscles are cramping and pushing down. And I thought a bladder infection was bad. You are far enough along that the baby has
a good chance of being OK, especially if you’re in a hospital when you have it. I want more indication that it is early labor
before I rush to the hospital. You’ll have a backache, usually in the lower
back, but it won’t get better if you change positions or take a hot bath. Sitting in a hot tub can actually stimulate
it. You’ll also find the back ache getting worse
or combined with symptoms like pooping a lot. That could be a sign of a stomach bug. Technically a pregnancy is a stomach bug,
but you get a cute little baby at the end. However, when you’re in the early stages
of labor, the uterine contractions can cause you to poop a lot. I’d like some other indicators. You could feel like you have the same style
of cramps as your period. Those I know are uterine cramps and a sign
of early labor. Vaginal discharge is another sign of early
labor. Whether you see clear liquid – The water breaking. Or that mucus plug that protects the baby
and the uterus. If that comes out due to an infection or strain,
you need medical attention too. Another sign of early labor is that you have
bloody vaginal discharge. I know to seek medical attention if I have
bleeding from anything I didn’t before. If you think you are in labor, start by drinking
two or three glasses of water. That’ll help if I am having a stomach bug
but not early labor. It will help rule out if the stomach cramps
are due to dehydration or constipation. And if you’re in labor, later it would be hard
to drink and eat since it can actually make you throw up. If I’m throwing up, I’m pretty sure the
cramps aren’t from early labor. Flu like symptoms can be a sign of early labor,
but if you have a fever, it is a virus of some sort. Hard part is that there isn’t much I can
take at this point. If you’re throwing up or dehydrated for
more than eight hours, you’ll need to see a doctor anyway, since bad dehydration can
trigger early labor. It sounds like contractions are the only certain
symptom I have. If you put your fingers on your stomach and
feel the uterine muscles tightening and relaxing, that is a contraction. Document what time
it happens and the next one, and if there is an interval that is stable or getting smaller,
you’re in labor.

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