Top 4 Products You NEED For Healing and Re-Lining Your Gut

Hey, everyone welcome back to my channel today. I will be sharing with you my Top 3/4 Favorite products for healing your gut This is my first official video on this channel. So if you do like this kind of video, please give it a thumbs up so I get some good feedback And sorry that was just my kids, but I just give it a big thumbs up so I get good feedback and if you guys like this kind of stuff But quickly before I show you the product I do want to give you a little bit of background. I have had very very very bad gut health because I had three pregnancies back-to-back And I’ve had antibiotics throughout the pregnancies also during labor because I was – I have a tested positive story for group B strep So they give you antibiotics Automatically and it really attacks your gut and if you guys know much about this Basically say your gut is your second brain and everything Any issues if you I’m kind of closer with a functional medicine You know the side of things they believe that every issue you have in your body every disease every you know akin pain is all related to bad gut health and that if you heal the gut you will heal your entire body and Heal your mind, and I certainly believe that as well, and I have seen it firsthand work So I have been working for the past one year exactly I’m completely trying to focus and heal my gut and I want to share some of the products that have done Absolute wonders for me this video is not sponsored. So these are just truly what have worked for me and Yeah, I’ll share them with you another thing is because of my bad guy health I actually have very bad examine and also very bad on Very low thyroid and I’ve also cured that too, so I’ll be making videos about my thyroid coming up and things like that But um just this video. It’s just going to be showing You some of my absolute favorite products for killing the guy, and it comes it all starts with Al glutamine so this is try about time out glutamine and Basically what absolut amine is mainly used for is muscle recovery, so after you workout people will consume absolute amine And it helps not only rebuild your muscle, but it helps heal the muscle your muscles and helps them grow, so that’s kind of what living this floor however it isn’t and It is an amino acid free for amino acid and what this is actually good for its lining Realigning your gut and rebuilding your guy’s so l-Glutamine is one of the most abundant Or one of the amino acids you need most in your body for healing your guy and You don’t a lot of times don’t get enough of it through your diet and through your food and especially if you do have bad Gut health you definitely want to be taking this as supplementing with it. Just add a little bit more to your diet So I would say try it about on one months at a time I take about two teaspoons a day it has absolutely no flavor So you can add it to water industry and get with water you can put it in a smoothie In a soup like it honestly has no flavor, so you can see whatever you want with it and I will put it like to where I’m getting all of these from but that’s oh, it’s just a white powder um and Yeah, it’s just it has no case so I’m basically what it says here Is it promotes muscle growth and recovery it reduces muscular, Breakdown and promotes muscular performance? This is also believed to really help with weight Loss There’s I will link an article down below about everything you need to know about L-Glutamine on 100% weight you need to know about it. So it’s an amazing article Give it a read if you’re interested or if you have bad gut health I Would like to know more, so I would like where you can buy this and also about it This is a very high quality uh glutamine, so I really recommend try but time this brand of awesome another thing that I want to share with you are is a company vital proteins, so Again, it’s not sponsor. This is just completely you know me loving their products So they have to they have the beef Gelatin which is this one here? And it is their products are all grass-fed pasture-raised organic on their whole 30 approved And I also love their collagen peptides. So really the only difference between these two Is that this can be used in smoothies and things like that without this smoothie gelling up? This is more for hot things on if you put this in something cold It’ll gel up kind of like jello or gel it because it’s Gelatin um So I make lattes and soups and things like this one and this one I get acted in my smoothie So what this is beneficial for? Don’t do that mister what this is beneficial for is its Collagen, so it helps not only Realign the gut it’s so good for the gut But it also helped your entire system your helps you join to helps your bones. It helps your skin hair nails on Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body, and you definitely don’t get enough of it through your diet, so Getting it in supplement form is crucial for not only good stuff house But also healthy hair skin nails and all that kind of stuff and just healthy overall health overall I would say again I’m like another article down below on the benefits of Collagen and Gelatin and Also where you can buy these there’s so much information out there So you will to do a lot of your own research. I am not a Doctor anything like that. This is just for my own experience and one and what has worked for me But I do know you can take this while you’re pregnant you can take along with breastfeeding. You can do all that It’s because it’s really healthy and good for you so I’m but like I said do your own research talk to your doctor or a Naturopath or whoever before you kind of you know do any of the stuff? But this is what has worked for me, and so the only difference I can said between the blue in this tub is really just that you can use one and cold one and hot they’re both good For the gut they both have no flavor And they’re both amazing. I will be sharing lots of recipes for both of these Coming up on this channel of how you can make gut healing smoothies And you know got healing desserts and things like that So seams are awesome products, and I take all of these every single day the last thing I want to share with you is bone broth I make my own because I find it very expensive to buy it you know already made in a package But you definitely can and I will link in the description on where you can I will link a recipe of how I make mine But I will also link where you can buy bone broth from it’s a company that I really love they’re grass-fed Pasture-raised high-quality bone broth and while bone broth is good for some kind is Gelatin like vital proteins, I just shared with you It has gelatin so it really helps mind the gut is good for your hair skin nails, but for your metabolism It’s good for everything your entire body is really a miracle food And I highly recommend taking it and if you can’t make you want to don’t have your time to make your own or can’t find Pure organic, you know beef grass-Fed beef bones or free-range chicken bones or something like that, then I recommend buying it So I will link all of that information down below and again all the articles of what you can read of why you should be taking bone broth on this is Just beef bone broth because I can have a hard time finding organic chicken bones here So I can find a soy this is lamb bone, broth. I only have organic lamb around here I don’t have organic beef or chicken so I make real and it’s lamb But you can really make anyone you want to I recommend using a very high quality meat and make sure it’s free-range organic Pasture-raised all that stuff because you don’t want hormones and antibiotics that are in the chicken to be going into your body because that’s what You’re trying to avoid So those are my top three products L-Glutamine the vital produce Collagen and Gelatin and bone broth and that will you will notice if you? Take these aggravate every single day for one month straight You will notice a huge difference in your gut and how you’re feeling and if you have ibs or crohn’s or anything this is important to be taking so Again real the articles are posting on below its really really good reads And you will definitely learn a lot on if you haven’t read them before And I will link everything where you can buy all these products. So these are my top three on top of this I take probiotics Coconut is really good for the gut I take a lot of prebiotics, but that is for another video These are just the top three gut healing products that I really love So I hope you all enjoyed this video if you did, please give it a big thumbs up So I get some feedback And know what you guys like to see and what you don’t if you have any video requests put it in the comments down below All my social media links on the description Box below as well So thank you all so much for watching this video, and if you liked it Please share this my new YouTube channel with your friends family EtC. So I love you all Thank you for watching and I will see you in my next video. Bye

