Something you should know about flu

指導老師: 邱語耘 Annchiu Winter is a seasonal flu on the TV there
is always news about this tricky virus. But why they can go viral every year? how do they infect us? Why do we need to get vaccinated every year to shield ourselves from those virus? There are currently four main types of the flu virus respectively influenza A B C and D Influenza A is the toughest one to deal
with and it mutate frequently. You won’t want to mess up with them. In contrast influenza B and C don’t mutate that often and they are not so harmful
to human Influenza A B C all can be passed on to humans while influenza D can’t by now And our star today is the deadliest killer influenza A How do viruses enter our body and infect us Well there are lots of pathways for viruses
to enter And flu viruses use our respiratory system to get into us That means they go from our nostrils all the way down to our lung*** Once they reached our body the viruses would try to invade our cells To understand this
process we will first need to know the structure of flu On the flu surface are
many spike-like stuffs The spike can be majorly separated into two kinds
H spike and N spike In influenza A you can regard H spikes as a key and N spikes an unlocking tool We will use this concept right away To enter the cell the flu virus will need to use the key to our body “key holes” After getting into the cell the virus can utilize our cell to products more virus particle. When a
virus leaves a cell the key and the key hole still remains connected , thus , virus need an unlocking tool so as to be released and try to infect other cells Now you get a big picture of this process you might think that is not biggie but why it is so deadly and we will have to prevent us from them years to years In most case flu lead to mild symptoms such as cough, sore throat,fever and the symptoms usually lasts for four to seven days If the situation further deteriorate some complications symptoms might occur in the worst case, death As we discussed before influenza A often mutate This feature of flu virus make them
unpredictable For example the flu virus used to be
only found in bird might get it way to human after several mutations In additional if two different types of flu viruses meet in the same host their RNA can be reassembled They can share their RNA. In this case, the flu that prevailed in this year might be totally different from others That’s why we need to get vaccinated every year Because the virus are always changing Prevention is always better than cure In the season of flu It is always the best policy to keep
ourselves protected Wash your hand more often get vaccinated and you can get yourself a healthy winter

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