Talking Tom and Friends – Germinator 2: Zombies (Season 1 Episode 39)

Let me at it! Let me at it! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ginger, stop! We’re grown-ups. We don’t
hit piñatas with sticks. We set them to explode with a timer. Explode?! Oh, that’s way cooler! That’s right! And this guy is now
set to shower us with candy at 6 PM. The exact time we officially
founded Tom and Ben Enterprises. And Ben should be here with
the candy right about now! Tom, the bathroom is disgusting!
Why didn’t you clean it? Let’s focus on what’s important here, okay? Did you or did you not get
the candy for the piñata? No, I did not! Really? What were you doing that’s
more important than getting candy? Yeah, Ben, what? Well, let’s see… I was dusting
the ceiling fan, mopping the floor – Don’t look at me like that! Now,
please clean the bathroom! Relax. So the bathroom’s not clean,
what’s the worst that can happen? Yeah. What’s the worst that could
happen? Guess who’s back, baby! That’s right, it’s me! Jeremy the Germ! Parties are no fun if the
surroundings aren’t tidy. Hey, everyone! Jeremy! Surprised to see your old pal? Well, yeah! Previously on Talking Tom and Friends.
I’ve always wanted to say that. The first time Jeremy showed
up, we all thought he was friendly, but Ben didn’t trust him. Turned
out Ben was right. Pretty soon Jeremy got everyone sick. That’s
what germs do. Luckily, Ben flushed him down the toilet and Jeremy was
gone for good. Until just now. When he came back, and I updated
you on who Jeremy is. And now back to Talking Hank and Friends.
Oops. Talking Tom and Friends. Do you see what you’ve done, Tom?
You see what happens when you don’t clean the bathroom like you’re supposed to? Alright, Jeremy. You’re going back
to where you belong. The sewer! Wait, wait! I’m a changed germ!
While I was down in the sewer, I had a lot of time to work on myself. I even meditate now. You can’t fool me. Germs
like you don’t change. Oh, but I have changed. I know it’s
gonna take time for you to see it, Ben. Maybe we’ll even work on some
projects together. Real soon. So disgusting! Ew! Ew! Ew! Vitamin C, Vitamin C, yes, lemons. Oh good I can already
feel it… burning! My eyes! I can’t believe I was tricked
by a single celled organism. I spent a lot of time trying to figure
out how to best pay you back. And I came up with a perfect plan… A plan that you’re gonna
help me carry out, friendo. Bah! That’s never going to happen – Oh, no. Get out of here, Jeremy!
Tonight is our anniversary party. And you’re not invited. Fine, I’ll go. I was planning to leave anyway. What’s that tummy? You ain’t had
nothing to eat in a real long time? Could one of you kindly point me
in the direction of a hot meal? Preferably in a well-populated restaurant… Lucky you. The diner is just around the corner. Hank! What? Say, thanks, pal… See you later, incubator. Oh! Hehehe… Here. Have some of my
aunt’s famous soup. Your aunt the chili pepper
farmer? No thank you. Oh no, you guys. My grandmother
was the chili pepper farmer. This is my aunt’s soup
recipe. It cures everything. Ah! I am so sick of sneezing! At least I have the Super
Soft Triple Layer Tissues, with a Calming Lavender Scent. Ben, I admire you. You always find
something positive in a bad situation. Positive?! This is all your fault! I’m only sick because you
didn’t clean the bathroom! I didn’t clean the bathroom.
You didn’t get the piñata candy. We’re even. So let’s stop
playing the blame game. You’re right, Tom. Now, I have
something I need to say to you. Come closer… What is it, pal? Ew! What did you do that for?! I don’t know! That’s something… … something Jeremy would do. Yeah, you know, that is exactly
what Jeremy would – oh! That’s exactly what Jeremy would do! I didn’t want to! But it was like
I had no control over myself – Tom, get some rope, we
have to tie Ben to that couch. You tie him to the couch. He just
sneezed on me… on purpose. I’m not going near him. There’s a reason he did that. Jeremy didn’t just get Ben sick, he
reprogrammed Ben to spread his germs. This is exactly what happened
in my favorite pandemic thriller, Outbreak Biohazard: Code Deadly! First, people get sick.
Then the change begins. They lose control of their
own minds and bodies… Alright, who steal my tube sock? Just the left one. The
right one is right here. Once the germs take hold, the
people are consumed with the overwhelming drive to infect
everyone they see – until there’s no one healthy left. Hey, get away. That sounds horrible. We have to make
