Sore Throat home remedy – Herbal Milk

Grandma Home Remedies With the arrival of windy season There will be a lot of dust flying around with that comes germs that become airborne these cause common cold and sore throat we will look at a milk that helps develop immunity against such illness Cow’s milk is best for this Take one serving of milk I am going to add bit more, for myself and my grand children we have 500 ml milk we will add half tea-spoon of tumeric Same amount of cinnamon powder pinch fresh ground pepper 2 cloves one pod cardamon pound well half teaspoon coconut oil half teaspoon coconut oil bring milk to a boil Strain with tea strainer and serve warm

100 thoughts on “Sore Throat home remedy – Herbal Milk

  1. aunty ji late night thoongra pasangalukku ,early sleeping Vara maathri any food tips give me plz

  2. Hello Mami, I hope you will not mistake me as I am suggesting that we can add brown candy (panankalkandu) also along with this which will be very much effective.

  3. Super recipe. thank you for sharing such traditional recipes. Looking forward to more such home remedy. recipes. thank you again

  4. Mami can I drink this to improve my voice? I've had soar through often and finding its been real difficult to sing

  5. thanku mami for traditional recipes.I tried ur recipes it's came superb.just saw ur milk for throat infection.
    it is applicable for 1 1/2 year baby?

  6. I like the humor note in between :). Thank you for another great paaramparya recipe mami :).

  7. As you seem to be expert in natural medicine, can you recommend something for failing kidneys to improve? Thanks.

  8. Very useful and new thing of adding coconut oil in milk. Will definitely try. Love your innocence and humour.

  9. Please make sure that you buy proper ceylon cinnamon and powder it at home, instead of buying store bought cinnamon powder, which usually uses cassia bark and not real ceylon cinnamon. Cassia bark is dangerous to health.

  10. namaskaram mami i happen to come across your channel when searching for thipli rasam recipe which my amma asked me to make , thankyou for all the good work you are doing , i have a request if you have any patti vaidhiam for kneepain i request you to share as my amma is suffering from it.Thanks for all the wonderful recipes anna.

  11. neenga pesura vitham soli thara vitham allam enaku romba pidichu eruku ungala nerula pakanum pola eruku kadavul ungaluku ayissa athigama kudukanum ma

  12. super Mami very homely I like the way you narrate .I will try today.all recipes are really superb &tasty too

  13. Mami thank u very much for this video. My husband likes this milk very much i am doing this frequently. thank u very much mami.

  14. Really nice remedy mami…please upload like this all receipe of different things of Patti vaeydiyum.
    .to improve immunity powers

  15. Dear aunty, we are in Australia. Now we all have cough. I prepared milk what you said. It was really nice to many days we can store the powder.cardom , cinnamon and clove can we powder together. If so please tell the measurement, thanks.

  16. Namaskaram mami! Sore throat ku nalla oru marundhu sonnell. Enakku idhu romba ubhayogama irukkum. Thanks a lot.🙏 mami.

  17. Mami I gave for my 4 year old son it was good for him…like diz what is home remedy for fever..Ganesh Anna if ur seeing ask mami n tel

  18. Namaskaaram Mami. I live in England I have a big problem in keeping a pooja room at my house. Also my house main door entrance is west facing and it's full of windows. At the moment I have swamy and Vizhakku in the kitchen shelf only. I need to ask you since you live in the US, can I keep vizhakku and swamy in the living room fireplace? Our fireplace is on the south side, facing North. We don't use the fireplace a lot because of heating radiators but I just want to have a place to keep pooja things in the proper direction. Please advise. Thank you.

  19. Thank you so much mami–your recipe helped me relieved my throat infection. Can you please please tell a remedy for common cold

  20. Mami I tried this milk.It was very much good for sore throat.Thank you so much mami.Post lot of medicnal recipes like this mami.

  21. Hi paati… can u pls give me tips to have black and long thick hair… and also for stopping dandruff…

  22. Vanakam mami and ganesh anna. Yenaku adikadi nenju yerichal(heart burn) problem varudhu. I'm pregnant now. Yedhavadhu home remedy sollunga aunty please.. pls plsssss

  23. Just came across this channel, though I am not a tamilian I could follow the video. It is a useful video. If English subtitles are given properly(missing in some places particularly when she is giving some tips) there will be lot more subscription to this channel.

  24. All recipes are very tasty! Satsang vedios neraya podung.daily night Mami speech rombo mesmerising neraya kadha solunga please one side head ache relief ayieruken Mami.. Abudhabi vandhutu pongo Please

  25. U have very kind heart Mami u share each every minute things and ur family so fun loving I like jokes u crack while u cock something I dunno my heart gets fullfilled while watching ur videos they way u convey message in the video through some stories is cool .U SHOULD BECOME MORE POPULAR I WISH

  26. Namaskaaram Mami..romba arumai.unga receipes..naa oru budding artist..neku throat apopo Makkar panradhu…aduku oru nala marundu.. solunga…ethirpakaren…eagerly waiting..Mami..luv you..❤️❤️❤️👌👌😃

  27. Hello remind me my mother in your speech.this video I saw in the right time..tonight I will try this for my son he is three years old.

  28. nice mami .cholesterol irukiravanga milkla coconut oil potty kudikalama? cinnamon pattaithane? cloves thane lavangam? enakku doubt clear pannunga? please waiting the reply mami

  29. I am trying right now.. Mrng… Paatti … This tastes awesome… Better Dan all khashayams n all… I hope this remedy is soothing n effective… Thank you

  30. mami – pregnant timela ithai senji sapidalama ? – ennakku throat infection romba adigama irukku – now i am 3 months pregnant – pls tell me

  31. It's really nice.. but never Heard of adding coconut oil in milk…Can u plz tell me y it's added to milk and what are the benefits of adding it to milk?

  32. Very very useful mami… Romba nandri.. pls upload some more Remedy recipes mami.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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