Supplements – User Manual For Humans S1 E11

good evening and very welcome again
especially those of you have been here before or getting in the habit of this
we’re at part number 11 of user manual for humans and today we will talk about
supplements we won’t just talk about which supplements it might be a good
idea to take we will talk more about what nutrition is and what how the body
works and why we might need supplements at all and how most of the time the way
the supplements are sold is just completely crazy because it’s just like
the medical model to take a pill for something so what we’ll get into that a
lot of the things I’ll talk about today will be very it’ll seem very very basic
and it will seem like I’m repeating myself so give yourself give me the
benefit of the doubt and sort of see if look at it with fresh eyes and even if
it’s really really basic just realize that I’m doing it this way because in
society as a whole we were clueless so it bears some repetition and
embarrassment verification so first of all we’ll go through a few things and
we’ll talk about the purpose of food we’ll talk about where food comes from
we’ll talk about what optimal adequate and deficient nutrition is and we’ll
talk about is it really possible to boost function or energy you see
everywhere you go there are energy drinks they say we’ll give you five
hours we’ll give you six hours and how does that really work are you getting
energy I throw these cartoons in and because to me a lot of the a lot of the
news that you hear a lot of the health advice that you hear is every bit a
cilia this cartoon yes the guy says if you
swallow potato chips without chewing they act like little snowplows and clear
all the cholesterol out of your arteries and a lot of a lot of the debate and a
lot of the advice that they’re really sort of at that level they’re really a
couple of hundred years behind the times so what’s the purpose of food
this may seem real real basic but bear with me the purpose of food is number
one to provide building blocks whatever your body is whatever the tissues are
they came from food so the food has to contain those building blocks and they
are amino acids to make protein they are fatty acids to provide energy but also
fatty acids are primarily the building blocks for your nervous system and your
cell membranes and there are also precursors for a lot of hormones and you
need minerals to also to become body tissues minerals like calcium for bone
and and so forth number two food needs to provide fuel for energy so any
movement any activity every heartbeat every little cell transmission requires
energy your immune system requires energy all of this energy has to come
from food food energy for movement signaling transportation within the body
and anabolism which means building things up when you build the tissue it
doesn’t just happen these things these molecules have to be put together and
that requires energy – sort of like Lego blocks they don’t go
together by themselves takes energy number three food also needs to provide
vitamins and phytochemicals and these are things that act as
catalysts in chemical reactions so if you burn wood then you’re converting the
carbon into energy the carbon molecules in the wood and you have to add a lot of
heat several hundred degrees in the body we burn things the same way but we don’t
have the heat so instead of the heat we need to have some little catalysts some
little helpers along the way that participate and bring the the reactions
to to make the reactions happen without all that heat and these these catalysts
are crucial in energy production movement signaling transport and
abolition so all of the things that we need energy for we need little catalysts
to participate and make that happen so sometimes people who are don’t have
energy people who feel the market they may actually not it’s not that they’re
missing calories they may be missing some of these nutrients another cartoon
here this is a great illustration also the doctor says to to the lady I want you to
follow a healthy lifestyle whatever the experts say is this you thought about
that oh well I want I’m going to start a new life but I want something new and
exciting I want a new diet plan I want a new program well I’ve got news for you
there is nothing new your DNA is 40,000 years old and nothing has changed since
then okay you still need to eat well move well think well you need to eat
whoo that the nature that nature provided okay but the the cartoon just
illustrates how far off track we are when there’s a new thing every week
a new thing every month nothing is changing okay it takes tens of thousands
of years for these things to change so if you think that there’s something new
this week then you’re just barking up the wrong tree so what is food and again
it seems really basic but bear with me food is like we said above food is that
which provides building blocks energy vitamins and phytochemicals so if it
doesn’t contain those things it’s not food just because we call it a meal and
put it in our mouth does not make it food all right
most of what people eat is not food so whole food you can check off all three
of these if if nature made it if it came from nature then it has all three of
these it has building blocks it has fuel for energy it has vitamins and
phytochemicals but processed food which is what most people eat most of the time
do not meet these criteria therefore it is not food it contains some of the
