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It’s Captain Kevin! Bravest pirate on the seven seas! Let her go Greenbeard! Aren’t you funny Captain Kevin? She’s walking the plank! Not if I can stop you first. Oh yea? You and what crew? Me and… and… Kev, are you okay? I… I think so… What’s wrong with your voice, Kev? I’m not sure, but my throat has been hurting lately. I think I should head home. It’s probably nothing, Mom. Well, your glands look swollen again, honey. And I think you may have a fever too. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So, I think we should see Dr. Patches. I’m kind of nervous, though. It’s normal to be nervous. Just remember the doctor’s office is full of nice people who just want to make you feel better. Yeah, that’s true. And hopefully Nurse Scrubs will be there too. Ears, check. Big eyes, check. Tickles, check. We got a human. Homo sapien. Will you look at that. Two-legged moonwalker. Absolutely Did someone say moonwalk? (Smack) Nurse Scrubs! Thanks for the diagnosis. I’ll take it from here. Hey Kev, back again? Yea. My throat’s hurting again. Don’t worry. We’ll get to the bottom of it. Let’s bring you to Dr. Patches so she can take a look. Cut it out guys! Those are for the doctor! (door slides open) Hello Doctor Patches. Tom, Tim, Tam… behaving I hope… Shhhh (Giggles) Good morning, Kevin. Nurse Scrubs tells me you’re having some more discomfort in your throat. But don’t worry! We’re going to fix that right up. I need a tongue depressor and a flash light. Now open your mouth please and say ahhh Ahhhhhhhh Hmm Does it hurt a lot? Are you having trouble swallowing? Hmm. Well, it looks like your tonsils are swollen. Swollen? Tonsils? Tongue depressor? What are tonsils, doctor? Careful! It can get wet in here. Tonsils are small tissues that are located at the back of your throat. Tonsils are home to white blood cells. They help your body fight infection. Yay for white blood cells! They’re such strong fighters! But sometimes they become infected themselves. Oh, well that just took the air all out of my pom poms. When your tonsils are infected they swell up like a balloon inside your throat. That’s what makes it so hard to swallow. Since this is your third infection, we’ll need to undergo a procedure called tonsillectomy. A tonsil what? Tonsillectomy It’s what we doctors do when we need to remove your tonsils. Oh no! Will I lose my throat? No. You won’t lose your throat, Kevin. You actually won’t notice they’re gone. Except that you won’t have anymore pain. And there’s no way to keep them? Well, Kevin’s tonsils are swelling because of a bacteria build up The white blood cells usually fight them off But when the infection is too much, the white blood cells lose and the tonsils swell up The way to cure it is to remove the tonsils all together. Is it going to hurt? Before the surgery we’ll be giving you a special medicine called anesthesia that will make you very sleepy you’ll fall asleep and you won’t feel a thing while I fix you up That doesn’t sound so bad. It’s not that bad at all. I actually had my tonsils out not too long ago. By the time your wake up it will all be over and afterwards you even get ice cream. If you’re mom approves, that is. Don’t worry, Kevin. It’ll feel just like a dream. And it will be over before you know it. We’ll see you back in here in a couple of days. And we’ll get you back to 100%. Are we all set? Ready, Doctor! Ready to be brave, Kevin? Ready, Doctor! Honey, it’s Mommy. How are you feeling? My throat is still a little painful But I can breathe better now. I’m also a bit dizzy and sleepy and is that ice cream?!? Your favorite! Chocolate fudge brownie! Kev-dog, you were great in there! You didn’t even snore! Me, I’m a snorer. You can hear me three rooms away I’m all (snores) (Laughs) Now it’s normal to feel sleepy or dizzy after a tonsillectomy that’s because of the anesthesia we gave you before the operation. Doctor, is it okay to not have my tonsils anymore? Very much so. If we didn’t remove your tonsils you might have had a difficult time breathing as the swelling continued. You might experience pain in the ear or jaw now but that’s normal. And we’ll give you some medicine. We’ll keep you here in the recovery room for a couple of hours and then you can back home We got a few reminders for you, though. First Eat lots of ice cream! As much as your mom will allow (laughs) You’ll also want to drink plenty of fluids like water even if your throat hurts And be sure to only eat soft foods like mash potatoes and apple sauce Mmm Or tomato soup Or scrambled eggs Or better yet eggs benedict Or pudding! Or… (clears throat) Sorry. You’ll be eating, drinking and feeling better in seven to fourteen days, Kevin. Don’t worry though it will fly by Thanks Doctor! Anything we can do for you Kevin? Actually… It’s over Greenbeard! Let her go! Shiver me timbers! Says you and what crew Captain Kevin? This crew!

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