Simon Imbiri – Sembuh Dari Sakit Paru-paru Basah – Healed from Pneumonia (With English Subtitle)

A true story of a healing miracle in KPPI (Praise and Divine Healing Service) Praise be to God who did miracles to His people. Let us see the miracle healing happened
to Simon Imbiri that was healed from lung disease The sickness started in 2010 when I fell down and my chest got stuck on the stairs. The incident made me sick . I was taken to Barapasi Hospital,
Barapasi Village, Waropen Atas Discrict, Mamberamo Raya, Papua The chest was still painful since then I asked for a reference from Barapasi
and went to Serui to take rontgen there The doctor said that I suffered from lung disease I asked the doctor what kind of lung disease I got.
He answered that I suffered from Pneumonia. The doctor asked me
if I would take the medicine in program or the regular one. He gave me 6 months program medicine. I was a hardworker I chopped wood As the result my lung problem came up During 2011 to 2015 my lung disease came up frequently Everytime he worked too hard,
his chest would be breathless and he had to lie down to soothe the pain. From Barapasi I continued to go to Serui and then to Jayapura. My illness didn’t get better. I came to Jakarta.
There I got the invitation to go to Praise and Divine Healing Crusade (PDHC) On January 28, 2016
Simon Imbiri came to PDHC in a condition of being painful in his chest He came with faith and believe
that Lord Jesus is able to heal him. During the healing prayer he was touched by the Lord.
Praise the Lord! At that moment he felt his chest got healed. Here is Simon Imbiri from Papua.
He had suffered from breathless for 2 years. Still sick or already healed by God ?
Try to move your body. Do you feel relieved?
Already healed?” Yes, I am healed. Lord Jesus has healed me.
All glory to Him I gave thanks to Lord Jesus because He has healed me from lung disease A few days after the crusade
Simon checked his healing to the doctor. Praise the Lord.
The result of the rontgen showed that he was already healed from lung disease. Trust in Him at all times, you people;
Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us” Psalm 62:9

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