sure that nothing like that ever happens. No, no! Not on our watch. Right. So basically, it’s super important
that we keep an eye on Ben and never let him out of our sight.
Not even for a second. We won’t let that happen. I’ll go
get the rope, and you help the Landlord with whatever he was – Uh, Hank? What was the next thing
that happened in that movie? You don’t even want to know… The Mailman. He was here… Good job, Sherlock. We just saw
him drop that like two seconds ago. Question – why didn’t I get sick
when Ben sneezed on me? We must be immune. Maybe when
Jeremy got us sick last time, it gave our bodies the power
to fight off his germs. If that’s true, then we are the
only ones who can save Ben and the entire town from infection! Let’s go! Hm… Super Soft Triple Layer
made with more than fifty percent recycled materials tissues. Lavender
scented. Ben has been here… Ew, Hank, put that down. And there’s more. They’re leading to the Diner. Uh, Rhonda. Can I get a chocolate
shake while we fight the zombies? Yuck. Even Rhonda’s not that
rude. She must be a zombie. Uh-oh, we’re surrounded! Just like
in Outbreak Biohazard. If you knew this would happen
why didn’t you warn us? Well, no one was warned in the movie. There’s Ben! Hank, fill us in. What’s our next move? Now a worried planet waits for a ragtag
group of friends to find a cure. My aunt’s soup! Well, in the movie the cure
involved looking into microscopes and putting liquids in test-tubes
at a high-tech laboratory. About a twenty-second montage. This kitchen is all we got. Angela? I’m on it. Okay, I’ll go distract Ben. Jeremy! Ben! Hey-a, chump! You better hit the
road. This party’s invitation only! Your party’s over, Jeremy. I’m
taking Ben home… for our party… The Tom and Ben’s
anniversary party. With a piñata. Sorry, pal, Ben belongs
to me now. Tell him, Ben. Jeremy and Ben Enterprises. I can’t believe this… if only
someone had cleaned the bathroom… Tom! Help! You know, Tom. You and I ain’t so
different. We both need a guy like Ben to get what we want in this world. There’s a big difference. I don’t
need to control Ben’s mind to keep him working with me. Maybe, maybe not. But we’ll never
know, because I’m moving into your place and you’re moving into mine. Hey, partner, whattaya say we
flush him into the sewer? Flush… sewer… ding dong. What, no. Ben, it’s me, Tom! Ew, gross! Knock it off. Angela, now! In your face, germs. Hey, whattaya think you’re doing?! I’m not sick anymore. Who-hoo! What just happened? Angela happened! Actually, my aunt’s
soup recipe happened. It really does cure everything. It’s all coming back to me…
Jeremy turned me into a zombie – And I rescued you. Because you didn’t clean the bathroom! And I rescued you! This was all your fault! Okay, you’re right, I admit it. But
now I’m ready to clean this place up. What do you say, partner? Uh-huh. Easy now. I was just having
a little fun is all… being a little germ… having a little fun. Oh now it’s your turn,
yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. No, no, no. Hold still you germ. No! Not the soap! Look who’s all cleaned up. Nooo! It isn’t fair! It isn’t fair! Now that’s how you get rid of germs. Too many zombies. I can’t
hold them off much longer! But how can we cure everybody? I know just the thing… Happy Anniversary, Ben. Happy Anniversary, Tom. What? What’s wrong? You’re a traitor, Angela!

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  1. Wow amazing the film thank you of the film =Tom,Ben,Angela,Hank,Ginger, wow๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™โ˜บ

  2. This Reminds Me Of The "Loud House" Episode "1 Flu Over The Loud House". With Sick People Acting Like zombies, & Shooting Soup Outta Water Guns(Comparing Angela's Aunt's Soup To Lisa Loud's Soup)!

  3. Ben is a scientist so he probably knows some pathogens๐Ÿฆ  can Change antigens By changing the genetic code in The antigens to change species like influenza and human immunodeficiency viruses Are RNA viruses that means they can mutate.Maybe Ben didnโ€™t study thatยฟ please reply me

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  6. The chosen only way Tom and friends besides Ben couldnโ€™t get sick is because the memory cells inside them

  7. Are you okay?Ben I think , you better don"t let germy the germ
    to do on everybody on earth okay .
    Call the policemen and women. okay JORAH๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜•

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