Throat Chakra Yoga | Yoga With Adriene

– Hi everyone,
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene. Today we have an awesome
throat chakra yoga for you. So this is a big request. If you want to be
nerdy like me, you can wear a little blue for
your practice today. If not, don’t worry about it, hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alrighty my sweet friends, let’s begin in a
nice comfortable seat. Come on down to the ground. And when you’re ready,
sit up nice and tall. Relax your shoulders down. And bring your hands
together at your heart. Take a second here
to just get settled in. The hardest part is over,
you selected the video. You carved out
this time for yourself. Trust, trust the process. Trust that this
time is valuable. Let’s begin by
tucking the chin slightly, feeling this lengthening
through the back of the neck. And then gently
lift your heart space, your heart chakra, your
heart center to your thumbs. So it’s ever
so slight, it’s subtle. But there’s a
little bit of a connection already brewing heart between
the heart and the throat. And if you’re
like, “Ooh I don’t know “if I should’ve done
this video, this is weird,” Just see what you
can get out of it. You don’t have
to get everything. Everything
doesn’t have to resonate. Just experiment. Use this time to stretch to
breathe and to recenter, right? Working to find an equilibrium,
a feeling of balance energetically. Now close your eyes
if you haven’t already. Trust me, trust yourself. Trust this practice, this video. And hang with me now here. As you’re willing. Heart lifted. Head in a reverent bow. Soften your jaw. And start to
gently deepen your breath. Just observe what happens. Notice if it’s
hard to breathe full depth of breath here today. Notice if it feels good. Let one breath
cycle bleed into the next so just take once
cycle of breath at a time, not really
trying to force anything or do anything, just
allowing the story to unfold. And then if you like, you
can repeat this affirmation quietly to yourself. I speak my truth, openly and freely. I speak my truth,
openly and freely. Take a deep breath in. A long breath out. Interlace the fingertips,
lift the chin. Open your eyes. Bring the knuckles right
underneath the chin here. Sit up nice and tall. On an inhale, we’re
gonna take the elbows out, left to right. Continue this
journey up by slowly pressing the knuckles
up to the chin and looking up towards the sky. As sending your
gaze all the way up, and not necessarily up to
crunch the back of the neck but just up. Good, exhale. Round it through,
elbows come together. Navel comes back
towards the spine. And we look down
towards the ground. Again, inhale. Lifting up, long puppy belly. Think Cobra, or
Upward Facing Dog here. Elbows spread left to right,
we look up. And exhale, chin to chest,
elbows come together. We round through the spine. Keep it soft and
easy here this time. Inhale, elbows wide,
breathe deep. Exhale chin to chest. Good. Inhale to come
all the way back up. Fingertips are
gonna come to our sides. Inhale to look up. Exhale, right fingertips
are gonna reach up and over, nice, gentle side body stretch. Come back through center. Good, inhale to look up. Exhale, side body stretch,
nice and gentle. Checking in. Beautiful, come back to center. Inhale palms come together,
Anjali Mudra at the heart. Exhale to relax
the shoulders down. Beautiful. From here, I’m gonna
slowly tilt the left ear over the left shoulder. Place your left
hand on your heart space. Right fingertips
come to the earth. Breathe deep here, maybe walking
the right fingertips back. Oop, tickling Benji’s paw. Feel that stretch
in the side neck, that lengthening
through the crown. Notice how that’s connected
to the shoulder and the scaps. Keep the heart lifted
towards your left palm. And then slowly begin to
float the right fingertips up. Press your palm
into an imaginary surface and breathe deep. Spread the fingers. One more breathe, inhale. And exhale,
and then slowly bring everything back to center. Palms come together in prayer. Big breath in. Relax the shoulders
as you breathe out. Good. Right ear over right shoulder. Right palm to the heart space. And left fingertips
to the earth. Pause here, just check in. Close your eyes. Playing with the
subtle body here today. So there is some
gross big movements, right? But see if you can find
that subtle body connection as you breathe deep. And when you’re ready,
draw the shoulder blades together here, start to
lift the left fingertips up. Press your left palm
into an imaginary surface and notice, pay attention
to the sensation here. Finding of course,
soft easing movement, as you’re ready, as feels good. Staying really
present with your experience, whatever it may be. Create more awareness. Cool, take a deep breath in. Exhale, release. And slowly bring
everything back to center, palms together at the heart. Inhale in, check it out. Exhale out through the mouth,
cleansing breath. Inhale in through the nose. Come on now, don’t be shy.
