The Flu That Almost Took Out the Entire Ellen Staff!

Thanks for being here. Oh you’re very brave people,
not just because of the way you were dancing
before I came out here. [LAUGHTER] But
because you’re here and you’re out in the world. Recently, our staff
was hit with the flu. I don’t know. It’s going around, huh? I don’t want to say who
brought this contagious bug into our office. I’m going to point. You, Mary, you. Or as I call her, patient zero. That was her nickname
before she got the flu. I just call her patient zero,
just because it’s a cute name. PZ, I like to say. Mary didn’t come
to work last week. And I thought, oh, god, she has
another flare up with a rash. And– [LAUGHTER] And it wasn’t the rash,
though, right, Mary? No, it was not the rash. But then I heard
she had the flu. And I knew we were in trouble. Because, then, it’s
going to spread. Because we all work
very closely together. Kevin got it. Then Ed got it, and he
never calls in sick. And then my producer,
Matt Wright, got it. He does call in sick, but
usually because he’s hung over. And the next day the
office looks like a scene from the movie Contagion. These are the assistants. [LAUGHTER] And I think everyone
was sent home. Because everybody
was so nervous. And it’s good that they’re
being extra cautious. Right now, the
office has more germs in the hot tub on The Bachelor. [LAUGHTER] You know that’s full of germs. If anyone here is
feeling floozy, go home. We don’t need you here. Just get up right now. We’re filming it. You can watch it from home. There are always these people
that deny that they’re sick. They cough up a lung
in front of you. And you’re like, what’s wrong? Oh, I’m fine, I’m fine,
just clearing my throat. It’s like, well,
your ear is bleeding. [LAUGHTER] I want everybody
to stay healthy. So I came up with a new– we
have the Ellen hoodies, which are really popular. Andy Zenor is going to model. Come on out, Andy Zenor. All right, so this
is the new hoodie. It comes with gloves. And then you want to
cover your face, not just the back of your head. So it comes with this. [LAUGHTER] Ah, that’s good, right? Yeah. How’s that feel in there? Great. OK. [LAUGHTER] And then the back says,
“Laugh, dance, disinfect.” [APPLAUSE] There he goes. I want all of you to stay
healthy this flu season. Today, this is a very
special giveaway. This is really exciting. Everybody here is
getting Purell. [APPLAUSE] Yep, everyone’s getting Purell. And that side, over there. And when you put
it on your hands, just hold hands with
the person next to you, so you give it to them. And then that’s how
we pass it around. We can’t afford this side. So what we’ll do
is just hold hands. Right now, I’m going to bring
out the sickest guy I know, but in the best possible way. This is tWitch. [MUSIC – BELL BIV DEVOE,
“POISON”] You ready, Ron? I’m ready. I’m ready slick, how are you? Oh, yeah, break it down. Girl, I must warn you. I sense something
strange in my mind. Yo, the situation is serious. Let’s cure it. Cause we’re running out of time. And it’s oh, so beautiful. Relationships, they
seem, from the start. It’s all so deadly when love
is not together from the heart. It’s driving me out of my mind. That’s why– [APPLAUSE] Are you OK in there, tWitch? I think I’m all right. All right. Is that the first time you’ve
danced in a HAZMAT suit? Yes. Yeah, I feel like the way
that people don’t get sick is there’s just no air let
in there at all, right? That’s how– there you are. Yeah, this is better. [APPLAUSE] That’s got to be hot in there. So here’s a short video to watch
while tWitch catches his breath from dancing in a HAZMAT. A Short Video to
Watch While tWitch catches His Breath from
Dancing in a HAZMAT Suit! Wee! Oh, my gosh. Well, wherever you
want to get off is fine, usually right when you. I’ve never done that. I can’t imagine. That’s got to be
hard, though, right? tWitch, last week, we were
talking about the DJ booth, and how you’re not a DJ, and
that none of that equipment is plugged into anything. Right, right. Same thing we do
to Andy’s headset, he thinks he’s plugged
into something. Nobody’s– [LAUGHTER] He’s wondering why
nobody ever talks to him. There’s nothing there. Nothing there works. That’s just a
couple of hot plates and a toaster over there. It looks like it’s something. I promised that I was
going to change it. Because it’s silly that we have
a DJ booth and you’re not a DJ. I’m not a DJ, right. So it’s under construction,
as you can see. I’ll reveal the
new setup tomorrow. Oh, OK. Yeah, I don’t want
to spoil anything. But I hope you like to
make Subway sandwiches. [LAUGHTER] All right, well, we have
some new equipment here. You might notice, we have
the Starbucks box up there. We didn’t ask for it. What happened is we accidentally
left the doors open. And next morning, there was
a Starbucks setup in there. That’s how they do it. Actually, it’s here
because the Skybox is being sponsored by Starbucks Rewards. And you can sign up for
the Starbucks Rewards program on the Starbucks app
and start earning rewards right away. I’ve been challenging
everyone to go to Starbucks, and buy coffee for
a stranger in line, and upload a
picture of you doing something nice to somebody,
and post it to Ellentube. It’s been great to see so
many people paying it forward. Here’s a little bit of what
my viewers have done so far. [MUSIC PLAYING] So today, we’re going to be
doing the Ellen DeGeneres Challenge. And let’s see how it goes. So I’m going to be
paying for your order. Oh! Here you go! So actually, your
next order is on me. So it’s actually
Ellen’s birthday. So we want to– Happy birthday, Ellen! Let’s go! Happy birthday, Ellen! From Montecito! That’s really sweet. [APPLAUSE] I need to go see them. There’s still time
to submit your video. Make sure you’re creative. Because I’m going to
pick the best ones to sit in the Skybox
for my birthday show. Let’s talk about what’s
going on in the news. One of the big stories recently
was about Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. They were arguing
about something after the last debate. And they seemed pretty upset. And the audio now
has been released. So you can see what
they were talking about. This was the moment millions
watched, Elizabeth Warren refusing to shake
Bernie Sanders’ hand after the Democratic debate. And tonight, we’re finally
hearing that tense exchange. I don’t think Hannah
Ann stole the champagne! What? Hannah didn’t know
it was Kelsey’s! You know, you don’t know
what you’re talking about. I’ve been watching The
Bachelor since season one! Hannah’s a thief, I tell you! I love the bachelor, too. Nobody cares, Tom. [APPLAUSE] Arguing over The Bachelor. All right, we have a little
time before we go to break. So I thought we could do
one of my favorite segments. It’s time for Believe It or Not. [MUSIC – THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL,
“DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC”] (SINGING) Do you believe in
magic in a young girl’s heart, how the music can free
her whenever it starts? It’s magic. All right. This is a fun segment
for me, anyway. This is my producer, Joel. And he is going to tell me
something amazing he can do. And then tWitch and
I are going to have to decide whether he can do
it or not, if we believe it or not. Joel, what is it? Well, believe it or not, I
can fall asleep in 25 seconds. You can fall asleep– how will we know you’re asleep? I just snore. Eyes are closed. Don’t need to prove it. All right, what do
you think, tWitch? Can he fall asleep
in 25 seconds? I don’t know if I believe that. That’s a really fast
time to fall asleep. I know. The only thing is, every
single time he’s done anything like this, he does it. So I’m going to
say I believe it. OK. Thanks. All right, Joel, he
doesn’t believe it. I believe it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Didn’t work. That did not work. It was really loud,
and all these people. Have a good show, Ellen. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Well, you were right. He couldn’t do it. There were just two sheep
that he counted, right? Was that two or three? All right, that’s how you
play Believe It or Not– [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, God! Wow, spent a lot on that one. We’ll be back.

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