Together We Can Stop the Flu

Hi, I’m Dr. Wolfe. A flu expert at Duke University Hospital. Actually, I’m a little bit taller than that. Together we can stop the flu. Here’s an example. Before Mrs. Smith arrived to teach her kindergarten class, she picked up her morning latte…. ….and the Flu Virus…. …at the coffee shop. The next day, Mrs. Smith started sneezing. Bobby gave her a big hug goodbye at the end of school. ….and the Flu Virus decided to tag along with him. And couple of days later, Bobby also started sneezing. When he passed Grandpa the potatoes, little did he know The Flu was right there on top. Three days later when Grandpa went to the gym…. ….he started coughing. And the Flu Virus met a lot of other gym goers at the treadmill that day. Soon, the Flu Virus was all around the neighborhood. So, how could the flu vaccine have changed this story? It’s simple, really. The Vaccine is still the best defense against getting the flu and then spreading it to others. And with the Vaccine even if you still get the flu, it may not be as severe. Yes, the Flu Vaccine is better protection against the Flu Virus than Grandma’s chicken soup. So, this Flu Season, protect yourself and the people that count on you. Get the Flu Vaccine. Together We Can Stop the Flu. To find out where you can get your Flu Shot, visit: And thank you.

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