Top 10 Foods Causing Autoimmune Fatigue

hi this is Gabrielle Arruda with reverse
autoimmune calm and this is the top 10 foods causing autoimmune fatigue and I
want to start by saying anything that causes leaky gut and gut dysbiosis is
going to eventually lead to autoimmune fatigue and so keep that in mind as we
go through these foods in case you don’t know what leaky gut or gut dysbiosis is
leaky gut essentially is a condition in which the villi that line the small
intestine are damaged and begin to separate and cause holes to occur inside
of your small intestine inside of your gut and this causes all kinds of
undigested food particles bad bacteria viruses perhaps to leak out of your gut
and actually make it into your bloodstream and then travel to every
part of your body and so this is one of the foundational issues of autoimmune
diseases gut dysbiosis however is a microbial imbalance inside of your gut
so our gut is filled with bacteria beneficial bacteria and some bad
bacteria and your life actually depends on the right balance of this bacteria
and gut dysbiosis is one that big that bad bacteria unbalance and start to gain
the dominance inside of the gut normally the good bacteria has a dominance but in
display osis the bat comes up and that creates a whole host of problems so just
keep that in mind alright food number one it’s not
actually a food but it’s something that you consume so I included it in the list
and that is alcohol now the reason why alcohol contributes to autoimmune
fatigue is because alcohol depletes you of your B vitamins now B vitamins are a
big issue for those with autoimmune diseases and typically autoimmune
patients are already deficient and B vitamins do to possibly methylation
issues or perhaps just even a poor diet and so you need all the B vitamins you
can especially when you have autoimmunity
and alcohol depletes those not just that alcohol is hard on the liver and liver
dysfunction is also very common with people with autoimmune diseases and the
reason why this is is because the liver is really the first organ that gets hit
with whatever is coming out of the gut whether it’s good or bad and gut
dysbiosis that microbial imbalance in the gut has been found in every its
presence has been found in every instance in which its presence has been
investigated in an autoimmune disease so it’s safe to say it’s in probably pretty
much every single person as an autoimmune disease and so that microbial
imbalance is going straight to the liver and it’s hard on the liver and so the
liver takes a big hit with autoimmune diseases so you don’t want to overburden
your liver alcohol adds an additional burden on the liver but wait a minute
don’t doctors say that a little wine is good for your health
well mistakenly they do there are some good elements in wine but these elements
are found also and guess where grape juice and those good elements namely our
resveratrol and flavonoids they’re found in wine but they’re also found in the
grape juice but when you get it from the grape juice freshly squeezed grape juice
that is you’re getting at – the alcoholic fermented content which is
hard on the liver depletes the B vitamins leading to automated fatigue
okay food item number two is animal fat which is going to be on meat and studies
are showing that animal fat actually causes leaky gut they found that even a
single meal containing saturated fat from animal foods causes the breakdown
of the lining of the small intestine aka leaky gut and this elevated fat
intake is also is also associated with elevated serum androgen and estrogen
levels and this is going to lead to breast cancer colon cancer
prostate cancer so you don’t get hit with the autoimmunity you got cancer
that you also have to watch out for as well you’re not just that meat has been
found to be particularly high in a particular estrogen called estradiol now
Australia has been shown to induce tumors in animal studies and so it’s
implicated with causing tumors cancer and even possibly inducing on immunity
in humans okay food item number three Dairy Dairy is more and more becoming an
allergenic food more and more people are having problems with dairy
let’s tackle the first issue with dairy growth hormones most dairy in the u.s.
is going to contain Monsanto’s genetically engineered recombinant
bovine growth hormone also known as rb/gh and also our BST the milk from
these cows contains up to ten times higher levels of igf-1 which is a
hormone that’s considered to be a very high risk factor for cancers the second
issue with dairy is estrogen now estrogen is a big factor and those who
have developed autoimmune diseases for instance several studies looking
into how hormones have affected the disease lupus have found that estrogens
actually enhance autoimmunity that’s been clearly found in studies so
estrogen the elevated estrogen that’s found in meat is an issue okay the third
issue with dairy and really meat in general is antibiotic use higher
incidences of infected others and these dairy cows has resulted in the greater
need of antibiotics and there also have been found higher amounts of pus and
dairy due to these infected others but this higher infection amount and the cow
udders has caused for the need of more antibiotic use and as a matter of fact
the FDA came out with a statistic that found that 80% of the antibiotic use in
the United States was due to guess which group not seniors not retired folks farm
animals and so farm animals are filled with antibiotics and so this of course
is antibiotics are chemical they cause problems they like it when they wipe out
your good gut bacteria and which contributes to get dysbiosis we talked
about that earlier and so you want to stay away from as many antibiotics as
possible you certainly don’t want to be eating it in your food and so that’s
another the third reason that dairy is an issue leading to autoimmune fatigue
food number four coffee again coffee isn’t exactly a food but it’s something
we consume so I included it in the list now you might be thinking wait a minute
I thought coffee gave me energy well short term it does that’s how it feels
like however recent studies are finding that over time coffee actually brings
