The Return of SARS epidemic in 2020

China Express reveals the China you don’t
know. In the early morning of December 31, 2019, Beijing time, the last day of 2019, mainland Weibo circulated several Wuhan city health system notifications and screenshots posted by the medical staff in
the WeChat groups, saying that there were “unknown causes of pneumonia”. According to the news on Weibo, there were 7 suspected outbreaks
of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) caused by atypical pneumonia coronavirus cluster infection in Wuhan, China. The news spread wildly that the CCP has not yet given an official statement on the matter, which caused suspicion and panic among netizens. On the evening of December 30, an “Urgent Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Treatment of Unknown Causes of Pneumonia”
was settled as the redhead document of the Wuhan Municipal Health Committee of Political and Medical Administration Department, which was widely spread on the Internet.According to the above documents, according to the urgent notice from the superior, some medical institutions in Wuhan have been successively accepting patients with pneumonia
of unknown cause. Another document entitled “Municipal Health
and Health Commission’s Emergency Notice on Reporting the Treatment of Unknown Causes
of Pneumonia” states that according to the superior’s emergency notice, patients with unknown causes of pneumonia have appeared in the South China
Seafood Market in Wuhan.A reporter from Chinese Mainland Media, First Finance, ! learned from the Wuhan Municipal Commission
of Health on the 31st that the contents of the
two documents are true. The report said that the first case of unexplained pneumonia that appeared in Wuhan this time came from Wuhan South China Seafood Market. The picture above shows the emergency notice issued by Wuhan Health Department. According to news on mainland Weibo, suspected internal hospital groups alleged that 7 cases of SARS were diagnosed in the South China fruit and seafood market and
have been isolated in the emergency department of the hospital. The first case was the owner of a wholesale fruit stall, and Wuhan Tongji Hospital confirmed that the pathogen was a SARS coronavirus,
however, the laboratory was too afraid to publish the report. Wuhan Union Medical College
Red Cross Hospital also confirmed a case of atypical pneumonia with coronavirus infection. After the news spread, many Chinese netizens
used “Wuhan sars” as a label and it went viral on China’s intranet, hoping that the government
would come out as soon as possible to avoid rumors, so as not to repeat the same consequences
of concealing the SARS epidemic in 2002. The above picture is from the screen shot
of netizen “Wan Qian Favored_Yuki”. She said that in addition to selling seafood in South
China Seafood Market, there are various cats, dogs and ducks in the market, and even marmots,
sika deer, monkeys, etc., which are probably the cause of breakout of SARS today. She is
not surprised! This picture is from a netizen named “Author”.
He also posted the announcement of the Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Committee on Facebook
and explained that pneumonic plague is pneumonia and SARS is also pneumonia. It is not yet
determined which of the so-called unknown pneumonia is. The news needs to be verified,
but it happened that more than a month ago, the Institute of Model Animals of Wuhan University
was interviewed by reporters who visited the live monkey laboratory, and made a special
SARS memorial documentary . Facebook netizens have left comments: “When the official is willing to give notice,
it has become a serious situation.” “A while ago, the plague broke out. Now that
SARS outbreaks, will the shortage of pork cause the Chinese to switch to wild animal
consumption which in turn causes the SARS epidemic?” Sixteen years ago, a terrible SARS epidemic
swept the world. In mid-November 2002, SARS broke out in 5 cities in Guangdong Province.
The Chinese Communist Party concealed the news, causing SARS to spread to nearly 30
countries, infecting more than 8,000 people, as a result, 800 patients died and caused
more than $ 30 billion in economic losses. China had the largest number of SARS cases
in Hong Kong and mainland China accounting for 80% of the global total. But outsiders question that the CCP has seriously
concealed the true numbers, which are much higher than that. As the Communist Party of China strictly sealed
the news, the Communist Party of China’s propaganda department requested that news
about SARS and other news related must be published by Xinhua News Agency in a unified
manner. No media in other regions are allowed to publish any news about the SARS without
authorization. Therefore, China Express wants to remind you
that if you have family or friends who are now in China, please tell them about the SARS
epidemic and let them pay attention to their safety! God bless them and wish you a Happy
New Year! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! Thank you for watching

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