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thanks for coming we’re going to show
you a tonsil if it’s not something we do regularly but these things are very
annoying for those of you who don’t know what a tonsil with it
it’s a pencil stone that’s not really a stone it’s food particulate matter
usually from eating starchy foods that collects in these little crypts in the
tonsils and they’re terribly annoying and if they stick around for any length
of time bacterial activity acting on the food in a little crypt in your mouth it
produces odor and so these are known for causing horrible bad breath for people
and they don’t like them and and there’s there’s just shame or embarrassment
whenever it goes along with it so the person having us remove it today does
not want to be identified that’s that’s that’s okay well we usually show you our
patients but this time we’ll not and hopefully we can get this patient we’re
not even going to use a name that tells you what gender we’re going to call the
patient Pat you know like the old Saturday Night Live skit so enjoy Pat
put that tongue down put that tongue down if you’re telling us or we need
your tongue down so whatever you’re doing when you show it to me that
worries otherwise oh let you touch a couple if I push it down and then grab
that and pull it out okay thank you thank you that’s great there
yeah doctor record you have to look at the phone footage I think I got you
grabbing it and pulling it out okay thanks for joining us with Pat’s console
its removal these things are very annoying for people who get them
sometimes they’ll end up getting their tonsils taken out because they have such
a problem those crypts and matter getting stuck in it and it can actually
cause infections in this case it was just more of an annoyance and Pat was
kind enough to let us turn on the camera while we got it out and it was a very
easy removal compared to a lot of them that was I can’t take credit that one
just happened to go really easily hey thanks for watching hey we really
appreciate our patrons like boo boo kitty Lindsey Antoine and Petra
Rosenberg and if you want to see some extra behind-the-scenes material make
sure to go to patreon make sure you subscribe to the channel until next time
is dr. mark Vaughn telling you to stay in good health

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