your energy level down to a sub normal energy level when you’re not drinking it
so when you’re not on coffee you’re what should be normal energy level here is
actually down here now therefore when you do drink it it you feel like you’re
getting an energy boost but all it’s doing is taking it from that sub normal
level up to where you should be naturally up to a normal level so it
feels like you’re getting an energy boost and maybe you go you know a smidge
above your normal energy level but it’s really not that much you’re it’s
actually just bringing you up to where you should be not just that
coffee I’m normally stimulates the central nervous system this is not good
it decreases blood flow to the frontal lobe by about 27% and also coffee
actually worsens psychiatric illnesses such as depression and anxiety and these
are big issues with autoimmune diseases because there’s often neurological
damage and so depression and anxiety are features that factors of autoimmune
disease so you don’t want to worsen those those
symptoms and so when you back up and look at the overall picture coffee
actually takes energy away even though at the time of drinking it feels like
there’s an initial boost but then you look at the big picture it’s an energy
depleted it’s an energy zapper so that’s another reason why it contributes to the
team food number five refined sugar so junk foods feed your bad gut bacteria
now you might be asking okay so why is that bad well if this is important
because bad gut bacteria actually eats vitamins and minerals and nutrients and
it excretes toxins and so this is terrible what do you have an
overabundance of bad bacteria you’re eating you know perhaps some good
quality food it’s going in you that bad gut bacteria is actually eating it
before your small intestine has an attempt has a chance to absorb it so
it’s literally it’s like a little robber living inside of your gut that’s
stealing your vitamins and nutrients before you can get to it so this is
terrible and some of these are your B vitamins and when you’re deficient in B
vitamins that’s going to lead to neurological issues depression anxiety
possibly even insomnia and both of those are hits on your energy level you don’t
feel like getting up and exercising when you’re depressed and anxiety is just a
an energy deplete or you’re over anxious you’re stressed and obviously bad sleep
is going to affect your energy level not just that they eat your nutrients but
like I mentioned they excrete toxins now these toxins are going to be an
additional burden to your body and your immune system and that is going to cause
an energy deficit in your body it’s gonna be an
energy day it’s gonna you’re gonna take a hit and your energy by your body
having to give attention and trying to deal with these toxins and the more the
gut bacteria there are the more toxins your body has to deal with in the system
can literally become overwhelmed and you’ll see things like rashes headaches
and different manifestations come as a result of these toxins just overwhelming
the system so anything that feeds your bad gut
bacteria is going to affect your energy level at some point food item number six
modern wheat wheat is one of the main culprits leading to leaky gut anything
that contributes to leaky gut is eventually going to contribute to an
autoimmune disease and any fatigue you have as a result of that auto immune
disease now we is the most common food I see pop
up and food sensitivity tests whether I’m looking over myself or someone tells
me what’s on their test wheat is the one that pops up over and over and over it
was on my food sensitivity test and virtually everyone that I look at or
hear about and the reason why it is is because it’s often sprayed with
pesticides and chemicals but not just that wheat has been mutation bred
mutation breeding methods are used with the creation of modern have been used
with the creation of modern wheat and how that works is the mute the genetic
breeders they actually have hit the whole DNA strand of wheat with the
radiation and chemicals and they’ve done this with the PERT for the explicit
purpose to induce mutant variations and they take these variations and they use
it in the wheat and when you think about it wheat it’s technically not a GMO crop
however it’s probably been more genetically modified than a lot of GMO
crops out there because the whole of DNA stream has been affected and the
mutation Raiders don’t even know all of the mutations they’re not required to
know even all the mutations that have taken place in the wheat and so it’s a
completely unregulated field and probably the reason why so many people
are having problems with it so when it comes into the body the body doesn’t
recognize it and the body attacks it treats it like a foreign invader like a
pathogen and this attack leads to chronic inflammation in the small
intestine and the lining of the small intestine breaks down leading to leaky
gut and of course with leaky gut comes the development of autoimmunity so
anything that is contributing to that continuing contributing to leaky gut is
contributing to autoimmunity and the fatigue that comes as a result of it
when I talk to lots of people lots of people that say they feel so much better
when they stop using modern wheat food number seven GMO soy anything GMO is
going to be drenched in roundup it’s gonna have roundup all over it
roundup is toxic let me give you an example one of the deadly poisons
included in roundup is glyphosate and glyphosate to give you an example of why
glyphosate is bad glyphosate was one of the chemicals
involved in Agent Orange Agent Orange of course was used by the US government in
Vietnam when we used chemical warfare against the people in that war and some
of our own boys God sprayed with that stuff and so think about this in one
decade we’re using glyphosate for chemical warfare two decades later we’re
putting in our food it sound like a good idea no it’s not a good idea and so
naturally people are having issues when they’re eating food that’s been doused
with Roundup that has glyphosate in it and not just that it’s a GMO crop which
means it’s been modified at a cellular level and so often these crops that have