building blocks it typically has a good amount of protein and a good amount of
energy it has a good amount of fat as far as burning fuel and it has
carbohydrates but what it misses is it misses essential fatty acids for
building blocks and it is virtually devoid of vitamins and phytochemicals
and enzymes and things that help you digest the food and produce the energy
where does food come from nature makes whole and real food we are part of
nature the food that is part of nature makes a good match when we eat things
from nature and we’re from nature then everything works when we try to mess
with it it doesn’t work anymore so nature makes
things to eat such as nuts vegetables animals fish etc and nature provides the
perfect packages the proper ratios and the ideal content so when you eat fruits
and berries and nuts and meat and fish the way that nature produced it it’s
always in a good proportion okay however when we put it in a box and stamp it
with Kraft Nabisco Kellogg Campbell General Mills ConAgra Heinz etc it’s
just not food these companies they start with the raw materials which are real
food and then they change them they take away pieces they process it they nuke it
they chocolate they pulverize it and now it’s altered fraction incomplete and
here’s one of my favorite things that makes absolutely no sense
they say proudly yeah but it’s made from blank real fruit juice made from
blueberries well who cares what it’s made from it’s not that thing anymore
right hmm tequila is made from cactus there’s
not much similarity who cares what it’s made from it’s not what it used to be
and if we change it it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do okay so whenever you
hear made from then just don’t get it you want not made from you want the
thing that it is all right and then of course they have to make it sit on the
shelf for a year and not soil so they have to strip all the nutrients out and
add toxins and poisons so if we eat a packaged food once in a while a little
bit will win survive but if we make it most of our food then you’re in trouble
in an ideal situation to be 100% organic biodynamically grown food like all the
other animals on earth do you know any other animals that doesn’t eat food from
nature except that once we domesticate right they all eat plants and fruits and
nuts and each other that’s how nature works and if you eat like that and you
have few stresses you have plenty of air sunshine physical activity you live in
peace you live in harmony with nature and your surroundings now you do not
need supplements you’re getting everything that you need from nature but
hands up how many people live like that okay I don’t think there may be three
people left on earth but the animal that we call human we have changed our
environment so we don’t forage like the other animals anymore we eat
mass-produced food and this food does not have the same kind of nutrients that
it used to if you buy a tomato today it doesn’t taste like tomato used to if you
buy fruits and vegetables and everything they look fantastic
they look like picture perfect something but it doesn’t taste the same and it’s
not the same because the criteria is how it looks and how well it keeps nutrients
and tastes have very little to do with it so what do you do to make something
blow up and grow and look real pretty you add synthetic fertilizers so that
way you can make something grow really quick but it doesn’t have all of the
minerals and the vitamins and the sunshine and everything that used to
make good tasting tomato so it’s still better than no tomato but it’s not the
complete dense nutrients that that we used to get first off the food has
decreased nutrient density secondly when we process the foods we destroy the
nutrients they give the vitamins and the minerals and the enzymes and everything
that we need from the food they just don’t survive the processing and how
many people here have something called stress right and and six billion other
people what stress does it reduces your uptake of nutrients it decreases your
ability to absorb nutrients but it makes you need more so it’s a double whammy
you get less and you need more because of stress then we eat processed food and
we have depleted soils and the waiting room so it’s not a perfectly ideal
situation so therefore because of these reasons there are some things that that
make sense to add to your diet to supplement a little bit essential
nutrients essential means literally that you have to have it to live you cannot
live without it and those are things the essential nutrients are amino acids that
we get from high quality proteins omega-3 fatty acids primarily EPA and
DHA there are several sources and we won’t go into detail here but you can
ask afterwards if you like omega-3s come from flax oil theoretically
and when meaning we can make epa and DHA but we don’t convert it very well we can
get it from fatty fish like salmon and mackerel and so forth and that probably
would be the best source except if you eat enough fish to get enough omega
threes you’re also getting semi lethal levels of heavy metals unfortunately
so that that’s just a tragic situation that’s what we’ve done and the best
source is to get these from fish oil supplements fish would be the best place
to get them but because of the contaminants it’s not so good when you
get it from official they’re very very pure and you can just take a capsule or
