We’ve said in the past as to why you should
take cold showers and the potential benefits you get from it. But how do you take cold showers? In this video, we give 5 tips to helping you
take cold showers… 1. Adjust to Cold Showers
– Taking a cold shower instantly without going through a period to adjust can often lead
to discomfort and potential issues – Instead, if you are sensitive to cold water,
try to adjust gradually, either by starting off with warm water and ending it with cold
– Or alternatively, gradually reduce the temperature over time, slowly lowering the temperature
each day until you hit your target goal – This will help you body adjust to the temperature
change and it will reduce the shock factor, which if not controlled can have health issues 2. Do Breathing Exercises
– Our breathing patterns can have a significant impact on how our body adjusts to varying
conditions and environments – Breathing is also essential when dealing
with the cold, as it helps to send signals of calmness to the brain, helping us physically
cope with the temperature – This is fundamental in cold showers, where
our breathing patterns can quicken and become irregular as we feel the shock of the cold
on our body – If left uncontrolled, this can cause a heart
attack in people with a weak heart, so it’s vital to take precaution and prepare by controlling
your breathing 3. Prepare Yourself Mentally
– Just as breathing can help prepare you for cold showers, equally valuable is preparing
yourself mentally – AS you breathe, focus on you breath and
concentrate the mind to be focused, understanding full well what conditions you are entering
– This will help significantly to reduce the shock when entering the water, and you’ll
find you adjust more quickly and easily – Concentration should be maintained throughout
the shower, making sure that you maintain your stable condition 4. Make it a Habit
– If you have a cold shower once every so often, it will be difficult to adjust to the
cold water and you will feel discomfort each time
– However, make it into a habit and you’ll find that you quickly attune yourself to cold
showers each day – Making it less of an anomaly in your routine,
and instead becoming part of the routine itself – So if you take cold showers, try to do it
everyday, you’ll find the process to take them much easier over time, even if at first
it is an uncomfortable sensation 5. Take Quicker Showers
– When you take cold showers, try not to stay in the shower for an extended period of time
– This will help you avoid potential risks that might come together with expossure to
cold, most obviously pneumonia – However, this doesn’t mean to not shower
properly, you should still be focused on cleaning yourself properly, just in a more efficient
manner – So take cold showers and feel the many benefits
it can have in your life Are you taking cold showers and if so, do
you follow any of these tips? Let me know in the comments section below. Please Like, Share and Subscribe as we help
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  1. Thanks for watching. If you're interested in more related to Wim Hof or cold showers, make sure to check out this playlist:

  2. I always took cold showers after warm. I believe it kept colds and even flu away from me. Now I shower direct cold and its getting better by the day.

  3. I was very sensitive to cold, I mean maybe few months before the 16th birthday I tried it for the first time, but before that I couldn't feel anything colder than me😂. But after the second attempt I fully managed it(at least I thought that), and now after almost 3 years of practice in icy water, it's still the best way to relax and enjoy my free time. It's better and better.And the main reason to change my life, was to be healthy, that was what I was looking for, I found it in my OMAD diet, yoga and WHM, it's almost a universal key together, thank you Wim😊. Have a nice day guys and excellent video!

  4. Amazing video, my friend. Wim Hof is just incredible! Cold showers and breathing are so strong. This improves your health A LOT.

  5. I started with 5 deep breaths then 7 after that it got considerably easier.

    If you can stand it I know a friend that also listened to baby shark and progressed 2 verses at a time.

    Good luck the benefits are great.

  6. Yes, take cold shower will improve IQ and success! Thanks #PracticalInspiration! #SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires

  7. Thanks for the tips! I am currently trying this and any help is appreciated! I do recommend cold showers to anyone thinking about trying it but definitely ease into it! Thanks for sharing this information my friend!

  8. I've been taking cold showers for about a month. I start off warm, and work my way down. Before I shower, I do 10 min of movement/yoga, meditate and do the breathing technique. I do this right away upon awakening. I feel much better, and my mood has improved. This has also aided in my recovery from heavy weight lifting. Game changer for life!

  9. Wow, really awesome video ! I use coldshowers aswell from time to time, if I feel groggy in the morning it really energize me !

  10. I've been a big fan of WIM HOF and have been pushing myself to take cold showers on and off for a couple of years now. I think he is touring the US this year! The immersion in the cold water is so invigorating, great video, thanks for the extra tips!!

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