The Wim Hof (Ice man) Method – What are the Benefits of Cold Showers!?

Today we look at how taking cold showers in
the morning can benefit you throughout the day. To help us understand this, as well as understand
techniques on how to take cold showers, we look no further than the Iceman, Wim Hof. [Intro] If today’s video is of value please like the
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of uploads as otherwise YouTube won’t necessarily inform you of the latest videos. We again look at the Iceman Wim Hof and how
cold therapy can benefit us. Last week, we looked at his breathing exercises
to help prepare you for cold showers and care for the body. If you haven’t seen that part I would recommend
watching it first, and will link it in the description below. Today, while I understand most of us don’t
have access to the antarctic for cold therapy, we can still gain the benefits of cold therapy
by taking cold showers or even ice baths. However, before you do, it’s worth understanding
what benefits you can get from cold showers and precautions to take. So what are the benefits? 1. Increases Alertness
Taking a cold shower in the morning and feeling cold water pour down over our body can appear
to be a daunting proposition for many. This is because due to the sudden change in
temperature, our bodies naturally go into a state of initial shock and our breathing
patterns can be uncomfortable, or we even hyper ventilate. However, deep breathing, which we covered
in the previous video, in response to our body’s shock not only helps to keep us warm,
but it also increases our overall oxygen intake. As a result, our heart rate will also increase
and we release a rush of blood through our entire body, giving us a natural dose of energy
for the day. Wim Hof has experienced this himself, as after
his wife passed away he fell into a state of depression and one day when spending time
alone at the park alone, he saw an icy bed of water and immediately felt compelled to swim. [Wim Hof Story] He took off his clothes and went for a swim,
after which he felt energized and thus began the story of the Iceman. 2. Improves Hair and Skin
When it comes to hair and skin, cold showers can be highly beneficial and are one of the
most natural ways to maintain your appearance. The reason for this is hot water actually
dries out our skin, as it strips the skin of its natural oils that prevent it from drying
out and crackles or wrinkles appearing. Cold water on the other hand actually tighten
pores, which prevent them from getting clogged and prevent dirt from getting in. This is the same for your scalp too, which
contains numerous hair follicles from which your hair grows. Cold water also benefits your hair, as it
tightens cuticles making your hair stronger and smoother. This is often common practice these days,
as skincare specialists often suggest washing your face with lukewarm water to clense the
face and then end with rinsing with cold water. The principle is also the same when shampooing
hair, when rinsing, use cold water rather than hot. One final benefit is if you suffer from conditionsm
such as eczema, a cold shower can ease the itching sensations that can make the condition
worse. 3. Helps Stimulate Weight Loss
One of the lesser known facts about cold showers is they can aid weight loss. This is because the human body contains two
types of fat tissue, white and brown fat. White fat accumulates when we consume more
calories than our body needs to function, so essentially if you eat too much, a chronic
problem in today’s world, and we don’t burn these calories for energy. This body fat piles up, usually at the waist,
neck and thighs, and white fat is the many people struggle to deal with when trying to
lose weight. Now brown fat is considered a healthy fat,
which is used to generate heat to keep our bodies warm and is activated when our bodies
are exposed to extreme cold. Therefore, cold showers can promote brown
fat activity, helping our bodies care for itself and maintain body temperature. This activity within the body is done by burning
fat. A 2009 study found that exposure to extreme
cold temperatures activated brown fat in 23 and 24 participants by a 15-fold increase,
meaning someone could lose up to nine pounds in a year if they kept this practice up. 4. Improves the Immune System and Circulation
Cold water can improve circulation by encouraging blood to surround our organs, which can then
help combat some problems of the skin and heart. As cold water hits the body, it’s ability
to get blood circulating leads the arteries to more efficiently pump blood, therefore
boosting our overall heart health. It can also lower blood pressure as we relax,
clear blocked arteries and improve our immune system, making us physically healthier in
a number of respects. 5. Eases Stress
One of the greatest benefits of cold showers is they can ease stress. By jumping into the shower without letting
it heat up, you can help promote hardening, increasing your tolerance to stress and even
disease. Studies have shown that there is a drastic
decrease in uric acid levels during and following exposure to a cold stimulus. Uric Acid can cause gout, resulting in joint
pains and aches. In the studies, there was also an increase
in gluthathione, the antioxidant that keeps all other antioxidants performing at their
optimal levels. 6. Relieves Depression As discussed, cold showers can ease stress
and this in turn has been shown to relieve depression symptoms due to the intense impact
of cold receptors in the skin. This activity sends an overwhelming amount
of electrical impulses from the peripheral nerve endings to the brain, which in response
produces an antidepressive effect and boosts moods, acting as a pick-me-up. Studies have found that cold hydrotherapy
has an analgesic effect, which relieves pain, and does not appear to have noticeable side
effects. The treatment can include one to two cold
showers of 38 degrees Fahrenheit, two to three minutes long, followed by a five-minute gradual
adaptation to make the procedure less shocking. This process has been critical in Wim Hof’s
life as he struggled following his wife’s death and he has developed his methods for
his own recovery. 7. Speeds Up Muscle Soreness and Recovery
Many athletes take ice baths after training to reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery. However, a quick cold shower after breaking
a sweat at the gym can be equally effective, particularly for relieving delayed-onset muscle
soreness. Studies have shown that people who rested
themselves in cold water after an intense workout found that 24-minute cold water baths
were effective in relieving sore muscles one to four days after exercises. This is incredibly important to athletes who
need to recover quickly after a sporting event, but equally so can be highly beneficial for
people who exercise regularly. [Wim Hof Speaks] Now before we finish up, there are a few precautions
to take when taking a cold shower. The key points are: 1) Don’t take too long in a cold shower. While a quick blast of cold can be of benefit,
spending too long can lead to exhaustion or lethargy and potentially worse conditions. Be fully aware of what benefits your body. 2) If necessary ease into it. For many it’s extremely difficult to get straight
into a cold shower, so instead you can either start by having lukewarm or cool showers,
or start the shower warm, but end it cold. 3) If you struggle with ailments or are older
then take care. Cold Showers are a shock to the system and
for people struggling with certain conditions, especially those susceptible to heart attacks,
or those who are older may be more at risk when taking them. And there you have it, the benefits of taking
cold showers and learning from the Iceman himself, Wim Hof. Give it a try and see the amazing benefits
yourself. [Wim Hof Speaks] Have you started taking cold showers and if
so, how have you found the experience? Let me know in the comments section below. If today’s video is of value please like the
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12 thoughts on “The Wim Hof (Ice man) Method – What are the Benefits of Cold Showers!?