a teaspoon and you can get enough and then you also want to try to look into
getting some minerals and biomass the primary source is to get them still from
Whole Foods but then you just get because of depletion and stress you want
to boost that just a little bit probably so what is optimal well optimal
nutrition means that you have enough of all these essential nutrients to sustain
and maintain all physiological and biochemical processes at ideal levels
that doesn’t mean that we that we wait to get symptoms it means that everything
is working close to a hundred percent adequate nutrition means that we get
enough not to get symptoms means we don’t have a hundred percent vitality we
don’t have all the energy and joy and function and long life that we could
have but we’re not really getting symptoms for for right now and that’s
the traditional mode that’s how they judge how much of of everything that we
should get they just look how much does it take to prevent
and then deficiency this is when we have so little of a critical nutrient that
the body just doesn’t work we’re getting some kind of symptom we’re getting
anemia or rickets or scurvy or something like that so that’s a disease estate and
we just have to add something real quick biggest thing that we have to overcome
with nutrition and supplements though is have you noticed how there’s you go into
a health food store there’s a million things and all of them are good for
something so you get one of everything right and you spend a million dollars a
month on supplements and you don’t need anything else the biggest problem that
we have is that the medical model has so ingrained this way of thinking that you
take something for something that if you have a symptom then you got to take
something for it and that’s not how it works
so when they sell supplements when they sell when they sell nutrition and
vitamins like that to say oh well you need to take this to feel better you
need to take this to get over this symptom oh you have a headache try this
they’re just buying into the medical model again they have just replaced that
blood-pressure pill for another natural pill and they’re not really helping you
get much healthier it’s a little bit better because it’s a natural appeal
rather than a synthetic drug but it’s still the same way of thinking you’re
not addressing health you’re not addressing the source when they say take
this because it works for this best a long way of thinking we want to start
changing this thinking and know that supplements are not supposed to do
anything it they don’t do anything they don’t work there the simple way of
looking at it is if you said you gotta have it that’s it
does that make sense does that is that difference clear and asked me afterwards
to if I need to clarify that but if you’re balling it your body is designed
for healing and if you give it everything that it needs to heal then
it’s going to be healthy the function and the energy and everything that works
in the body is a function of the body and if you’re not getting what you need
then the body can’t function but that’s different than that saying take this
because it will help you do that okay well we’ll do a few more examples here
and hopefully it’ll clear up a little bit so energy where does it come from
people talk about all the time oh oh I have low energy I have high energy
you’ll take this you’ll get more energy or get this energy drink and so forth
well energy doesn’t come from a pill energy comes from biochemical processes
when you have certain substrates when you have certain raw materials such as
glucose and fat and oxygen and certain catalysts like vitamin B and Co Q 10
then your body has all the ingredients needed to make energy and then if you
provide the proper conditions you stimulate the body appropriately you
give it the proper rest then the body will take these substrate
and make energy and and this energy is what we call ATP we talked about that
it’s a previous sessions that any energy in the body is ATP when you give on the
body these raw materials it will make ATP and you have energy but you can’t
add if you run out of energy if you’re feeling flat one day you can
add more energy you ran out okay a pill is not going to give it back to you you
need to get more rest so I know you’re probably still going to go for that cup
of coffee if it’s critical a test or if you need to stay away but realize what’s
happening that the energy drinks or the energy pills or the energy supplements
or coffee or Red Bull and all of those they are stimulants they are drugs and
they give you the illusion of energy by stressing you they are actually firing
off your sympathetic nervous system which is the equivalent of you having a
grizzly bear next to you so yeah the body is going to dig a little bit deeper
for some more resources but it’s not going to remain balanced doing so so
another analogy is that when you take when you take coffee or you take
caffeine or red Bowl or one of these stimulants to get to get more energy to
get more await your borrowing energy somewhere and it’s kind of like a credit
card when you buy things you can’t really afford it’s gonna catch up with
you all right so if you know what you’re doing use the caffeine once in a while
but don’t think that it actually gives you energy and don’t think that that
energy drink out there is going to do anything good for you it’s a stimulant
