The Stray Cat Returned 12 Days Later From The Vet -Cute Cats

Hello. I took the stray cat Karam 12 days ago to the vet. Karam coughed constantly and did not eat cat food. And she didn’t get up. The veterinarian said that Karam had pneumonia, she could hardly breathe and his appetite was reduced. She also said that he may have been infected with the Fip virus. The stray cat stayed in the veterinary clinic for 12 days. I didn’t see the stray cat for 12 days. I miss her so much and I wonder how she is. Thank you all for sending me donations so I can take care of stray cats. We approached the veterinary clinic Wait for me, Karam. Your dad’s coming 🙂 I took Karam from the veterinary clinic. Hello friends. Karam has been in the veterinary clinic for 12 days. I just picked her up at the vet clinic Karam eats food with appetite. I gave her wet cat food and chicken livers. Karam ate her wet cat food. 12 days ago the cat was overweight. Now she’s very weak. I think Karam was sick because his belly was swollen, so she could hardly breathe and cough. Now she’s breathing comfortably because she’s thin. Karam I will feed Karam in the apartment for a while. It’s cold, so I don’t want Karam to get sick. Karam Pspsps Karam Karam come here. Cat litter Pspsps Karam Karam Karam Pspsps Pspsps Thank you for watching the video.

68 thoughts on “The Stray Cat Returned 12 Days Later From The Vet -Cute Cats

  1. Oooh.. is that Karam? So happy she is getting better… ❤❤❤❤❤ you mean she was underweight? (In the description you say overweight) God bless you Sedat🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 full watch including ads sweetie 👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Sedat, I'm VERY thankful 🙏 that you'll be keeping her indoors, but I truly wish you would for the rest of her life, because that thing the Vet says she might have makes their immune system low, and unable to fight off diseases, so she needs lots of help and to be kept warm, safe and well, and away from the outdoor cats that will make her sick! I don't think she was fat at all, I doubt very much that's the reason for her difficulty breathing, she never looked fat to me, she's just not a strong cat…poor girl!! She'll be going into heat soon enough, it wouldn't be a good thing to have kittens, she's not strong and she might die, it will be bad for her with her immunity! When she's better, please get her fixed, it's important!!!! 🙏🙏 Please!!!

  3. Sedat bey rabbim razı olsun senden diyecek söz bulamıyorum bu canlara karşı sevgi dolusunuz şefkatli ve çok merhametlisiniz bu zamanda hayvanlara yapılan işkenceleri gördükçe senin ve senin gibi insanların oluşuna binlerce şükür 😻❤❣💋😻

  4. Hello there, Sedat! It's very nice to see Karam fine. She looks calm, serene now. They love your attention as always. Enjoy your day!🎀😻🙏🎀

  5. Bonjour Sedat !
    Je suis vraiment très heureux de revoir Karam et elle à l'air d'aller mieux mais je la trouve un peu maigre mais au moins on sait de quoi elle souffre .
    Fait bien attention à elle Sedat car tout le monde l'aime beaucoup ! ♥♥♥

  6. Thank you so much for taking
    Karam back and keeping her inside. She looks so small
    and fragile, needs love and
    warmth. Life is hard for her
    with her health issues. I hope
    so much, Karam will get better
    with your love and support. It
    won't be easy for you and your
    family either! Have a very good
    year 2020!🍀💕 🤗💕🐈💕
    Karam stayed in warm and heated
    clinic rooms for 12(?) days before.
    Her immune system is low. What
    about the old lady, who feeds
    strays? Would she take Karam into
    her warm flat in winter?

