The CRAPPY Lappy!! ft. Flu-Rap | ASUS #ROGRigReeboot19 Entry :)

It was 2011 My semester was 7 Had to do my college project! i just had a CANDY ,man. Asked My Dad for a PC He told me-go eat shit Said go to ur friends place….And do all ur school shit Seeing my plight,my sis made it right… She got me laptop computer and saved me the fight. It was quite a good computer 2 Core intel processor RAM 3 GIGS of DDR2 Integrated graphics too!!! Four years go by, Still ,not able to buy 🙁 Im, here ,playing NFS:most wanted every night Then I got into 3D P.C.M.R too speedy My yearn to know the computer Got me to LTT All that knowledge that i got, From the build guides that i watched, From the time of maxwell 980 , To the raytrace shit they got!! still using this lappy For Nothing more than fappy ;D i sometimes play the solitaire, And Pretend to be happy 😐 Wanna live that “ArchViz” dreams And, feel those 4K games So, let me come and build with you I swear ,won’t put to shame So, Asus & Linus Get me out of this anus may the Ge-force be with you.. Pick me, I’M REALLY ANXIOUS!!

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