8 thoughts on “The Cure for Common Cold Treatments | YDIW with The Skar Brothers

  1. Agh! I needed this video a week ago when my summer cold was at peak. If it's still lingering when you guys come to Madison at the end of August – I'm going to cough intermittently during your performance.

  2. Tickets at mall arcades are worth $0.02 approximately. This is taking into account the price of a token at 25 cents.

  3. I am glad that this an equal opportunity video, how to treat a cold and where to go to catch a cold 😉

  4. I was hoping they'd cite what study it was that found zinc wasn't always effective. The research I read previously was that it was the only OTC product you could take in the first 36 hours or so to lessen symptom duration.

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