Survived MRSA Superbug (aka Cellulitis Staph Infection) with Colloidal Silver

Hebrew is good. So thank God after both my parents got this This resistant MRSA superbug bacteria, The Doctors said there is almost no way to survive this These is not much they can do. They started in Hadassa Ein Kerem then two other Hospitals When they started taking this… They gave him Antibiotics and it only made him worse. His leg blew up BIG The Antibiotics and pills they gave him made a whole in his chest and he needed a surgery just for that. They almost killed him! Then they took the Colloidal Silver It made a big impression in the Hospital And the Doctors and nurses made a big party there All of them were very skeptical when I brought the Colloidal Silver, but my Mother insisted on trying it, They agreed to work with her and give it to her with her food and as needed Your Mother is still in the Hospital? No my mother is now home she was released. The Hospital The Superbug kills thousands of people, YES… what I am particularly happy about is… that in the Hospital they don’t know about any natural cures… correct and that they agreed to cooperate and try the Colloidal Silver is a miracle and even before Chanukah… Miracle I just had a conversation with my Doctor, and it’s as if they train them to oppose things like this… it’s interesting that they didn’t really research it, and they have some prepared report that attacks this… This is how they are trained Because it’s not profitable for the drug companies… Correct, Correct, but it also seems like it’s also some major psychological coercion MRSA Superbug Resistant Bacteria, Virus or Fungus Colloidal Silver kills 650 Pathogens Naturally and Safely

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