it’s a drug and you’re stressing your water taking it all right they did some
actual brain tests with the neuro infinity with a guy who just had a Red
Bull and his responses were off the chart he was he wasn’t a normal person
anymore it dramatically sees changes let’s just
restate some of these common-sense points you cannot add function to or
improve function of the body through a pill or a food whatever function the
most that you can get is a hundred percent of what you’re supposed to have
when you give the body everything that it needs it will make a hundred percent
of the function that you’re and that’s the most that you can get you
can’t get any more of that with the stimulant
unless you’re borrowing like we said and you get 100% by providing the body what
it needs it needs proper food eat well it needs proper rest sleep and freedom
from thoughts which we talked about last week for those of you are curious why
you would want to freedom from thoughts you go back and check that out and
proper stimulation which is exercise and a sense of purpose where do we get most
of our energy how is the energy derived in the body yes it is from the raw
materials that we talked about but most of the energy also comes from excitement
if we wake up in the morning with a purpose or if we’re going to Barbados we
are going to get it’s easier to get out of bed okay so the the sense of purpose
that joy in life is also very very important to get energy and thoughts the
hint of that thoughts are generally involved with trying to solve a problem
or worry that’s most of the time what we think about is watery and that uses
energy and it depletes energy so when we can meditate and get some freedom from
thought we actually raise our energy levels now what about all these miracle
supplements you hear about there’s thousands and
thousands of them out there and every one of them have miracle stories they
say to cure you from cancer and they cure you from diabetes and they cure you
from this and that and every everything out there has a miracle story so let’s
just say that one person is really really deficient in vitamin C and then
there’s not working to have no energy they have bleeding gums for that person
vitamin C is a miracle cure so if you give that person vitamin C they’re gonna
have a miracle and they’re going to run around and tell everybody else over
vitamin C it’s C my life you should take it that does not mean that you’re gonna
feel better taking vitamin C if they miss it if they’re lacking and they add
it they will come back to health it doesn’t mean it will do anything for you
okay and most of what they’re what they’re doing with these these
supplements of these testimonials is actually a placebo and placebo is not to
be underestimated because placebo is the true healing force in the body that
comes from you believing in something so if you believe that you can get healthy
that’s the first step to getting healthy so if they don’t do anything else but
but provide placebo effect and they can get people better well it’s not such a
bad thing and most of these are sold by
multi-level marketing companies with a financial incentive so you have to be a
little bit critical and know that these people are half of their excitement is
about how rich they’re going to get what everybody takes it so there’s some good
there’s some good supplements still there’s still some good products being
sold but just just know that that this is sort of the thing to find it so with
all of that said what are some of the supplements that we would maybe want to
take we want to take the things that not to do anything but the ones that we are
most likely to be deficient in the ones that are lacking in our lifestyle and
the ones that get destroyed the most by processing of foods and the number one
that everyone should be on because there’s no question everyone in the
Western world is deficient is omega-3 essential fatty acids we just don’t get
enough of it if you as stressed as we are you need to eat fish every day to
come up to the levels of omega-3s that you need and you can’t eat that much
fish without glowing in the dark so that is a good idea to supplement with with
omega-3 fish oils next basic vitamins multi mineral I’ll go through this real
quick vitamin D there’s more and more evidence showing that people are very
deficient in vitamin D probiotics are a good idea Co Q 10
be good for some people especially it wants to be in a few years
antioxidants and maybe some glandular support so let’s go through some of
those most chronic conditions like diabetes cancer arthritis cardiovascular
disease they are inflammatory conditions they are marked by inflammation so it’s
not so much the reasons that we hear about too much cholesterol and too much
fat and not enough of this and too much of that it’s really an inflammatory
condition and yes lifestyle is important stress is important but the thing that
can reverse the inflammation is going to do that have the greatest impact on all
of those conditions so what Oh Meghan threes actually do is they are a
precursor for the body’s natural anti-inflammatory so if you have
inflammation you add fish oil you reduce that inflammation and you get better they did a study and they had people
eating a diet rich in alpha linolenic acid ala which is omega-3 and they
reduced inflammation by 75% then they did another study which was one of these
gigantic thanks with 40,000 people over a couple of decades and they gave them
