The science behind stress and brain fog

I’ve had a rough few weeks. My to-do-list
has exploded, while my actually doing list, has made little to no progress. I seriously
feel like I am coming apart at the seams. And, in moments of panic and anguish, have
flippantly remarked, to anyone who will listen, “I am coming unglued”. Researchers from
Switzerland have discovered there is more to this terminology, than meets the eye. It
turns out, the phrase “I’m coming unglued”, is not a “cute” way to describe the rather
unpleasant feelings, associated with being under pressure. It quite literally describes
what is happening inside a brain, subject to chronic stress. Join us for this episode
of Better Body Chemistry as we discover how chronic stress – quite literally UNGLUES
your brain. Better Body Chemistry TV is brought to you by Dr Sandy – a scientist turned gremlin
buster, HELPING YOU, battle sugar gremlins, heffa-lumps & other health horribles, through
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Now the team made the breakthrough, when they studied exactly what was happening inside
the brain’s of rats, that had deliberately been stressed out. Just like humans, it’s
relatively easy to stress out a rat. All you need to do – is take away their freedom,
by confining them in a small space and take away their friends, for a short while each
day. After 3 weeks of this treatment, you’ll have a freaked out rat, suffering from personality
disorders, thanks to chronic stress. The team confirmed that …. in stressful moments,
the body responds to chronic stress with a flood of “stress hormones”, such a cortisol.
The stress chemicals are designed to help manage the stressful situation, and in the
short term, the effects are good, but pro-longed exposure………………..creates more stress.
In the case of freaked out neurons, there goto stress chemical, is a neurotransmitter
known as glutamate. One of the ways glutamate brings a little stress relief, is it dispatchs
a synapse clean up crew. Among the members of the team, tasked with cleaning up the links
between nerves, is an enzyme known as matrix metalloproteinase, MMP-9 for short. The team
found that MMP-9’s big job, is to cut the sticky tape, known as nectin-3, that hold
nerves together. Now a minor clean up is actually quite refreshing…. In the chronically stressed
brain…. the clean up crew is VERY BUSY. It becomes more and more difficult to find
the end of the nexin tape….. More and more neurons ARE not properly connected. The old
connections are “missing”, so things that you should know, are nowhere to be found.
And, new stuff – just never gets integrated into the circuitry. The overall result…..
brain fog and bad behaviour. The brain owner is grouchy, grumpy, nasty, distracted and
forgetful. Ouch ! So………….. if you don’t want to come UNGLUED, literally and
figuratively – you need to manage your stress levels. A little stress will help you perform
better, but too much creates a sticky situation. Now remember stress is not only caused by
psychological upsets, not getting enough sleep, infections and environmental toxins, can all
create chronic stress. To overcome BRAIN FOG – you need BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY. Learn
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