  7. I like how you treat these cats….its fantastic and a opportunity for you but we are not that good to give animals their rights..ShukarALLAH

  8. Sedat so glad to see Karam is so much better.God bless u for taking such good care of and tyvm for the update. 😻😍💖💟🐾🐾

  9. 🖐Adorable Cats 🐱
    It would be good to put with warm blankets in its boxes, so that it can be very cozy inside the box.
    Karam and very fragile ….. 🌜🙏🌛

  10. Pls put some blanket inside the box for her to keep its cold season..God bless you❤ always for tking care of them

  11. Is Benekli together with Karam?
    It's good, that you took her inside,
    too! Do they get blankets and heating pads? 💕🐈🐈 💕or warm water bottles? Any kind of warmth? Karam sneezes. It's too
    cold for her immune system. I suppose, Findik could accept a sick cat near her "territory". They'll
    have a way of cat communication. By the way, this time the English subtitles aren't really
    understandable. Sorry, there seem
    to be two versions of English subtitles. I understand the US

  12. Sweet sweet karam. I hope she is able to be adopted and kept as an indoor cat forever. Please get well soon baby 🙁

  13. I'm glad to see her. I wish she had a forever home. Thank you for taking care of poor Karam. Such a sad baby. God bless you, Sedat.

  14. God bless Karam!!! Sedat thanks so much for the update. I think of Karam everyday and pray for her always. I pray she stays well now and has much better health in the New Year. Please keep her in she's too sick to live outside anymore!!! Bless you Sedat and thank you for being the angel these sweet kitties needed. God bless you and all the kitties in this New Year and forever!!!😻😺😘💕💕💕🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  15. Karam I'm so happy you're back home now! We all were worried about you 😘. Sedat I hope you get Karam and the other females fixed right away. You don't need anymore kittens cause there are so many stray cats. Get the females fixed first cause it should be cheaper than the males.

  16. Hello Sedat and all the Adorable Cats and Friends. Please keep Karam indoors; I don't think she can survive outdoors. I keep you all in my prayers and all the Adorable Cats too, especially Karam.

    I'm still very sick, very weak, but I still watch the Adorable Cats and ads each day. Praying for a better 2020!

  17. Sedat, FIP is fatal. If she has this, many others may have it as well. There is no way to save them. Please don't let her suffer. I'm so sorry. This is a horrible virus. She needs to be inside where you can watch her closely. Please don't let her die alone in the street. Ask the vet to explain it to you.

  18. I'm glad she's back from the vets and, gets well soon. You should put some blankets or old towels in the box. She can curl up in and, keep warm.

  19. Geçmiş olsun meleğim, çok daha iyi olacaksın inşallah. Emeğinize, güzel yüreğinize sağlık 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  20. You published the vet bill at the
    community section. If every subscriber, who can afford it, will
    send you 5€ next week, you can
    pay bills for Karam and Benekli(?).
    Let's test it! Please tell us always
    a European IBAN number in
    your description section, because
    not all seniors use online banking
    or Paypal!

  21. 🙏 Glad to see Karam is back home. She looks so fragile. Please put more cardboard on the cold floor before placing the box, to isolate the cold from the floor. Please don't give too much liver, this is dangerous…it will become toxic. I will light a candle for Karam and you each day 🍀🕯🍀🐾❤
    "Small amounts of liver are OK, but eating too much liver can cause vitamin A toxicity. This is a serious condition that can affect your cat's bones. Symptoms include deformed bones, bone growths on the elbows and spine, and osteoporosis. Vitamin A toxicity can also cause death."

  22. Hi anybody heard from Brooklyn Lucy Molares today???. Please American subscribers care about this wonderful woman???❤❤❤

  23. Beautiful Karam!!!! I am so happy to see you. How i wish i could fly there and bring you home with me. I love you little one 💞😢😥

  24. Thanks Sedat, I'm happy to see Karam is now better. You are an example , that there are good people around the world that cares for cats and other animals

  25. Gaining much weight over night and dyspnoe are a sign for a heart disease ..: weather animal or human.
    That is mostly water into the lungs.

  26. karam should eat every day raw meat to be strengthened. once a week liver is enough for cats. More liver is not good. Please give Karam every day raw meat, PLEASE🙏🙏🙏

  27. Cok gecmis olsun Karam Insallah tekrar sifana kavusursun evet Sedat biraz zayiflamis bencede cok iyi bir fikir onun yaninda kalmasi kendisinlen daha iyi ilgilenebilirsin. Bu kis cok soguk Rabbim butun canlarimizi korusun.

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