27 thoughts on “SWINE FLU!!!

  1. Can everybody stop being youtube whores and stop (even if your videos are still just as good as they previously were) titling videos with all CAPS and/or EXCLAMATION MARKS (My doing so is as an example of it being used in unnecessary times)?! It's obnoxious (Necessary ex. mark: ) !

  2. @somegreybloke i think Alex Jones' tactic is to tell you the scary truth and hopefully you will get angry enough to do something about it

  3. @n0s1r I know the topic has gone away but I had to comment on the alex jones thing. Alex Jones is a paranoiac conspiracy theorist. Go back in his archives and have a look at the sheer weight of his predictive failures and you'll realise why I personnaly dont trust a word out of his mouth. If only his fellow paranoiac listeners would go back and do the same perhaps they may be more critical…or they'll just say the illuminati changed the webpages.

  4. @n0s1r great, so hes set up a system where he can make it look like hes never wrong. Laud the correct and bury the bad. Thats the thing with paranoia, It comes with built in defense mechanisms like that.

  5. Fact: Normal flu kills more people in 1 year than swine flu or bird flu….

    The whole idea behind raising all the fuss behind this swine flu is to take people's attention away from the more important things that happen around them.

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