one gram of ala per day and they reduced heart disease by 47% and if nothing else
they gave them one pill of omega-3 fishel reduce heart disease by 47% and
there’s still cardiologists that don’t tell people to take official that’s
pretty amazing they tale they tell them to take statin
drugs blood pressure medication but yeah so other than that omega-3s they are the
basic building block for the cell membrane the cell membrane is maybe the
single most important structure in the body it is the actual true information
processor it is the true brain of the body of the cell and the integrity of
that cell membrane depends on the quality of fatty acids that we eat and
like I said it’s a precursor for anti-inflammatory
so there’s really no reason for anybody not to take official because we all need
a lot of it and we’re not getting enough if you just take one thing make official
then if if you everything organic if you have if you get everything from your
garden don’t worry about vitamins but if you’re getting some of your food from
the store then get a multi-mineral get a multivitamin we have some good basic
ones vitamin D has been linked now the deficiencies rather if you don’t have it
they found that people with cancer people with arthritis people for your
vascular disease multiple sclerosis autoimmune diseases they are low in
vitamin D and the levels that they previously thought were adequate meaning
you didn’t get symptoms they up those levels significantly but they still need
to up them more because my vitamin D is a very crucial nutrients so that’s also
a good idea to take especially if you have dark skin and you don’t get much
sunlight and during the winter months because we make most of our might Mindy
from sunshine and if you’re fair-skinned that means your body is better at
soaking up the race so you’ll make more vitamin D per minute than a dark-skinned
person and during the winter months obviously we don’t get that much of it
we’ll take some now probiotics what does probiotic mean bio means life
and pro means four so a probiotic is for life
antibiotic means against life did you know that think about that next time
they try to give you one okay so if you have a life-threatening
bacterial infection please take an antibiotic because it will save your
life if you have meningitis you have something really severe or pneumonia
whatever it will save your life but if you don’t have a bacterial infection
it’s not very serious then don’t take antibiotics because they don’t do
anything to help with the disease but what they do is they kill off everything
in your intestinal tract and what is going on in your intestinal tract your
GI tract has more life forms has more cells than the rest of your body put
together you have about a hundred trillion cells in your body that make up
all your tissues there’s more than that in your gut that live there and because
of that you have as much as 80% of your immune system of your cell based immune
system of the cells that defend you they also live there in the gut if there’s a
lot of activity a lot of your health a lot of the absorption of nutrients
depend on what goes on in that in that gut and there are there’s not really a
good and bad but there’s some that when they when they take over they become
really bad so what’s good is to have a balance and what they call is there’s
some that are pent potentially pathogen and some some bacteria that we always
have in our God is staph aureus Enterococcus faecalis and e-coli we
always always always have a couple of dozens of trillions of those in our gut
and if they were left by themselves if they were left unchecked then that could
become very very unhealthy for you but if we have enough of the lactobacillus
of the Bifidobacterium and the lactobacillus then those keep things in
check they keep things in balance so that’s what we’re talking about with the
probiotics that we want to take it normally if you’re perfectly healthy
then this balance will maintain itself but what happens when you take an
antibiotic you kill off virtually all of it
or you kill off a huge huge number of your of the flora in your GI tract and
then you go back on the standard American diet of coca-cola and donuts
and what happens the sugar the sugar selectively feeds the pathogens they
love sugar so much you feed them and and they grow exponentially they grow so
much faster than any of the lactobacillus so before you know it you
have a huge huge imbalance and this happens to virtually everyone as
antibiotic and it happens every time someone gets on another course of
antibiotics so what we want to do is we want to watch our sugars and we want to
take an ant a a probiotic thanks for catching that a probiotic so this
balance again is one of the most important things to maintain health and
absorption and you can have malnutrition simply you can eat the perfect food and
you can be malnourished Center because you don’t have the intestinal health
okay so keep that in mind it’s more than the other stuff you put in Co Q 10 this
is an enzyme it’s a cofactor it is normally produced inside cells it is
part of the mitochondria and it’s involved in the very very crucial step
of making energy so making ATP requires Co Q 10 and now this is something that
declines with age so a lot of elderly people will have
will experience lesser levels of energy because they don’t make enough Co Q 10
this doesn’t automatically mean that you need to start eating it because in a
