Surgeons Remove LEECH From Woman’s THROAT in Viral Video

This video of surgeons removing a leech
from a woman’s throat is going viral. You’re watching what’s trending. I’m
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Trigger warning this video is not for the faint of heart. A 63 year old
Vietnamese woman went to the hospital complaining about week-long headaches.
Tests showed what looked like a tumor and thus she was scheduled for surgery.
But boy did these doctors have a surprise waiting for them. While
operating, doctors found a two-inch leech jammed in one of her throat sinuses. They
believed the leech got in the woman’s throat when she was bathing in spring
water and the doctors estimate that the leech had been feeding off of her for
three months. Oh that’s so gross! But hold it right there because this is not the
first time leeches have made headlines in Vietnam. In 2014 a leech was pulled
out of the nose of a British backpacker who had been bathing in a Vietnamese
river. Daniella Virani a 24 year old from Edinburgh had been having nosebleeds for
weeks but thought it was just a burst blood vessel. But as she was taking a
shower she realized a dark shape was wriggling in her nose. Uhhuhhh. She went to the
hospital and had it removed. She told BBC news: “the doctors did a
great job, hats off to them, because obviously they don’t see something like
that every day. They did what they could in a strange situation while trying to
keep their cool.” So if you don’t want this to happen to you, here’s some tips
we found: water leeches are attracted to shadows and disturbances in the water
body heat and oil and sweat. Land leeches respond to the carbon dioxide you exhale.
If you find a leech attached to your body, remove it gently using your
fingernail or edge of a knife or credit cards to get under the mouthpiece and
break its suction. If you can’t reach the leech because
it’s in your mouth or esophagus, you can try gargling salt water. Then wash the
area with soap and bandage it. Or maybe just don’t go swimming, ever. Never go
swimming again. Cause this is horrifying. But what do you think about
this disturbing story? Let us know in the comment section and for more what’s
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10 thoughts on “Surgeons Remove LEECH From Woman’s THROAT in Viral Video

  1. How TF did it even get there?

    Never mind, I don’t even want to know! Keep your mouths closed while swimming.

    Yes I watch the video, I know she got it while swimming. I just don’t understand how she didn’t know it was there!

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