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  1. Hi 👋 I’ve had psoriasis for 16 years and came across your video recently. I am now using l-glutamine, collagen and some other supps and my psoriasis is almost gone and should be clear in a few more days. It only took 2 weeks to get where I am now which is 80% gone. Just wanted to say thank you soooooo much!! The others I am using is zinc, tumeric, kefir and enzyme supps.
    Thanks so much again!!!! ☺️

  2. What were your bad tummy symptoms? I have been struggling with upper stomach pain for months doctors cannot figure out. Burning pain. H Pylori negative.

  3. Antibiotics don't "attack the gut." They kill/destroy all bacteria, good and bad. So the good bacteria needs to be replaced. So you totally forgot probiotics. L-glutamine shouldn't be heated (like in hot soup), but instead added to cold drinks/foods. But overall, good advice. =)

  4. This was the first video where I totaly understood everything you say as you speak much too,quickly
    Another video you made I could barely pick up half of what you say when you say what the products are you need to slow down

  5. pasture raised organic means absolutely nothing.Those animals were still dragged to a slaughterhouse terrified against their will and to be murdered.I am healing my gut will all vegan gluten free products which are the best

  6. I loved and APPRECIATED YOU CHANNEL and wish to find out where to order those as I live in Europe and can not buy them any other way. Thanks

  7. Your house is lovely :-)What can I take beef gelatin with,it tastes so vile to me on it's own yuckk:-(

  8. How often do you consume each of these per day?
    and how often do you consume bone broth in a day for the first month?

  9. You are awesome! I wish my kids were awakened as you are. I got this knowledge at 57 yrs. old..I try to share this info with my kids..NOT interested. They will learn one day. Blessings to you!

  10. Thanks for sharing tips dear! Ur voice is soothing and feels trusting ! Keep the good work on ! God bless u

  11. The problem with making your own bone broth, and I've done it for years without realizing this is, if the beef were raised in the regular standard way, the bones are full of antibiotics and hormones.

  12. My naturopath told me to always put gelatin in cold water over night and eat it as jello in the morning,he said it coats the gut better like that ,I mix it with plum juice and it tastes okay,I was also told to put vitamin C powder (a teaspoon)in that jello and always eat it together because vitamin C helps with collagen production

  13. After too many antibiotics I got a severe flora imbalance with a systemic candida infection. It has made my gut so sensitive that even a tiny amount of L-glutamine powder on my food gives me nausea that lasts for at least 5 days. Is there a way to heal gut lining enough to use L-glutamine?

  14. Did L glutamine help your IBS also, I know you said you had it before ?I hope to start it soon:)))Does it really taste okay,like can I have it with just water,does it dissolve nicely?Sorry for so many questions:)

  15. Please try, cabbage soup or cabbage juice, broccoli, beets, oregano, garlic, dandelion, arugula, celery, cucumber, keifer, parsley are good healing properties for the stomach. Watch your vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12, Iron levels and also your trace minerals magnesium, potassium, iodine, selenium, calcium are very important. Nac supplement, a good probiotic, a good multivitamin with all the trace minerals and vitamins would be easier.

