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  1. It looks like oil pulling is becoming so popular that it’s cutting into the profits of Proctor & Gamble and Colgate. To only have 2 examples isn’t exactly an epidemic. They have to do a better job of convincingly the public on this. Even Cristy Brinkley is a huge proponent of it. If you know or have seen here lately…she’s absolutely beautiful. I’ll be starting this today.

  2. Okay, I need to get out of this comment section. Some of these people are infuriating me, and I may or may not have completely GONE OFF on a couple of people. 😂😂🤣🤣

  3. "Don't eat food – it can cause suffocation" "Don't use tools – you may drill yourself through the head" "Don't eat plant based – someone did and died after binging on cocaine and skateboarding on the ledge of Trump tower" Evidence based science at its most distorted

  4. Gargling or making hydrogen peroxide 3℅ diluted 1hydrogenperoxide-2:water safe??? Please make video if its safe or not, or its benifits. Thanks

  5. The presenter is a con artist working for giant Pharmaceutical companies by spreading false information online. Shame on this presenter for being such an idiot thinking that General Public will believe his claptrap presented in a way that he thinks is scientific hahaha give this man a big thumbs down because he's a waste of time and waste of space.

  6. Hmm oil pulling is bad because Vaseline can accumulate in lungs… Sound logic :). If apples then plums hence carrots.

  7. They dont want you to win. I've seen way too many oil pulling stories with success that this video I can take serious

  8. oil pulling made my teeth feel more sensitive. i don't think it works. i feel like plaque protects teeth, like a shield, and oil pulling dissolves the shield. now my teeth are exposed and sensitive because the oil pulling dissolved the barrier that blocks passage to the nerve. That's my conclusion because oil pulling made my teeth feel worse.

  9. anyone watching who loves oil pulling, or thinking of starting but are scared of negative effects, take this video is a shining endorsement of oil pulling. i mean. he started with a bunch of studies which disproved thousands of anecdotal claims. INCLUDING one that said it may actual accelerate tooth decay ????? and yet that wasn’t the main focus of the video? clearly that study is bullshit otherwise he would have discussed it.

    and we can all see that over half of the vid is talking about vic’s vaporub and some guy injecting olive oil into his nuts… clearly there is almost no evidence, of any degree of quality, in the literature about actual dangers of lipoid pneumonia linked to oil pulling. there’s the one woman who clearly had an issue with it, and that was pretty much it???

    so if you’re scared after watching, take heart. the lack of evidence and content in this video should make you feel fucking great. maybe oil pulling doesn’t really help that much. maybe it does for you. but either way you’re probably not doing anything BAD to your body. so keep swishing my coconut oil friends!

  10. 'Don't do oil pulling – you may drown!' bruh, I'm done 😭
    And pneumonia is a bacteria. You don't catch it from getting oil in your lungs. What is this???

  11. Aren’t you supposed to brush after oil pulling? So how can it go into lungs if you brush afterwards? Isn’t is the same os eating salad with olive oil dressing before bed?
    I am buying coconut oil tomorrow.

  12. Why dont you reply to any comments? Seems stange when you appear to market yourslef as helping people. Either way it seems al your saying herer is dotn inhlae oil, kind of common sense.

  13. I oil pull and don’t need teeth cleaning and dentist ax a result. However, I welcome hearing all issues concerning the practice. I did not realize that one could actually accidentally breath in some of the oil so it is good to be aware of that. Thanks for the video!

  14. We need to ban hotdogs due to the possibility of deep throating and dying of asphyxiation we need a general surgeon General warning on hot dogs now too! And I won't rest until we are have it!

  15. This is very simply said: Dentist Propaganda. They are using bullshit video's like this one to spread on the internet, because they are getting paid for it to spread lies about the negative side effects of coconut oil pulling. Imagine what would happen if everybody in the whole world would stop using tooth paste and mouthwater, while using coconut oil instead??? NO MONEY!!!

  16. Most interesting. Timely, sort of: I've done oil pulling twice, forgot yesterday and today. Now I'm having second thoughts.

    So confusing, all those (positive) testimonials on the one hand, and this video, so convincing and sound, logical, on the other.

  17. Oh com-on, this is fear project crap. An adult person can pull with oil or anything else without swallowing it through his nose.

  18. Your becoming an FDA goat Gregor, your fast loosing the respect you once had…time for your flu vaccines which you also promote 👎🏾 boooo ☠️

  19. This article is more about steering others away from a beneficial way to prevent us from saving money and having healthy teeth and gums merely to distort the truth to get people to believe inaccurate info in order to make people think their only option is a dentist, who will gladly take your hard earned money.

  20. Boy these dentist will say anything for people not to leave them lol 😂 .. What do you have to say to people who actually consume 2 spoonful of coconut oil & never experienced any of these illnesses listed in the video but experienced the complete opposite! What then lol

  21. This guy is an establishment hack.
    He cherry picks his evidence and his voice is sooooo annoying.
    The dental association is against it?????? Of course!!
    Don't believe a word he says.

  22. I am glad to see others find this stupid. You would have to inhale the oil in order for this to happen, wonder who paid to put out this mis-information. Should we stop taking baths or showers because we "could" drown.

  23. 1:15 there are health risks is due to oil pulling. 1:40 lipoid pneumonia when oil clogs up your lungs. in 1925 it was customary to put metholated vaseline 'vaporub' in nostrils of kids until they died of pneumonia and on autopsy areas of lungs clogged with oily fluid.

    never put vaporub/vaseline/anything oily in nose before you sleep. intranasal butter or olive/baby oil can give an infant/person with stuffy lung, inhaling too much candle wax can do it, if you are a fire performer you can get fire-eater's lung from inhaling hydrocarbons/mineral oil in their acts.