been modified at a cellular level the body identifies
a pathogen of foreign invader does not recognize it and that’s why so many
people are having food allergies to it why the body’s producing antibodies
against these things it doesn’t know what it is it’s it looks foreign and
this of course this antibody production this attack going on in the small
intestine produces inflammation leading to leaky gut leading to whatever fatigue
comes as a result of the leaky gut and just on a personal level GMO soy was one
of the things that caused pretty regular headaches and me and I found that the
more processed it was the the quicker I would get the headache so GMO soy
contributing got immune fatigue okay food number eight GMO corn besides
having roundup drenched all over it which again we already discussed you
understand now why is really really bad corn GMO corn has been genetically
engineered to produce its own insecticide inside of it and this is
called Bt toxin and what it does is it causes the stomach’s of insects to
explode after they take a bite out of the crop so what do you think it’s gonna
do to your stomach corn is a big issue with leaky gut on organic GMO corn is a
big issue with leaky gut and because of this because this Bt toxin the
Environmental Protection Agency actually regulates corn as an insecticide think
about that do you want to be eating food that our government is actually
regulating as an insecticide not good and on top of that it’s genetically
modified so it’s going to cause the same problems as all the other GMOs the
body’s not going to identify it and it’s going to attack it and it’s going to
lead to inflammation and Lakey gut and fatigue that comes along with
as a matter of fact one of the worst migraines I have ever had was after I
ate a non-organic corn tortilla I had a just I felt like my head was going to
explore it and so that’s headaches but also showing how what’s going on to the
gut often gets manifest in the head and so because of that gut brain connection
that’s going on there and so GMO corn is going to damage your gut it’s gonna lead
to autoimmune disease it’s going to lead to fatigue food number 9 peanuts have
you noticed all the people allergic to peanuts especially children there’s a
reason for that did you know that the number of people
who have become allergic to peanuts had in the last 13 years has quadrupled
that’s right people with peanut allergies has more than quadrupled as a
matter of fact in the last 13 years peanuts are often grown in warm humid
environments such as the south and this easily facilitates the growth of fungus
on the peanuts and the fungus on the peanuts produces a deadly poison called
aflatoxin and that’s on the peanut and when people eat it they often have
serious issues as a result of ingesting this Apple of toxin but not just that
something interesting about peanuts I didn’t realize this until I was shown
how peanuts are grown peanuts actually grow below the
like they grow in the soil like a potato or something like that and peanuts are
often broke rotated with GMO cotton crops they often rotate those crops and
GMO cotton crops receive several applications of roundup glyphosate
douses they receive several applications of that stuff and that stuff gets it
just gets turned into the soil in this soil becomes toxic and contaminated and
the peanuts literally grow in that environment they just soak that stuff up
when they’re growing and this is what I think is quite likely the reason why
people are having so many peanut allergies why it’s more than quadrupled
in the last 13 years and again anything that as doused and those deadly
chemicals is going to get attacked in the small intestine it’s going to lead
to leaky gut which is going to lead to autoimmune fatigue food number 10 fish
now why fish the issue is mercury nearly all fish and seafood contain some
amount of mercury and Friends there is no safe amount of mercury for human
consumption and mercury has been specifically shown to induce
autoimmunity in mice studies and it is strongly implicated in the development
of autoimmunity and humans heavy metals are known to compromise the immune
system and that’s going to lead to an argument is ease an immune system
dysfunction now you might be thinking well what if I get that fresh-cut
Alaskan fish unfortunately it’s still an issue because fish have huge migration
routes they could travel hundreds if not even thousands of miles and the place
they were prior to being caught in some nice open ocean area could have been an
absolute dump a cesspool could’ve been right by one of those big pipes that’s
nothing sewage right into the beach and so
it’s not safe because you’re not exactly sure where they were before and almost
all seafood is showing up with some amount of mercury oh and here’s the
thing to consider about the fish the larger the fish or the larger the
predator the further of the food chain you go and with the fish the higher the
amount of mercury and that’s because the predator fish are eating the smaller
fish and it’s eating their concentrated mercury as well and so it’s doubling its
exponentially growing the amount of mercury that’s in the predator fish one
of the worst ones is tuna tuna is one of the worst fish for mercury contamination
and that’s such a commonly consumed fish as well so fish mercury
disease optimum fatigue okay so you might be thinking well what can I eat is
there anything left I can eat absolutely there’s lots of good stuff you can eat
what you want to do is you want to focus on an organic non-gmo plant-based diet
there’s lots of wonderful variety of foods that you could still have now if
you have leaky gut or gut dysbiosis you have to get that healed first you got to
get that fixed first otherwise even the most healthful food is not going to
really benefit you as much as it needs to and if you have any questions about
how to heal that if you have any questions about how I eat or different
foods you can eat on a the diet I just explained you know organic non-gmo
plant-based diets you can go to our website reverse autoimmune calm I hope
this video has been helpful maybe blessed in your pursuit of health

