Sore Throat Remedies 6 (tea)

Hello and welcome to sore throat remedies. Today’s sore throat remedy is tea. If drinking water is getting a bit boring,
a warm cup of herbal tea quickly gives soothing sore throat relief. To get rid of infection and strengthen immunity,
drink non-herbal tea varieties made with black, green, or white leaves that are rich in antioxidants. Adding a teaspoon of honey will make your
tea even more effective at soothing your sore throat. It’ll make the tea taste better, and
also honey has antibacterial properties that could help you heal more quickly. If you have not just a sore throat, but a
strep throat, I suggest checking out The link is in the description box below the
video. Once there you’ll learn how to cure your strep
throat infection in a way that is pain free, and in less than 24 hours, using a safe and
natural home remedy.

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