57 thoughts on “Teen migrant from Guatemala dies from flu while inside U.S. Border Patrol cell I ABC7

  1. This is F up this shit need to stop and Trump and these evil boarders patrol need to be punished for this. Vote Blue 2020 so we can get a great President to end all Trump evil plans/deeds and the blood of these innocent children will always be on his hands.

  2. This country is fuckin stupid.. do you think Mexico would give a shit about a us citizen in there care after breaking there laws .

  3. This makes made first they should not be in jail cell they are someone else child they have a mother I'm like a mother would not want my child go threw this we all have children treat others like we would want to be treated. It's sooo sad cells are not for children

  4. This is what should be classified, a Crime Against Humanity, from today's perspective … How can the most powerful/one of the richest countries in the world, which takes into custody a child and all them to die? On top of that, they are attempting to cover it up! This illegal action of a cover up involves the entire department.

  5. smh I hope the family sues, this happened on their watch & didn't do anything?sue their ass & make them pay…no amount of money can bring back someone you love but this is just cruel & inhuman…even dogs & cats get better blankets than these foil sheets

  6. Trump should be charged with crimes against humanity! And the nerve for Melania to be upset that Baron's name came up in the hearings! As she remain silent over the treatment of these children in these concentration camps!

  7. You know it’s sad that that happened. What’s more sad is that you are trying to capitalize on it. Still not amused. With your reporting.

  8. Although his death is horrible, and he should have been watched more closely, they are reporting "fake news" the autopsy showed he did not die of the flu. He died of Sepsis, a deadly blood infection. I contracted sepsis in 2015 and spent 3 weeks in intensive care. I was only feeling sick for about 2 days, and only went to ER for dehydration. They told me if I would have waited another day I would have died. It's likely he was in pain because his kidneys had failed or were failing. Few people survive once organs begin to fail. It took me 2 yrs to rehab & learn to walk again.

  9. Y'all now if the if he was white they would of never done that
    Only reason he dead is because he was Latino ..u now these bitches don't care about us

  10. I’m a parent and I would never allow my kid to go across another country by themselves. I would never. Where are his parents and they are responsible for this.

  11. Regardless of how you feel on immigration, this is so disturbing. Americans are losing their humanity, if they allow this to happen.

  12. You comments trip me out. You know how many American civilians die everyday because they don't have proper care. We have homeless people, families can't even afford to keep their homes and are forced into shelters which have just as bad conditions. This is a tragedy nonetheless that this teen died this way; it is shameful that he was not properly cared for which is why if we have these detention centers, they need to be upgraded with better care and environment for these people coming over here but meanwhile, let's clean up our own backyard.

  13. Reporter says sixth child to die, more like multiple by a minimum of a hundred……. unwilling Human organ donors facility???

  14. In a correctional environment there's two times you never pencil whip welfare checks and that's when a person sick or on suicide watch. People don't understand he didn't have the capability to call himself a ambulance or admit himself into a hospital, the government was supposed to take care of him under their control. Somebody need to be charged for this crime, and serve jail time.

  15. Crying over a child that isn’t mine – I have a 15 year old son who will soon be 16. I can’t imagine watching my own son being treated like this. This teen wasn’t causing ANY trouble ! I have tried to repost his story everywhere I can … if anyone finds a place or way to widely promote this event I’m on board ! This cruelty to other “non-Americans” needs to be put on blast !!!

  16. Let’s be outraged that someone used the President’s son for an example during Impeachment hearings but make pretend a boy actually dying is really not a big deal. After all he was Guatemalan— a corrupt country that trump made a deal with, to hold asylum seekers who, apparently are in so much danger they are still fleeing the corruption trump country that our president promised special visas to, so their poppy farmers could make some money.

  17. I don’t now what the president is doing I think he should go and see what’s he is doing and if he gets the flu well he will feel the pain what we are going through.

  18. those who agree with this inhumane behavior ALSO KILLED this kid. He's a CHILD a HUMAN BEING!
    How disgusting must people be to think this is okay

  19. Not saying this kid deserved to die but saying U.S. Border Patrol needs to do more to take care of migrants but also saying U.S. Border Patrol shouldn’t get funding/they’re evil etcetera is a bit of a contradictory. They even said it themselves they were overwhelmed with people who had the flu. Border Patrol can only do so much so when someone dies yes it is tragic and devastating, but keep in mind they try their best with the resources they are given.

  20. Donald and yes, Melania trump, aided and abetted this murder! trump separated his parents from him. I can say, as a mother, she would have yelled long and loud until he got help. trump took their advocates away! Both of those POS belong in jail for at the very least, being complicit in this death (the 7th child) and then go straight to hell!

  21. Why can’t Guatemala get their shit together and take care of their own people? Fucking shit. Wheres the outrage at Guatemala’s government?

  22. Death is hard to watch but at the same time, the amount of people in this world, how can you save everyone? This is obviously sad but there are thousands of children who die daily off camera because life just isn’t fair. This is not an American problem. This is life people. America can’t save everyone. Please don’t argue, it is very sad this 16 year old didn’t live a long, fruitful life. But you’re reading this is the comfort of your house while people are on the streets dying. What are you doing to help these immigrants? If nothing, then don’t demand it from others.

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