Exhale out the the mouth. Let something go. And one more as if you
were fogging up a window as you breathe out.
Inhale. Exhale. Good, from here we’re
gonna come on to our knees. If coming on to the knees is not suitable for you,
you can modify or you can use a little blanky by bringing it
underneath the knees. I think the
modification for this is to just stay
in cross-legged seat. But you can explore. Wow, I hope my
mic picked that up ’cause Benji was doing
like a throat chakra. (huffs) cleansing breath. He’s so in tune. Okay. So from the knees, we’re gonna
inhale in, lift the chest. Exhale, slowly slide
your hips over to your left side so your
toes are towards each other or together on your right. Fingertips are gonna
come down at your side. Inhale, lift the left
arm all the way up to start. Reach reach
reach towards the sky. Feel that lengthening
from your left waist line. And then take it
all the way over. Tuck the chin slightly. Lengthen through
the back of the neck. Feel that long deep
stretch in the left side body. Inhale to look up
towards your left fingertips. Opening up through the throat. And then exhale to
slowly bring everything back. Come to center and
take it to the other side. First, we reach straight up,
right arm all the way up. Think about reaching
up from your left, right waistline from
your right waist band. So up first, inhale. Exhale, hug the ribs in. Find your tilt. Pull the right thumb back. Breathe deep here. Feel that stretch as you
breathe in, that expansion. Hug the low ribs
in as you breathe out. Last moment here, inhale
carve a line with the nose to look up towards
your right fingertips, opening up through the throat. And then exhale to
release everything, bring it back through center. Awesome. Interlace the fingertips now. Palms face up. Then loop the shoulders,
sit up nice and tall. Bring the thumbs together.
Little Mudra here. So you’re creating a
little hammock with your hands, with your palms. And then
thumbprints come to kiss. Close your eyes. Make a wish.
Just kidding. Close your eyes. And again, you can
repeat the mantra, the affirmation quietly. This time maybe
adding in I choose. I choose to speak my truth, openly and freely. Quietly repeat to yourself,
or whisper to yourself. I choose to speak my truth, openly and freely. Sweet. Drop the
chin to the chest. Release the Mudra,
open your eyes. Rock and roll. No let’s come
forward to all fours. Take your time. Tabletop Position. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. Open your heart forward.
Open the throat. Exhale with your breath,
round through chin to chest. Contract navel to spine,
chin to heart center. Inhale, open the heart. Open the throat,
look forward breathe in. Exhale, press into your
foundation, chin to chest. Find that lock. One more with the sound
of your breath, go for it. Good, then on your next inhale,
come back to neutral spine. Drop those elbows
exactly where the hands were. Try to keep your
forearms parallel. So your elbows are gonna wanna come out here most
likely with tight shoulders, so keep the elbows right
underneath the shoulders. Keep the forearms parallel. Pet your puppy dog,
or your pet if you have one. Aww. Then reestablish
your foundation, (laughs) bring your gaze back
down after looking at Benji. And let’s walk it back. Keep the forearms planted. Pin the elbows down. Spread the fingertips evenly. Slowly release the heart, the throat, the forehead
towards the earth. Big heart opener here. Opening up
through the shoulders. It’s gonna be a little sticky. But keep your elbows planted
in line with your shoulders. Then send the tailbone up. Create a little
slide with the spine. Let the low ribs hang down. Anahatasana,
Heart to Earth pose. You can ticktock the
hips a little left to right. Try to keep your
fingertips firmly connected, planted to the earth
so lots of awareness in your foundation here. Pressing the tops of the feet,
carve a line with the nose. Slide on into home. Sphinx Pose, tuck the
chin first to start here. Press into your pubic bone. Then inhale, slowly
carve a line with the nose to look forward. Inhale in here. Exhale. Again inhale in
through the nose. And this time as you
exhale out through the mouth with sound,
press into your elbows. Grow a little taller. And one more.
