The Best Way To Keep The Stomach Bug From Spreading, According To a Doctor

The most common cause, we call it gastroenteritis, it’s called norovirus, that’s the typical cause, or most common cause of gastroenteritis, you probably call it the stomach flu. Right.
Right. And the kids will come home, and adults can get it too, vomiting, diarrhea. Okay, here’s the big thing. Quarantine sounds like a terrible term, but I’m actually glad you do that because again, that virus, every time your child vomits, or has diarrhea, what happens is that that virus is expelled everywhere, so it’s on the surfaces, it’s in the bathrooms, so quarantine is smart, but one of the things about norovirus is that because it can end up on all your surfaces and it’s easily spread, and if you touch the virus, then you touch your lips or mouth, you can get it as well. It’s the one time where I say, if you know a surface is contaminated, you need to use a disinfectant to try to keep the rest of the family safe. That’s why we literally have bleach wipes and sprays out here, right? It is, and so this is the one time, I’m an all-natural cleaner type of guy, because I don’t like to use a ton of toxic chemicals, so in most cases, I’m at my house, I’m just usin’ all-natural cleaners, right? In that case, you want to go with an actual disinfectant. These are more powerful, they’re also more caustic, so you have to be a little bit careful, and you can either buy sorta the disinfectant wipes or sprays that are formulated already for this, just read the label, or you can actually make your own using bleach, and a little bleach goes a long way, you use bleach at home at all? Not really. Rachael? I mean, we always had bleach when I was a kid, now I buy the, you know, it’s just more convenient to have the wipes and that kind of thing. And I’m also that way, because bleach can be incredibly irritating. I mean, I think this is a little aggressive, that we’re putting on goggles. You want me to just add the bleach for you? All right.
No, Rachael, I’m doing the demo.
All right, all right. (audience clapping)
Because, hey, I’ll tell you this. You don’t wanna take a small problem, and norovirus, the good news is, your kids get it, and they usually do fine, right? You keep them hydrated?
Yeah. And, as an ER guy, Rachael, I’ve taken care of people who have gotten into the bleach and ended up within a bad situation, that’s why I’m being a little dramatic here, but you only have to use one tablespoon mixed to, say a gallon of water–
A gallon of water, and then you can use that to disinfect anything, just with your own towels.
Yeah, so take it, you can disinfect your phone, your keyboard. (audience clapping) You can’t stop him. He’s a man possessed with his demo. (audience cheering) (audience clapping)

2 thoughts on “The Best Way To Keep The Stomach Bug From Spreading, According To a Doctor

  1. So what he basically is saying his more natural normal way of cleaning doesn't disinfect that if you want that kind of clean in your house you need bleach!!! Well I don't know about anyone else but when I clean my home I want both clean & disinfected!! So I am definitely staying with all the "harsh" chemicals I have always used my parents & grandparents used!! Not wasting my time with the natural stuff….

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