    3:45 woman admitted 4x to hospital in 6 months, doctors found she was oil pulling 2 weeks before first admission and more afterward to 'remove toxic fx of rx' she had taken. after stopping, she has not had lipoid pneumonia since last discharge. 4:25 its one reasons the ADA advises against oil pulling.

  24. this video cites a handful of cases that dont relate to pulling coconut oil 3x/wk and spitting it out, then brushing teeth, followed by a salt/mouthwash gargle. also, i did the vicks in nostrils recently maybe 2-5 years back, and know many who do it all their lives, so i wonder how many unlucky souls this happened to.

    after a few hundred years of oil pulling in india, shouldn't they have endless stats on it causing lung health issues? we eat lots of grease and oil butter etc. every day, drink MCT oil in our coffee etc., we clear throats after a meal, maybe cough, and don't lay down or sleep right afterward. if we dont lay down go to sleep with a film of oil in the throat, i fail to see how this is super relevant.

    video production does a good job of building suspense graphically, but really had only 1 case of oil pulling causing 1 adult issues and we dont know how she was doing it or what oil was used or if she went straight to bed afterward, etc. most oil pullers rinse with salt or do their brushing routine after pulling.

    1-5 cases could be fake, so this doctor needs way more data, specific to popular coconut oil pulling, to make a better case that isn't anectdotal "4 children and 1 adult". 5 in 300 million is called a fluke/odd not relevant.

    if we apply the caveat by the medical doctor below "people with swallowing issues or at risk of aspiration should not do this. of course not for children" then we've addressed the rare token cases that lead to lipoid pneumonia and cleared the practice as safe. if you start feeling off, cut your dosage in half until it clears.

  25. If you read the whole paragraph, it clearly states that the woman probably aspirated some of the oil, it was not caused just by oil pulling. She probably was not doing it properly. Learn how to do it correctly and then blame whatever you want for lipoid pneumonia.

  26. Most of these comments defending oil pulling sound like the typical conspiracy theorist types. "TOOFPASTE HAS CHEMIKILLS" and whatnot. If there's this much evidence showing against it, its probably a good idea to go with the doctors instead of some mom on the internet who claims her amazing all-natural lifestyle is being threatened by the big bad gub'ment.

  27. Petroleum jelly is a by product of oil. And I am not talking about cooking oil or body oil. This is the oil left over from refineries.

  28. Oooooohhhhhhoooooooooooo my god oil pulling is risky………
    So guys don't go for and don't go for swimming also as you might drown and water will get into your lungs which is really dangerous 😨😨😨😨

  29. This is BS. Someone is paying for this. I can't believe how hard they go on the manipulation in USA…..

  30. Wow! I had just watched the video that showed it reduced plaque and was going to start oil pulling. I’m glad I watched this one before starting!

  31. I feel like dr gregger started to sell out over the past year…. he was for the people now he is part of the industry

  32. The instructions clearly state on Vick's vapor rub not to put it in the nostrils, so forth & so on. Most salad dressings contain oil. Most foods manipulated from normal form have oil like fried foods, etc…., people swallow & hope that little flap over the lungs is functioning properly.

  33. Hmmmm, very interesting. I've been oil pulling for almost 3 yrs & realized recently my chest / lungs have been more congested than ever; had a chest xray & seeing doctor in 2 weeks for results.

    Will bring up oil pulling & potential Lipoid Pneumonia – trouble is most Drs never heard of OP.

  34. This channel does everything against what keto supporters do ! I disagree with just this video from this channel. Or else I love this channel.

  35. Not only do you have the MOST annoyingly weird voice my POOR ears have ever had the displeasure of hearing, but the amount of strawman nonsense and War of the Worlds level public fear mongering you've somehow managed to employ in your 'arguments' is downright comical. I could have sworn this was a parody video at first. The risks of oil pulling is now somehow twisted like a Rubiks cube into being alongside 'inhaling vaseline'?? and Nasal butter??! WTH? Good grief. Tell whatever is paying you for this foolishness to cut the checks back because of a bad performance.

  36. Yeah let’s spread FEAR TO MOMS that there kids can choke hmmmm yet kids eat every day….
    do food companies tell you not to eat or your kid can choke. OF COURSE NOT.
    They are just doing this video against oil pulling so you don’t get healthy teeth and therefore won’t need them so much because our visits pay for their Mercedes car payment that every Dentist pretty much has. Lol

  37. Does anyone know if you can oil pull after getting your teeth pulled?
    I got my wisdom teeth pulled last week (5 days ago) and I want to continue oil pulling but I don’t know if that will cause my clot to come out..

    Should I wait 2 weeks (done healing)
    Or am I safe to oil pull now?

  38. Who is this quack doctor, talking about a case study at 4:10 instead of an actual group study?

    People, learn the Flippin difference between a case study and a group study.

  39. Hi everybody, let me share with you my amazing experience with Oil Pulling 🙂

  40. Now I know this channel is crap. I've been oil pulling fo two years now. I no longer have hypersensitive teeth and they're much whiter. I used to believe you, Dr Greger. Now everything you said will be taken with a grain of salt…uh…skepticism.

  41. But don’t the ADA still swear blind that mercury fillings are completely harmless? Hahah I don’t think I’ll be taking there advice on this one because of literally one case. People have practiced this in India for thousands of years with only benefits.

  42. I brush my teeth at least 3 times daily but my teeth always smells really bad, now my teeth no longer smelly after first try of oil pulling, im amazed by the result.

  43. I guess this guy is very worried about the clog sinks of people who practice oil pulling. Very nice of him, but we usually spit it in a trash can, empty cup or anywhere else than the sink. Thanks for worrying for my sink. How caring.

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