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Foods Causing Autoimmune Fatigue

  1. Eat a mostly raw diet, plant based and gmo free. Filtered or distilled water. Do some yoga, and walking. Eating meat and dairy is so 50 years ago!

  2. I agree totally , I'm gynecologist. I had infection while Iam pregnant and received many courses of antibiotics that leaded to leaky gut , disbiome, other issues in my gut . I'm now have somesort of IBD namely eosinophilic gastroenteritis. I can't eat diary products and fish and legumes….
    I was healthy..antibiotics destroyed my life totally .

  3. You are referring to cheap meats. Free range organic chicken, grass fed beef and bison are good for you. Those meats do not have hormones or estrogen. Why are you lying to people? You must be a vegan, stop pushing your vegan opinion. I hope all of you are doing your own research. You cannot always believe what guys like this say. Free range organic always including milk and meats. Do your research people, do not trust just one source.

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  7. This is contrary to what many Functional medical doctors/nutritionists say about eating meat who say eating bacon and sausages and grass fed beef is okay for people with auto-immune disease like MS Like Dr. Terry Wahl who reversered her MS and Dr. Josh Axe. They support the KETO eating plan which is 80 percent healthy fats such as saturated fat, and say it's okay to eat coconut oil/olive oil and grass fed butter. They do say however to avoid. grains, dairy,, go gluten free and sugar free as well. So go figure, there are too many contradictions in the world of nutrition. Some say to do this , others say to do that….you all need to get on the same page otherwise you drive the vast majority of people who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. They also say eggs are okay and are rich in vitamins etc. as long as one doesn't have an allergy to eggs.

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  9. We need to try to eat as close as they did in the bible, according to the seasons. Easier said than done. Fasting works wonders too.

  10. I have done so many natural protocols, but it seems like as soon as I conquer one, another issue arises. The worst is no answers for severe menopause symptoms, including taking bhrt. Can't get a deep breath especially when sleeping, CPAP mask doesn't work, I work out in a glute/cardio class once a week and then I want to drive myself to the hospital afterward with chest pain. I feel like I deplete my magnesium real easy and quick for some reason because I get severe feet cramps when working out. Maybe my severe hotflahes and night sweats contribute. Not too many headaches any more, but when I get one it's bad. Any input?

  11. Oh suck the fun out of eating why don't you. Everything in moderation. The balance is what is important. I don't eat fatty meat like lamb, nor beef but I will eat minced beef occasionally, rabbit, chicken, turkey, goat. Goats milk instead of cows because it is alkaline. And on mornings I will drink warm water with lemon. Half a real lemon with the skin. Balance your pH so your body is slightly alkaline and you're good. I drink coffee, and wine in moderation. I have health issues but they are totally under control and I feel great, not on any medications or supplements either.

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    No wonder I'm allergic to wheat!

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  15. Really good but not all meat is equal. Some is just fine like grassfed and finished, pastured raised, wild caught.

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  18. I completely disagree with the meat one. Having been a vegetarian then vegan, which was the cause of my autoimmune disease, I then reluctantly switched to Paleo AIP and made a noticeable improvement, but it was not until I dropped all vegetables and went full carnivore that I found remission! Plants contain natural pesticides and herbicides…they are designed NOT to be eaten and when we do they wreak havoc on our gut.

  19. It's not actually the animal fat and dairy and wheat that is so bad for us!! It's what the animals are ingesting and being injected with that is causing the meat to become bad for us and it's the pesticides in the wheat and the lack of trace minerals in the soil to bring nutrients into our food that cause such a problem with the foods we eat today!!! Even organic is not truly organic most of the time. Animal fats and dairy are actually supposed to be very good and healthy for you, but since there are so many chemicals going into the animals and the vegetables and fruits that we eat along with the wheat that is grown, it's practically poison to us now. If you go organic, make sure you research what food your food is being fed first!