  16. wooohoooo just started my L glutamine journey…I took my first 5gr after dinner,it has no bad taste really :))

  17. hello Marla,just one more question regarding L glutamine……is it okay if I drink it like 45 minutes after a meal?Because drinking it with water right after a meal messes my digestion,I dont handle liquids in general after a meal that good,it slows my digestion terribly!It helps me a lot with IBS though:)))

  18. ThAnkyou for this video … I’m suffering from rosacea and I want to give these a try . Can u mix collagen powder with l-glutamine powder together ?Subscribed 👍🏼

  19. Hi ! What do you recommend for fungus infection on skin? I ve got infected areas such as my whole face, arms chest back and shoulders !! Will appreciate your help. Thanks in advance 🙂

  20. What are your thoughts, if any, about VSL #3? I have heard so much about it, ordered it per my GI doctor’s recommendation. Received it today. Will start it tmw. Very expensive. If it works I don’t care about cost. I have Crohns or UC, still trying to figure it out.

  21. I have so much anxiety with this gastris. And I'm so desperate trying to heal it. Cause this just feels like never ending….

  22. L glutamine is helping me so much with stomach issues wooow I have been on it for 3 weeks and the change is unbelievable even my food sensitives are getting better,thank you Marla:-)

  23. you have just set yourself up for another disease. the body needs to be treated as a whole. and by adding animal products through high heat. glycotoxin is the product of cooking meat which as been discovered to cause disease especially alzheimers disease. glutamate is the most abundantly occuring non essential amino acids. foods such as beets, beans, spinach carrots,vegatable juices parsley wheat papaya brussel sprouts kale celery.

  24. Thanks, awesome video and I will take your advice. I've got diverticulosis ughh. You are really cute too. I really like how your kids are raising heck in the background haha, reminds me of home. "Don't do that Mister" 🙂 Thanks again

  25. thank you so much, seriously. this is my first day taking l-glutamine, I am trying it out and got my father to join as well. i also have damage from previous medications, including strep throat (incorrectly diagnosed). I now struggle with IBS, and skin issues (eczema which appears in a similar pattern as psoriasis, however they are not the same)… I looked into it more and it's crazy how this could be the solution to what has been holding me back for years now. how long did it take you to notice a difference, and did you work out while taking it? I just would love to hear more of your story… This video has given a lot of people a solution and great happiness! nice comments section, so I will report here what my results are.

  26. Thanks for all your tips! I would say only to double check about l-glutamine as it feeds cancer cells as well.

  27. Just came across your post. So helpful, going to skim your videos as I suffer from IBS so bad. Interested to see what other products you use as far as Probiotics and Prebiotics, etc…..

  28. In addition , it should be taken empty stomach prep.. in morning before breakfast. I also follow Dr. BERG and Dr Gundry Podcast.

  29. Total bullshit….this is just a wealthy woman selling products no evidence atall that she has been healed or has even used any of these products

  30. I've had really bad acid reflux, and what's helping me is filtered water, and a celery and cabbage smoothie. Also DGL.

  31. Can someone please share the taste of these powders..I'm sensitive to these kind of powders, I always feel pukish just smelling it

  32. Best natural mix for lining your gut id equal parts of linen seeds, basil seeds, psyllium husk with one tbl spoon of apple cider vinegar mix with water.

  33. I'm surprised to see a free form amino acid on the list. I caused a bacterial dysbiosis problem for myself taking L-taurine in escalating amounts years ago and have struggled since (invasive candida took advantage of the preexisting weakness this year and nearly killed me). Have you heard of anything like the free aminos being used as food for the bad bacteria?

  34. A little bit of an exaggeration about the effect of gut health on everything. We absorb things through our skin and respiratory system, and even our thoughts affect our health, let alone genetics and epigenetics, so I would not make that claim that all health problems stem from the gut. There is no absolute one cause for everything but the diet is crucial. We cannot live without food and food is information (literally signalling the body on what to do biochemically, neurally, etc.) so if we are not giving our body what it needs it cannot function well. It is one of the first things to pay attention to because so much of our health depends upon what we put into it and our bodies cannot live without food.

  35. Thank you so much for sharing the products that helped you. I'll have to give them a try. While you were taking those products did you have to change your diet? I've been struggled with my gut and health for the last 5 years, ever since after I took antibiotics for HPylori. I pray God everyday that I can find a cure to my problems.

    Sorry…we could not imagine how to follow what you are saying….

  37. Hi! So it’s safe to take collagen powder and l glutamine powder together? What’s the max dosage of each a day? Thanks!

  38. Great video. Given that your gut microbiome impacts everything (as we explore in-depth in our gut health guide), regardless of whether your illness has any gut-related symptoms. from your immune system to your skin to your brain function to your digestion, and even your mood and mental health, it’s so important to eat foods that are beneficial for it. 🙏

  39. Hello nice video but my questions are is this product L glutamine powder has pork flavor or been made of Pork? because I can not have anythings that is made Pork .
    if does let know because I don't buy if it does has pork
    thank you

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