healthy body the Co Q 10 is still maintained but what it does mean is if
you have reached that level of low energy it may be a good idea to add a
little bit and they have found that supplementation will improve energy
levels and really high levels of coq10 has been remarkable in reversing parking
system thank you antioxidants they are
something that neutralizes free radicals so as part of what the cells do in their
normal way of going about business is they burn energy they make ATP in that
process they make something called free radicals and if you are exposed to
pollution radiation cigarette smoke pesticides herbicides or any other of
those sites that kill things you will make a lot more of the free radicals so
when you have what a free radical is it’s a it’s a molecule it’s an atom with
an unpaired electron and that means it’s very very unstable and it’s going to try
to grab electrons from your body tissues and it basically goes around like like
some crazy roto Ruter if you will it creates it wreaks havoc and creates
damage and what an antioxidant does it can basically contain this free radical
and pair up that that free electron the natural sources of antioxidants is a
member of the moment called ASIS which is vitamin A vitamin C vitamin E and
selenium so when you eat foods that are rich in those that’s the best source and
if you don’t get enough then you may want to take a little bit more fruits
and vegetables have the most and there’s also something called chlorella and
spirulina which are excellent sources of antioxidant and the reason I list those
two is that they are I don’t promote miracle foods because
there’s really no such thing we need a good variety but that’s about as close
as you get because they are jam-packed they’re inexpensive and they’re jam
activate nutrients they’re full of protein and antioxidants and all sorts
of good stuff but one more glutathione that’s the most powerful antioxidant in
the body and that you can’t really add it because it’s made in the body so the
body does have ways of balancing out for itself and make this there’s some
suggestions that you can take certain amino acids and increase the levels of
glutathione but I haven’t seen any conclusive evidence on that so now all
the people who say yeah well well I hear what you’re saying and we don’t need all
this my boys supposed to take care of it but I’m in menopause or I have a low
thyroid or I have this and that and I found that I feel so much better
my hot flashes go away with with this pill in this bill does that mean I
shouldn’t take it no this is what we call angular support so if you have a
certain organ stress then there’s nothing wrong at all with providing some
support providing some nutrients that can strengthen those glands while you do
everything else that you can do to get healthy and specifically the ones that
you want to look at potentially the adrenals because the numbers the number
one organ land to get struck out by stress it gets fatigued and exhausted by
stress hypothalamus pituitary thyroid they’re all involved with hormonal
levels in the body and the liver is the main metabolic Factory in the body all
of those glands tend to be tend to get a little bit tired and at times it can be
very beneficial to to help them out a little bit so conclusions don’t buy any supplements
that say they do something it gets something if you’re missing something
that you have to have understand that the body works when it gets what it
needs supplement a handful of things that you’re likely to be missing and
then eat well move well think well if your parasympathetic nervous system if
you don’t understand exactly what that is go back and look at previous videos
if your parasympathetic nervous system is not engaging enough
you cannot absorb much of anything anyway
meaning stress will turn off your digestion and your absorption so it
doesn’t matter how good you eat research learn and use some common sense and then
of course attend all future lectures here and read up on on on past watch
sports past videos to basically get some common sense because there’s not I’m not
really saying anything new here I’m just trying to put it in a context that can
help you think about it and when you’re looking at supplements
also do a little research or or check with with us here because 98 I don’t
know vast majority of everything sold out
there are synthetic supplements so everything they have virtually at Kroger
and Publix and Walmart and GNC and so forth there’s some things that they’ll
do some good but for the most part they’re synthetic and they’re a far cry
from from the food source nutrition that you’re looking for we’ll end up with a
wonderful cartoon here the wise man sitting on the top of the mountain as a
sign that says ignorance cheerfully returned if not completely enlightened
and that holds true here as well I’m sure there won’t be any takers
no no refunds here so thank you so much for tonight we’re excited to have you
and if you get something out of this please tell someone please bring someone
next time we’re trying to make this into a continuing series and we want as many
as possible to know as much as possible thank you

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  1. Great video doc. What are your thoughts on Spirulina and Chlorella? Could they be the best sources of all the essential vitamins, trace minerals, protein, and enzymes?

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