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  1. "Tonsills are infection fighters"…why then,are they removed as a precaution by young children,who haven't got problems with them ? (as was my case in 1958). It was a most horrifying experience,which caused me problems for about two years after.

  2. This makes the whole procedure look painless, quick and easy. BUT I KNOW IT LIES! I may have to get tonsil stones removed. Shit.

  3. I had my tonsils out yesterday, it wasn't that painful after surgery but th second day, i can't even open my mouth or even eat. i've started eating antibiotic too. i hope it recovers soon.

  4. I got my tonsillitis aching terribly now, can't swallow almost everything I'm in so much pain.. But I'm scared to undergo the operation…

  5. i had mine removed in 2007, and it was very difficult time of my life after that operation, the pain and the difficulty to eat, drink,and just anything, my epiglotis enlarged and hanging around in my throat, it was all so difficult and painful,it started to get better after 2 weeks, and my life is much better after having them removed. no more throat infections

  6. explains why my tongue and jaw are so sore at the moment, I'm at day 5 after getting them out, day 3 was the worst day of my life

  7. I wont lie the recovery is awful, sometimes the pain is unbearable. But now that I'm much better it will be amazing to never get tonsillitis again. I think the positives will definitely outweigh the negatives!

  8. I need to have mine removed, but I never talk to my doctor when I'm not having issues. When I do call and beg to have the surgery, I'm always told that I have to wait until there's no infection (tonsillitis) and then I can have the procedure. So this video is inaccurate (at least I think, but I'm no doc!) as far as "removing the infected tonsil" goes, at least in my experience.

  9. I had my tonsils removed at age 7 (I'm 15 now). The day before that, my old kindergarten teacher brought over a wagon full of junk like root beer, gogurts, ice cream, etc. What I remember is that, being anesthetized, waking up and literally laying in bed for a week while I paged the phone to tell my siblings to get me food. If I didn't feel like crap most of the time, it would have been HEAVEN.

  10. I had mine removed. Today is my 11th day after my surgery. Well, it wasn't that bad like what I have expected. The doctor said that the pain will be extreme on the 4th day onwards…but surprisingly…it wasn't…one good advice to people who will undergo this kind of surgery…after the surgery…you must observe the following: avoid talking too much…coz it'll definitely hurt…eat soft foods and take lots of liquids but avoid soda and orange juice. Don't forget to take your meds on time…

  11. it wasn't that bad at all! the 1st and second day will be the worst coz I cannot even open my mouth or even drink some water..it freakin' hurts. but if you don't do anything and if you had taken your pain killers, you won't feel a thing…but sadlyyou need to eat something soyou can take your meds. Please don't be afraid…on the 10th day…the pain will almost be gone and bye bye tonsillitis! I promise..it will be worth the pain!

  12. and oh…I recommend to garggle Betadine mouthwash every 2 hours after the surgery…it'll prevent infection and it'll give a soothing feeling to your throat…and you'll heal faster… now, I can eat whatever I want again… Goodlook folks! YOu can do this!!!

  13. I had ma tonsilectomy surgery when i was 24 it really hurts bt i got better after few months just that i can't have my normal talking life back because whenever i enggaged maself in a long talk or singing after a while ma head stats to ache severly

  14. I have mine removed last tuesday morning and its my 4th day today after operation, what i notice is the cavity without the tonsils are loaded with puslike coloration, i can talk but have to rest in between conversation with someone, swallowing hurts but cold fluids helps. I hope i could sing normally after this.

  15. im scared why come they just cough up like tonsil stones like really? im scared to pieces that something will go wrong

  16. This is only misleading…tonsillectomy hurts real bad. I'm on my 21st day after surgery and still suffering the effects but then again i'm old. It was also pretty costly. :/

  17. I'm 11 and have an extremely sore throat, I shone a torch into my throat and notice there was white spots that look almost like pus at the back- I don't want to have my tonsils taken out though, I have diabetes and therefore have literally no immune system πŸ™

  18. I have it on mine too😒😒 it really hurts…I used alot medecines…but it still not work…help…I need to go to the hospital ?

  19. I had really bad tonsil during my teen ages, an alchemist consulted me and said no point of removing tonsil and wasting blood, so he advised me to eat turtle eggs, any way i like, make a sunny side from the eggs, make pan cake from the eggs just few times will do it, and here i am 37 years old and i have no disturbance of tonsil.

  20. I am so worried because I am getting my tonsils removed tomorrow (December 23) and that stinks cause after tomorrow it is Christmas Eve 😭😭

  21. my sister is going to have her tonsils out on January ouch 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  22. I'm only here to see what it's like cause mine are starting to swell It hurts when I swallow and I had body aches

  23. Idk if mine are gonna have to get surgery. One of them is EXTREMELY swollen an has a wired pus bubble on it. So I don't know if I should have to go in to the doctor. Someone please tell me if they had the same symptoms and it wasn't a cold or strep. Like, I'm really worried.

  24. Hola, the best success that I had getting rid of tonsil stones was with Allisons breath plan (just google it) It was the most helpful resource that I have found.

  25. I had my tonsils removed when I was 10, I kept getting strep throat, so my parents booked my surgery. I couldn't eat or drink anything for 3 days cause my throat was really sore after surgery, but after the 3rd day, I was able to eat soft foods, especially Jello & Ice Cream, yummy! I'm 16 now & I'm doing so much better.

  26. I had strep throat along with tonsillitis and an ear infection when I was 3 years old, I had surgery to get them taken out and also I had drainage tubes in my ears to drain the infection

  27. I have tonsillitis doctor told me last day we need to remove it, but I feel scared about it. I don't know what will I do

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