Three more suspected patients with novel coronavirus in South Korea

so with the pneumonia virus spreading
across China there’s been the first case confirmed in South Korea – and we have
our Kim bo-gyung on the line for us to tell us more bo-gyung what’s the latest
on this hi to you so South Korea confirmed on Monday the first local case
of the pneumonia virus the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
previously said a 35 year old Chinese woman who flew in from Wuhan had a fever
respiratory problems as well as other symptoms when she arrived an intern
International Airport on Sunday according the issue was quarantined and
tested positive for the virus but just half an hour ago the Korea Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention reported that the state of that first confirmed
local case of wuhan pneumonia in South Korea has become stable she had been
diagnosed with a cold in a hospital in new Han before she came to South Korea
but now it is reported that she got better and that she is now showing none
of the pneumonia symptoms meanwhile today as of 9 a.m. three more people are
reported to have symptoms of the virus out of these three to two are admitted
to hospital and one was found during the quarantine back to you June

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