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– You can do raw garlic. You can do baked garlic. You can do fried garlic. You can just everything with garlic. Just, when you’re sick, garlic. It’s the god. The god. ♪ Garlic ♪ – Hi, Naturally Curly world. I’m Gerilyn. – Hi, I’m Christina. – I’m April. – And this is the best ever. – The best ever. – The best ever ways to fight colds. – Colds suck so much, but you can’t fight them with antibiotics. You can’t fight them with just like fighter jets or agent orange. You just kind of have
to suffer through them. And what I like to make my
cold better with is garlic. – My favorite cold remedy
is actually something that I use all the time,
and it’s called salabat, which is a Filipino ginger tea that my mom recommends
whenever I have a sore throat. – I have a very specific go-to. It is called the hot toddy. People think that you can
only drink hot toddies during Christmas time, just
cold weather season, you know, but that’s not necessarily the case. Why, because there’s also summer colds. The more you know, okay. – I like garlic in oil form. I like it minced. I like it chopped. I’ve literally eaten a whole clove of raw garlic, you guys. This is not a joke. My obsession aside, it’s actually a really great cold fighter. It’s spicy, but it’s not hot hot, so it kind of clears your
passages a little bit more gently than just like sucking down on some jalapenos or habaneros would do. – Normally, I’ll just peel the ginger and then slice it into small pieces and put that into a pot with boiling water and boil it until the color
becomes kind of a light brown. – Boil a pot, pour it into your tea, and make sure you steep it very nicely. Then, all you need to do to
make your hot toddy complete is add a little whiskey. – You make yourself a
real nuisance to everybody who has to deal with you
because you feel so blah, right? Well, with garlic, you
just pour a whole crap ton into your nice chicken noodle soup and then all of a sudden, it just elevates it, and it elevates you. All of a sudden you’re just
like, this isn’t so bad. I can actually maybe enjoy
this day off a little bit. – Now, in addition to
your tea and your whiskey, you’re gonna wanna spice
it up a little bit. So you need cinnamon sticks. You’ll need cloves. And if you like lemon, put
a squeeze of lemon in there. If you wanna get extra saucy with it, go ahead and put a little
lemon zest in there, you know. – I’ll add in a squeeze of
lemon, a little bit of honey. It tastes so good and because it’s ginger, I can feel it warming my throat and then my tummy just
feels warm and cozy, and I feel better. I don’t know medically
what it’s doing in there, but I know that whenever I drink it, I feel soothed in my soul, and that’s why it’s the best cold remedy. – So when you mix all of those together, it’s gonna be a delightful, warm, beautiful healing sensation
flowing through your veins. Of course, you just might be, you just might be drunk. I don’t recommend taking any
medicine with a hot toddy. Don’t listen to me without
talking to your doctor first. – I haven’t tried this
yet, but you can put garlic in honey and just kind of infuse it. And I wouldn’t put that in tea, but I would maybe add it to broth ’cause honey is also really
good for the sore throat that you get when you have a cold. So like just a teaspoon of garlic honey or like a sweet Thai-inspired
chicken noodle soup, sweet and hot. I mean, I’m getting really elaborate, but if I’ve got a cold, I’ve got a fever, I’ve already got the day off from work so I don’t infect the whole office. I might as well Gordon
Ramsey it up, right? All right, guys, that was
our cold remedies for you. – What do you do to fight colds? Tell me in the comments below. – And if you liked this video, make sure to like, share, and subscribe. We make these videos every Monday, and we’ll see you next time, bye.

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