I got this one from my mama Today I have spilled som Coca Cola on me about 30 seconds ago and I got me a daim cake to eat while im solving your problems and i forgot a fork also well well Hello my loves and welcome back to my YouTube channel So 2020, how does it feel? Does it feel different? No actually not But I hope that this new year gave you inspiration to grow to become a better person and just be the best of yourself anyways today am I going to solve your problems So im going to talk with you like you are my friends how I would give advice to my friends you don’t have to do this because I think that it would be right for you do what is best for you anyone can come into your life and say what’s good for you and not but its only you that can decide what’s best for you its important to understand that you can listen to what other people has to say about your situation but it does not mean that you have to do it! ” i have a problem and I feel so bad about this and it happened in may im not that kind of person who gets stuck on things but this is something that I still think about and I’ve been trying to repress this but I don’t know how to move on me and one of my best friends was at two mens house and drank alcohol or only me and my friend was sober ( she got raped by three men because her best friend left her at the house she was drunk & now she’s tryna end the friendship and move on) 1 I think that you should contact a psychologist I know that it is hard to talk about some stuff you go through in life, me myself have been. there I’ve been talking to the psychologist about my fathers passing we are going to go through things in this life without be available to control them & things can happen against your will this is absolutely not your own fault and nobody deserves this and I think that you should not blame this on yourself the only people you should blame is these men and your friend but I don’t think you should live in this “blame on other people” just focus on getting better & talk it out with a psychologist if you feel that you don’t want to talk it out with your friend just tell her we are going to be in the same class for one more year but I just wanted you to know that I had a hard time talking about this since may but im coming to you today some shit happened to me that night and yes. it took me 8 months to open up myself to you but I don’t feel that you have treaten me like a friend should you didn’t think one step more than me when I was drunk and “this happened to me” but you don’t have to tell her what, it does not have antyting to do with her just let her know that something really bad happened explain to her you left me when I needed you you showed me clear that you was not a friend when I needed one trust me if she. does this to you now, what is she going to do to you in. the. future? I mean oh my god, are you kidding with me periodt! you don’t even need to make this a discussion because she has nothing to do with this anymore shes one of the. reasons to why this happened to you its not like I would go to a party and let my best friend become drunk and im sober and then im saying hey Amanda ( I don’t have a friend that is called Amanda but yea ) hey Amanda, im going home and then im leaving her what would I think is going to happen ? how can she put her trust to other men /people that they will “take care” of her best friend don’t blame yourself & go to the psychologist and talk this out next time, what you have learned its a terrible and hard lesson but but you have to take this as a lesson me personally when I go through bullshit, instead of thinking about it im trying to do something better about it this is a good lesson, you didn’t know that she was going to put you in that position I’ve been talking about this, I don’t know if I have done it on my YouTube channel but Im saying this always to my friends you don’t know where you have people until a situation comes up To put your trust into someone else’s hands when it comes to your body or you is the worst thing you can do to yourself! nobody will care about you more than yourself! next time don’t drink too much and when you do that just think about whenever one of your friends leaves the party you should go too never put your trust in a man never never, not even now and not in these types of situations what should I do if I got hoe rumors? its so hard for me because people use this all the time it depends on where this happens, in school, social medias? you can’t really do anything about it you need to learn yourself how to handle t his because you will always meet people that is going to try to make you angry or sad just because they want a reaction from you they maybe wanna fight with you and make you feel sad my best tips for you is to walk aróiund with your head high don’t even look at them you can’t. see them x2 just like that, simple don’t show that you care and don’t show that you takes it personal always have your head high there’s nothing special you can do about it honestly and I could not care less, do you know why they do that? because they see that you have something they don’t have what you have “this girl has the best personality” or something like that they want something from you they talk shit maybe beacuse you talk to that one boy or something people just wanna throw shade they just wanna have something to say to make themselves feel better