  1. Thanks for watching, don't forget to watch part 1 here

  2. The coldest water temperature I can get out of my shower is 75 F (24 C) . Does that count as a cold shower?
    I hope so. It took me 4 showers to get down to full cold.

  3. I'm 146 yo guy and I've been taking cold showers since my grandfather from civil war explained to me. And I feel great. People can't believe that I'm 146 and I look probably as someone in 50's. The reasons for such a long life is cold showers and fasting quite often. But when I eat, I eat everything. No limits. But when I'm fasting, I'm fasting. No cheating. Also I eat a lot of chocolate and garlic. Cold showers work and I'd recommend it to anyone that wants to live as long as possible.

  4. All this comfort and luxurious is bad for our health. All this warm jackets and scarfs and hats. And even warm showers. Warm baths. Its not healthy as you might think. It freezes our body! After a warm shower when you step outside the shower you are shaking of being cold. Your body and all your organs are literally freezing. Your skin feeling warm yes.. But thats only deceptive. As soon as you going out of the shower.. As soon as your skin is not in contact with the hot water anymore you are freezing. Because the warmth cools down your body and thats what makes us sick. But instead when you Accepting the cold.. Getting used to the cold.. It warms our body. After a cold shower i always feel warm. I can walk naked through my house without shaking. This is how to stay warm and not get sick. Wim Hof is a very intelligent man.

  5. Does it make a difference if I start with warm water and then gradually lower temperature compared to just going in cold right away?

  6. I am fairly new to this cold showering lark, so new that I still find the actual showering to be quite an unpleasant experience and can barely last for a minute under the cold spray. There is no gain without pain, and you get plenty of both with a cold shower. I now set my alarm 10 minutes earlier than I used to get up, this is so that I can do a session of the Wim Hof breathing technique before taking a cold shower. When I get out of the shower I am in pain, in shock, and wonder why the hell I did it. By the time I have got dressed I feel brilliant. If you take cocaine, about ten minutes after the initial rush you will feel on top of the world, bright, fit, alert, and confident enough to tackle anything, but you need to repeat the dosage every 30 to 60 minutes in order to stay that way. Ten minutes after leaving a cold shower you will feel on top of the world, bright, fit, alert, and confident enough to tackle anything, and you'll stay that way for most of the day. My hair and my skin conditions have improved drastically, my energy levels and stamina have lifted greatly, and the wrinkles around and bags under my eyes have started to disappear. Compared to the costs of expensive hair products, skin creams, vitamin supplements, and vast quantities of cocaine, cold showering is a bargain. The biggest problem that I have is that when friends ask me what I have started taking or doing to have this rejuvenated appearance and energy levels they just don't believe the answer, that is their loss.

  7. Going now for my third year without a single hot or warm shower. Since I started my showers are at the coldest settings and I still find it hard to just go under, sometimes it takes me a couple of minutes to get mentally prepared but I always end up doing it and remembering that I did it the day before and that I will be okay after the first minute. The breathings are harder for me both to remember to do it and to force me to do it. I wish It was easier to remember since it is so important.

  8. For 2020 I'm taking all cold showers and a ice bath once per week. I took my first ice bath on New Year's morning and it was quite an experience.

  9. Haha I just tried it and only lasted 13 seconds hope tomorrow is 15 sec and so on and on, I just turned off the warm water and let the the cold on at the end of the shower . changes: I may be crazy but I feel little more happy 🙂

  10. Please tell me i cant be the only that got bored of warm/hot water and then just tried to stay in cold water for a long time

  11. It's my free drug since 3 months. I don't take hot shower anymore. I still feel anxious before each shower but not the same way as at the beginning. My routine is 2 minutes of cold shower. I'm living in Canada and in winter the water temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius. As others said, at this temperature you not sing and think about your day ; you breath and focus on yourself in survival mode and this generate a lot of pleasure afterwards. Like wim say: getting high on your on supply 🙂

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