Successful Sleep Through Hormonal Rebalancing

This is Dr. Lam, founder of Today’s topic is sleep series on hormones. Now hormonal imbalance is a frequent cause
of insomnia. Either estrogen deficiency, estrogen excessiveness,
or what we call estrogen dominance, can also be part of the clinical picture. Now depends on your status. If you have a deficient in estrogen that causes
sleeplessness, then a touch of estrogen can be very helpful. At the same time, if you have too much estrogen,
then some progesterone, that’s natural progesterone, not the progestins that is a synthetic compounds
made by drug companies, as well as a natural compound such as Vitex can be very helpful. So progesterone in particular has a very calming
effect. Its physiological dose is about 20 milligrams
but for sleep you may not need that much. The problem with progesterone is that it can
be very related to candida infections if you take too much. So for sleep it is a side effect of progesterone. And some people take progesterone mostly for
hormonal imbalances but get the side benefit of progesterone for sleep. If you have adrenal fatigue, however, the
use of progesterone needs to be much more careful, because progesterone is metabolized
by the liver. So if you have a weak liver, congested liver,
or you have extracellular space that is congested, then progesterone benefits may be limited. And in which case there are other ways to
deal with it. So hormonal balance, along with metabolic,
autonomic nervous system issues, cortisol issues, are all factors that has to be looked
into when you have sleep disturbance. Women and men both can have hormonal imbalances,
so it’s not just limited to women.

3 thoughts on “Successful Sleep Through Hormonal Rebalancing

  1. I had paradoxical reaction, became terribly worse from natural progesterone cream( pains,fatigue,sickness..). I have excess number of fibroids, my blood estrogen,progesterone levels are normal. Where to go from that, liver support? I am bedridden 2 years and getting worse

  2. Sir..Please reply my question.
    Sir.its almost one year I catch a disorder in which I couldnt sleep safely,my heart behaves seems scary I feel liquid rushing from some point leaving high burning injury.When I wake up in all of sudden with Heavy Vibration painful sensation as I mentioned.I never had no health issue before.
    Except some allergic reaction with Nsaid.I released about reaction and went through high depression and fearful state.No doctor is able to understand my problem.when I was in high fearful state for my health..I took my thyroid came hypo thyroid.but even after taking it to 1 year I got no relieve in my I started to feel very strained weak heart.pain in my lower left chest and mild pain behind mid rib left 3rd 4th rib area.even itch also felt inside.
    My thyroid Tsh is 48 now.One year before it suddenly went to above 150 when first tested.before it, I was fit Except some stress.But thought and fear of allergy made it worse even that bad I forgot to sleep because of fear
    I am so fearful for heart condition I suffer while sleeping. I had ecg and echo.
    Sometime now when I attend some function.or do some activity or some talking on phone.or shouting.I feel more painful in lower left chest.and sinus tachycardia starts.around 135 bpm.Feets turn heating sensation.I couldnt explain it properly.Is could be adrenal fatigue.When first time I felt this disorder I sudden observed a pin or nailing sensation when I was about to sleep.highly painful.slowly symptom changed but the area of pain inside where I feel rushing liquid same.I couldnt even speak loud and lengthy .pain starts increasing lower side.
    DOCTORS are unable to diagnose in my region.
    Please Recommend and direct me Sir.
    I will be thankful.

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