but you have to understand that your problem look at it as if its a math problem when you have learned yourself the math problems solution it won’t be a problem for you anymore you will see similar stuff everywhere and you will be like oh I already know this and why they do this something goes right with you so your probably fine and a nice human being so whatever. “I have a hard time showing love to my family I can’t hug them or say that I love them how can I solve this? ive never heard anything like this before but it does not mean that you are un normal aboslutely not I just don’t know what to tell you you need to go to the psychologist because I don’t know what to tell you ive never had problems showing love or my feelings im very open about myself Just go to the psychologist ive been togheter with a guy for 2 years now but hes brother has written to me before we got togheter and now my bf wanna marry me what should I do is it like. you tell me that hes only wrote to you maybe you answered him but wasn’t flirty, you could be honest about this to him but. I don’t know if hes brother know about your relationship but. I think you should. be honest about this say ” ive had a hard time telling you this but now when you wanna take a step further in our relationship im going. to tell you exactly how it is” and then you just tell him that he wrote to you because the thing is. that blood is thicker than. water and they are boys, boys always got each others backs trust me even if they are not related, they always support each other even friends or even 2 different guys from 2 different areas because men work like this they think this is. woow so when hes brother finds out then hes going to tell your bf show that you are the bigger person show him that if hes a real man he will see that you can stand for it & yourself it took her a while but I appreciate that she wanted to tell the truth but if he already knows that you’ve been togheter for a while then fine you don’t have to bring anything up its not wrong to answer someone “the girl plays hard to get and angry what should I do” its a wide question i don’t know why shes like this, maybe she is like this because of her character show her that you are a real man take her out on dates tell her that shes beutiful be different, take her out on dates put on a nice shirt tell her that shes a woman she needs to be treated like a queen that’s something that women like, I don’t know your age but it comes from me I would appricate im stuck on my ex what should I do, its been three months now you broke up for a reason you need to let go of the thoughts that you can’t let him go that Is the only thing that keeps you stuck its okey to feel that you miss him but its been three months you have to from today and one month forward, cry out you have to learn how to handle your feelings because now you let your feelings control you but its you that should control them i have a hard time to Get girls can you give me some tips do something different do something that your friends does not already do put on some nice clothes , dont come with Adidas clothes do your hair nice , get a haircut show that you have a life me personally likes a man that shows that he. is a man and dont be available for all chicks I get it you have a hard time now for that but, when the time come dont be available for everyone I can’t fall involve w anyone when I talk w a guy I just wanna get rid of him i wanna talk to other men instead I think you have a lot of standards & I think some man will come around one day and you will fall for him I think you should be thankful that you have this ability that’s amazing! rather get tired of the men you meet than you fall for everyone just continue in my opinion or if you quit talking to boys and focus on yourself im stuck in the criminal life im going around with weapons and drugs and I dont know how to get out of this life i have debts too number 1 get rid of your debts number 2 when you’re done with your debs i dont know how easy it is to leave this life but get rid of your debts and then take it from there I wanna become rich easy and legal how? become a stripper its not that easy to solve my problem but i dont know what to do my friends is always rude and has an attitude to me and I dont wanna say anything to them bcs I dont want any fights but im so tired of. them treating me like this, what should I do? sit down w them , you dont even need to take this infront of everyone dont talk about anything else except your feelings or how they make u feel then its up to them how they will handle the situation if they take it like you wanna start a fight then you have to explain that you dont wanna start a fight and that you just wanna see how you make me feel and I dont accept this either way you choose to respect me or im leaving you its you that is going to feel bad if you dont talk open about. this w them what should I do if my ex likes me but I dont want her? explain to her the case in a nice way that shes not the one for you but you dont have any dutys to explain this to her, but do it anyways then block her everywhere finish it with her


  1. Meeer sån här videos!! Bästa tipsen från en stark kvinna, du om någon tar ingen skit med tanke på vad folk skriver om dig osv Så hjälp mer tjejer att bli mer självsäkra som dig!! Keep going girl!!!!❤

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