Tips for Fighting the Common Cold This Winter

>>Here are your AARP Top Tips
for fighting the common cold this winter. With colder weather, comes
common colds that can last over a week. Time to take precaution to shoo
away the sneezes. Here are six things to
remember. Wash your hands a lot. The cold virus is contagious, and
surfaces like door handles can carry germs. Use soap and water or, in a
pinch, alcohol-based sanitizer. If you see someone coughing or
sneezing, keep your distance. You don’t want to breathe in
any tiny virus particles that will pass the cold to you. Disinfect surfaces — that means
countertops, remote controls light switches, phones,
keyboards and doorknobs. Don’t share glasses or
utensils. If you are at a big gathering,
label your drink. A cold is not the flu, so your
flu shot — though it’s prudent to get — won’t help you with
colds. Getting one cold does not
prevent you from catching another soon after. Adults gets an average of two
to three colds a year. Sometimes, you still get a
pesky cold despite your best efforts. Here are five more tips,
to help you recover. Get plenty of rest. Sleep helps
your body kick out those viruses faster. Stay hydrated. Consume water,
hot tea or chicken soup. Use a humidifier and avoid
alcohol, which can dehydrate you. It’s OK to take aspirin,
acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen for your
sore throat, aches and inflamed nasal passages. And you can take decongestants
and cough syrup if your blood pressure is well controlled.
But make sure you are not doubling up with something
that you are already taking, like acetaminophen. And avoid intranasal zinc spray.
It could damage your sense of smell. Unless you have kidney
stones, vitamin C may reduce the severity of cold symptoms. See your doctor if you have a
high fever or muscle aches. You could have the flu. Or if your cold symptoms last
for more than two weeks, you might have a secondary
bacterial infection. For more tips to stay healthy,

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