  20. There are over 70 non GMO crops that are simply conventional and full of chemicals that are sprayed with round up before harvest!
    Also all kinds of grains, seeds (including cadmium rich cacao and coffee), corn, legumes including soy and peanuts, seeds and nuts cause leaky gut because of the "gluten" or/and lectins unless they are soaked or sprouted. I react to organic ancient grain Italian pasta or organic French quinoa although soaked and cooked for ages! Also nightshade plants even if organic seeded and peeled cause autoimmune reactions.
    Search "mycotoxins in food", an acid alkaline chart and gluten crossreactive foods like blueberries and okra besides dairy. And if you react to foods high in oxalates like spinach, swisschard etc avoid those too until your gut microbiome has recovered.
    Allegedly, Dr Zach Bush's product " Restore" detoxes glyphosate and restores gut health (see YouTube videos and reviews) and/or Regulat by Dr Niedermaier and eat what's left except what is mentioned in the video or go on a fast to give your gut a rest to heal.
    And last but not least, find YOUR personal root cause like mercury fillings or BPA/S/F fillings, chemicals and metals and plastics in the house and body products, carpets, furniture etc.
    All the best to us all! Be well!

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  26. Wow …. what about organic grass fed grass finished beef and butter. What about wine in severe moderation. According to him you can barely eat anything. Forget eating out, enjoying the taste of your food, holidays or hanging out with friends. You’ll be stuck at home eating a carrot stick and drinking your freshly squeezed grape juice. Be prepared to spend half your salary on food and it won’t even taste good. Moderation is the key people. I feel bad for people who can’t afford to eat healthy. USA slowly killing off the lower income families because they can’t afford organic or grass fed anything. How sad. Shame on big greedy companies and the FDA. The FDA doesn’t care about us it just cares about who’s funding who. What a sad pitiful world this has become.

  27. This information makes me feel that I need to go back living in my homeland where most food still organic and cheap

  28. I saw videos saying coffee may prevent Alzheimer’s disease and, or reverse it. There is so much conflicting information that it can be overwhelming. I have found eliminating meat, fish and poultry causes me to feel weak, light headed and dizzy. God bless you for sharing your information, however, everyone’s body chemistry is unique. A vegan diet sounds good, but, may not be the best plan for everyone. I have seen some vegans who look like they are ready to faint.

  29. Hi Dr. G
    I am not sure which one that I have in my small intestine but I also have uterine fibroids its all very uncomfortable and have tried to claim my life numerous times I am allergic now to almost everything the number one thing is all fragrances even very light ones pork cooking oils hair products it's just alot I get these huge thick rashes that burns up into my skin then itches forever and my body part swell up bad as well this wont stop until ive taken zyrtec its the best tablet for me that stops it ——How Long Will It Take Me To Heal All Of This—- I have also had a ton of miscarriages from it all please help

  30. Great video and I agree most but not all. I do not agree that saturated fats and coffees would cause autoimmune diseases. In opposite, they may help. Many people like you are misled by biased researchers and food industrials by treating trans fats as saturated fats as discussed by Mary Enig in her book "Know Your Fats" and being brain washed to consume man-made vegetable oils. Vegetable oils are one of the major problems causing autoimmune diseases, but they are not in your list. Please open your minds and update your researches which are close to the excellence.

  31. Animal Fats are what healed my leaky Gut

    The more I speak at seminars and the more I work with people the more I realize how much bad info like this is put out.

    Saturated Fat is a very NATURAL FAT – meat DOES not cause leaky gut.
    I went 1 year sold carnivore to heal my gut.

    I cant stand the dogmatic advice based on FDA junk……FDA advice is immediately discredited

    If someone references FDA automatic restriction of credibility


  32. The number one cause of autoimmune disease is immunization shots. Purposely built to break down your immune system. Keeping us sick keeps them in business.


  34. I am having low folate due to underlying autoimmune disease, can folate supplement help temporarily till I fix autoimmune disease??

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  37. Once again, you need to delineate between modern food and ancestral food. Nobody in the past eating organic grass-fed animal fats became auto-immune, it is caused by the chemicals in the modern diet. Nobody got auto immune from drinking coffee either. We were the strongest nation in the world years ago eating the things you say are bad, now we are the weakest, what's the difference? I just told you!

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    Peoplewant to tell us that they are god killing us with bad food Tkank you for sharing. I am dead already.

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