You got this. Notice what’s happening
in the abdominal walls as you breathe out with sound. Inhale. Exhale, reestablish that
connection through the elbows. Grow taller. Good, send your gaze
past your right shoulder. Come to your center, send your gaze
past your left shoulder. What’s up? And then slowly back to center. Tuck the chin. Find that chin lock, broaden
through the back of the neck. Curl the toes under, inhale in. Exhale, lift the hips, reach
the heels back, Forearm Plank. Tuck the chin,
press into the palms, fingerprints firmly planted. Find that hollow body here. Imagine your
placing the little teacup on the back of the neck. So there’s a straight line
from the throat to the crown. Three, two, on the one,
slowly lower the knees. Go back through that Puppy
Posture, walk the knees back. So you can stay here today,
Puppy Posture or inhale in,
exhale, hug the low ribs in. Lift one elbow then the other. Curl the toes under and send
your hips up high and back, Downward Facing Dog. To start here, you can
find a little movement. Make sure the base
is nice and wide here. So walk your hands out. Spread the fingers evenly. Index fingers
are pointing forward. Great, biceps by the ears. And after you’ve
take a couple of moments to find some soft easy
movement, find stillness here. Return to the
sound of your breath. Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale in again. Exhale, slowly come
back down to the knees. Walk the knees back. Bring them together. Slow and steady,
come to the belly. Zip the legs up tight. Interlace the
fingertips behind your tail, tuck the chin as you draw
the shoulder blades together. Inhale in. Exhale,
press into your foundation to slowly send
your gaze forward. No need to crunch here. Great. Reestablish connection
through the pubic bone, tops of the feet, inhale in. Exhale, maybe
lift a little higher. Inhale in. Exhale slowly release, hands
come underneath the shoulders. We’re gonna curl the toes under. Press up to all fours or Plank. Yogi’s choice. Deep breath in here. Long breath out. Slowly lower to the knees. Tuck the chin into the chest,
just like Cat Pose. Press into the tops of the feet (clears throat) excuse me. And slowly roll it up. Great, hands come
to the waistline here. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Inhale in. Exhale, press into
the tops of the feet. Send your tailbone
down towards the ground, lean back just a bit. Start to open your heart
space up towards the sky. Hug the elbows
into the side body. Draw the shoulder
blades together. Little Camel variation,
nothing crazy. If you wanna do Camel,
it’s in your body, you can. But, perhaps you’re not
that warmed up for Camel, in my opinion,
so just keep it chill. Great. Lift the heart, lift the chin. Crown of the head is
lengthening, not collapsing. Awesome work. Slowly bring it back by
connect to your core to center. And then slowly we’ll
sit back onto the heels. Just find an
upright spine here to start. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. And lining from
the root to the crown. Excellent. From here, we’re
gonna use the hands. You’re gonna
come onto the hands. Bring the two big toes together.
Knees nice and wide. Dial the hands,
excuse me, the left fingers around and back
towards your body. Right fingers around
and back towards your body. Walk the hands back
as you feel comfortable. Lion’s Breath. Inhale in through the nose. Exhale, tongue out gaze you
up towards your third eye. Two more, you got this.
Don’t be shy, inhale. Exhale, Lion’s Breath. And really go for this next one. Why not?
What have you got to lose? See what happens, inhale. Exhale. Good, gently come forward. Release the hands,
bring them all the way forward. Extended Child’s Pose. Forehead comes to the earth. Rest your sweet heart,
close your eyes, soften your jaw,
part the lips. We’ll take five final
relaxing breaths here. Pay attention to
that moment between the inhale and the exhale. Imagine you’re
coming in to your own private little love cave here to soothe any aches, to calm any anxiety, and to welcome
your energetic body, your energetic
channels to clear. So that you can feel good,
because when you feel good, you attract all that you need
and you equip yourself with the tools to provide
for others, serve others. Find that
meaningful contribution to society,
whatever it is for you. Getting your
energy right is key. A couple more quiet breaths. Relax the jaw again, and slowly start to
massage the forehead. Connecting the heart to
the throat to the third eye. Then when you’re ready, smile,
take a deep breath in. As you exhale,
slowly rise back up. Come to a nice
comfortable seat of your choice. And bring your fingertips to
the tops of your shoulders. Smile, sit up tall. Lift the elbows, inhale in. Exhale twist to one side. And you’re just gonna
go back and forth here. Just bringing little energy stimulating through
the mid back all the way up through the throat, all
the way up to the crown. Low body’s nice and heavy,
nice and grounded. Breathing deep. Back and forth.
Ooh, I can feel it. Alright and
then we’ll release it by bringing the palms
to the knees or the thighs. Just take a second
to notice how you feel. If you like that, you
can do it a little bit longer after this video. It’s a great way to
kinda get the juices flowing. Hmm. Alright bring
the palms together. Lift your sternum
to your thumbs, and we’ll seal this deal by saying, what
are we gonna say Benji? He said, “Namaste.” Thanks everyone. (upbeat music)

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